Larger in a cocktail?

So this week I got the amazing opportunity to pop into the Botanist in Sheffield, to sample hoptails. But what actually is a hoptail? Well as you can probably guess, a hoptail is any cocktail containing larger. But as the world’s biggest strawberry daiquiri fan, anything containing larger would normally have me running for the hills. However, thanks to the guys from Budwsier (Budva), my drink horizons have been broadened to more than pink, slushy concoctions.




The Budwies Mule

This is the perfect cocktail for anyone with a love of czech beer. ‘The Budweis Mule’ is a riff on the classic Moscow Mule, swapping out the sweet ginger beer for fresh ginger, herbs, gin, Cointreau and the sweet-bitter taste of Budweiser Budvar Original.

But what does it taste like? Well this was the first time I’ve ever tried larger, and I was pleasantly surprised! I like my alcohol to taste sweet…and well not like alcohol. But the fresh ginger, gin, and sugar syrup took away the bitter taste of the larger. And by the end of the night, I actually found myself sipping away on a pint of Budweiser Budvar Original.

Cocktail Making

I’ve worked in a few bars throughout my time at uni, and hated every single job with a passion! In order to make a cocktail, there’s so much to remember! And that metal thing if you’ve got tap? Yeah well I can’t do that either.

However Jonah, the inventor of the cocktail, was so lovely and made the experience really fun! However if you have me on snapchat, you might have noticed that in the midst of pouring, I ending up getting sugar syrup everywhere, oops! So even though you want to, apparently you can’t always multitask!

About Budwieser

Budwieser Budva have been Budweiser Budvar Original for the past 150 years, from the town of Budweise in the Czhec Republic. But don’t confuse them with the American brand  Budweiser, as the two brands have had the longest ongoing lawsuit battle in history!

Budweiser only use finest ingredients, from first-class cones from locally grown Saaz hops, natural soft water from ice age lakes and carefully selected grains of a unique strain of the Moravian barley. Our 700-year long tradition of brewing Budějovice beer, means they take 102 days to brew and condition Budweiser Budvar. Which is about 7 times longer than most other beers!


Want to make your own Budweise Mule?

Click here to get the Recipe.

This cocktail is now available in Botanists throughout the country. Would you ever try a hoptail? Let me know in the comments!




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