Smash this party season with my top tip

December is such a strug isn’t it? Not only does it have the usual monthly struggles, like paying rent and just generally surviving. But then you need to find the cash for buying gifts and getting boozey… and still looking hot while you’re doing it!

Jeans and a nice top

Us girls know that a certain UK high street brand is renowned for their black jeans turning grey, after literally 3 washes. And I can’t justify repurchasing buying a new pair every month!
But black skinnies are the definition of a wardrobe staple. And everyone knows that jeans and a nice top is the solution to all awkward office Christmas parties. And not to mention all them festive trips to the pub! So why not give a bit of life back into your favourite skinnies with Dylon fabric dye?

Using the dye couldnt’t be easier!

1. Pop the fabric or clothing into the washing machine, and put the washer on your usual wash setting.
2. Once the wash cycle has finished, add the dye to the barrel. And pop the washer on either a 30 or 40 degrees cycle. And be careful to not get dye on your hands! If you’re clumsy like me, make sure to pop rubber gloves on.
3. Once the cycle has finished, pop the washing machine on again. This is just to get all that excess dye from the fabric!
4. Open the washing machine and TAH DAH…in my case, brand spanking new skinnies!
Have you used fabric dye before? If not, would you try it? Let me know in the comments!

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