My Tips for entering the world of work

I only finished my masters in September, but I’ve learnt so much about the world of work already. Although I’m now tired about 90% of the time, recently having developed an even larger appreciation of Netflix, and take even longer to text my friends back…I like after getting off to a bumpy start, my career is now firmly on track!  Read on to find out my tips for entering the world of work.

The Snooze button is your friend

I can’t physically function till I’ve been awake for a little bit, even if it does take 10 snooze buttons to get me there! But I find eating a cereal bar, and reading the news on my phone really helps to wake me up.

Plan your outfits ahead

This is so crucial. Like I said, I’m super indecisive! Having a clear vision of each day’s outfit really speeds time up getting ready. Plus I’ll make sure I know where each item is. So I’m not panicking and frantically looking through my wardrobe.

Plan a daily make-up routine

And stick to it! 7:30 on a Wednesday morning isn’t the time for recreating that new eye trick, you learnt in last night’s youtube tutorial binge. I save so much time knowing exactly which products I’ll be using each day.

Create to-do lists

I find daily to do lists are super helpful in planning my day. That way I can allocate time for each task. Plus who doesn’t love writing in a pretty notebook?

Balance Your Time

I love completing tasks in one go. I tend to get a little bit stressed knowing I have a pile of half completed tasks to finish. Although now I know in marketing, you can’t always work purely on one project. Especially in a marketing agency. So now I’m trying to adapt my working habits so I can use my time for efficiently.

Know when to say no

Just because you’re the junior in the office, doesn’t mean you can be treated like you’re  nothing! I was speechless at how unprofessional people can be in the office. Luckily thats not the case in my current job. But never let anyone make you feel really small and stupid.

Know your rights

There’s laws in place for a reason. And they’re there to protect both the employer, and the employee! Always ask for a contract, a payslip, and make sure you either take your holidays, or are payed for them. This is coming from experience!

Don’t forget to fit in some ‘me’ time

I’m really lucky I get an hour of personal development time each day. This hour I usually spend either at the gym, or writing and scheduling blog posts. I’m currently on my PD time right now. I find it really helpful, as often when I get home I’m ready to pop my joggas on and watch I’m a celeb with my housemates. But if you don’t get personal development time in your job, make sure to schedule an hour of purely ‘me’ time in each day.
What are your tips for entering the world of work? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

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