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Blog & Bum, Before Boys

So 2017 has been a pretty big year for my myself and my blog. I’ve really put the mantra of ‘blog and bum, before boys’ into practice this yearPriorities, am I right? So now I’ve put together a little post to show how much Life Of Luce has grown this year.
My blog turns three next month and it really has come along way since writing about my disastrous uni nights out. To now working with a range of brands, achieving a daily average of 50 views.

Here is a breakdown of some 2017 highlights

Collaboration with Skinny Tan

In March I had my first ever collab with a brand and was gifted over £50 of Skinny Tan products! This was a huge achievement for myself. And this fake tan addict couldn’t believe her luck! Click the link to read all about it.

Getting ready for my ball with Mac Cosmetics  

The Leeds Mac store got in touch and offered to do my makeup for FREE! So I took full advantage of this and booked the appointment right before my summer ball. I had an amazing time, so click here to read about the huge haul I bought after!

I got myself A Masters!

This was such a huge relief to know my education was finally over! I was having a bit of a wobbler this summer. Leaving uni and finding a job is a struggle, don’t you know! Click the link to read all about it.

I got loads of free food

I added food as a category on my blog after I started receiving free food. I know, it’s the dream, right? Click here to read my food section.

I moved to Sheffield

So I finished my Masters didn’t I, and finally bagged myself a job. Well, actually I blagged two! I planned to stay in Leeds, but life doesn’t always go to plan does it? Click here to read my tips on entering the world of work.

I worked with a leading gym brand

I added fitness as a category to Life of Luce too! I’ve been really into fitness for the last two years now. But it was amazing getting paid for my opinion and tips! Click to give my fitness category a read.

I brought out a phone case range!

This was one of my favourite collabs so far. My competition is still live until the 24th so you can get your mitts on one of my designs. Or the more creatives can get design their own case! Click here to view the details.

I wrote my most successful post

This post was all about the dark side of social media. And why we all need to be much more careful online! Click here to give it a read in case you missed it!

I wrote my favourite ever post!

This week a post went live on my rating of all the Christmas coffees. I had so much fun writing this post. Click here to give it a read!

My 2017

I’m going to follow up this post next week with my 2018 resolutions. I hope everyone’s had a successful year! And I’m really looking forward to see what 2018 brings for myself and Life Of Luce.
Lucy x

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