My 2018 new year’s resolutions

My 2018 Goals

This time last year I wrote a post about my reflections and gratitude, you can read it by clicking here! But this year I’ve decided to still stay on the new year’s theme, but share my new year’s resolutions instead. Read on to find out my 2018 new year’s resolutions.


Smash my career

With myself just starting out in my career, this one’s quite a biggy! I’m really enjoying getting stuck into the world of digital marketing. So I plan to really smash this goal throughout 2018.

Remain motivated in the gym

I’m really enjoying my gym routine at the minute and I’ve learnt quite a lot about fitness this year. So I just really want to keep this motivation up. I’m quite happy with my body shape at the minute, so 2018 is going to be the year of maintaining.

Look after my skin better

I’ve been gifted some skin care products from a well-known brand (a post is coming!). And it’s just made me realise how bad I’m treating my skin! One of my good friends is really into skincare, so I’m hoping I’m going to learn a few tips and tricks next year.

Work with more brands

After blogging for almost three years now, 2017 was finally the year I got the opportunity to work with brands. 2017 brought collabs with Skinny Tan, Xercise4Less, CaseApp, Beefeater, Budva, Dylon, Clive Christian, Cheese Postie, Structure Hair and Neal and Wolf.  If you want to read more about my year in review, you can do so by clicking here!

Start dating

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a date now, I think around 10 months! So I think 2018 is the year I’ll force myself into bumbling and tindering. What can go wrong, eh?

Leave England more

I want to leave the country as many times as I can really. I have zero plans right now. So here’s to being optimistic!


What’s everyone’s 2018 resolutions? Please let me know in the comments!




Illamasqua: my brand first impressions

OMG: The review

I’ve been lusting over this highlighter for what feels like forever. But at £34, I was struggling to part with my hard earned cash! But thanks to good ‘ol Santa, I’ve finally got my mitts on it! Read on to find out my review…


It’s called OMG for a reason.

After I few finger swabs in Debenhams, I already knew how pigmented this highlighter was. So I couldn’t wait to see how the product would apply to my face, and I wasn’t disappointed! It’s unbelievably pigmented and so so pretty. I mention all the time how much I love highlighters in champagne hues. ‘Cause champagne shades can be applied for a subtle shine, but are also really buildable at the same time.

I use Hoola bronzer by Benefit for my contour. And OMG really compliments the bronzer and blends well. I know £34 does seem like a lot of money for one highlighter, but I’ve been assured it literally last years! So if you fall in love with a shade as much as I have, it’s basically an investment, right?


Get the look

I applied the highlighter using a finishing brush, to my cheekbones, tip of my nose, and a little just above my top lip. For extra sparkle, apply to your brow line.


Get the products

If like me, you need to see beauty products in person, you can buy Illamasqua products in store from Debenhams. Or purchase directly from Illasmasqua by clicking here.

I’m not really a fan of using fan brushes to apply highlighter. Shop my favourite setting brush by Real Techniques by clicking here. 


Get the dupe here

Can’t quite bring yourself to spend £34 on a highlighter? Don’t worry, click here to read about my favourite drugstore dupe.

img_6443Have you used any Illamasqua products before? What do you think of the brand? Let me know in the comments!

My year in review

Blog & Bum, Before Boys

So 2017 has been a pretty big year for my myself and my blog. I’ve really put the mantra of ‘blog and bum, before boys’ into practice this yearPriorities, am I right? So now I’ve put together a little post to show how much Life Of Luce has grown this year.

My blog turns three next month and it really has come along way since writing about my disastrous uni nights out. To now working with a range of brands, achieving a daily average of 50 views.

Here is a breakdown of some 2017 highlights

Collaboration with Skinny Tan

In March I had my first ever collab with a brand and was gifted over £50 of Skinny Tan products! This was a huge achievement for myself. And this fake tan addict couldn’t believe her luck! Click the link to read all about it.

Getting ready for my ball with Mac Cosmetics  

The Leeds Mac store got in touch and offered to do my makeup for FREE! So I took full advantage of this and booked the appointment right before my summer ball. I had an amazing time, so click here to read about the huge haul I bought after!

I got myself A Masters!

This was such a huge relief to know my education was finally over! I was having a bit of a wobbler this summer. Leaving uni and finding a job is a struggle, don’t you know! Click the link to read all about it.


I got loads of free food

I added food as a category on my blog after I started receiving free food. I know, it’s the dream, right? Click here to read my food section.

I moved to Sheffield

So I finished my Masters didn’t I, and finally bagged myself a job. Well, actually I blagged two! I planned to stay in Leeds, but life doesn’t always go to plan does it? Click here to read my tips on entering the world of work.

I worked with a leading gym brand

I added fitness as a category to Life of Luce too! I’ve been really into fitness for the last two years now. But it was amazing getting paid for my opinion and tips! Click to give my fitness category a read.

I brought out a phone case range!

This was one of my favourite collabs so far. My competition is still live until the 24th so you can get your mitts on one of my designs. Or the more creatives can get design their own case! Click here to view the details.

I wrote my most successful post

This post was all about the dark side of social media. And why we all need to be much more careful online! Click here to give it a read in case you missed it!

I wrote my favourite ever post!

This week a post went live on my rating of all the Christmas coffees. I had so much fun writing this post. Click here to give it a read!

My 2017

I’m going to follow up this post next week with my 2018 resolutions. I hope everyone’s had a successful year! And I’m really looking forward to see what 2018 brings for myself and Life Of Luce.

Lucy x

Can you actually smell memories?*

How amazing is it that smells can bring back special memories. Or that a fragrance can even remind you of people from your past? Well without getting too sciencey, it’s called your olfactory memory. And It happened to me a few weeks ago. I got a wiff of someone’s aftershave, which completely took me back to a place from years ago…It was definitely a strange experience! Why not read on, so you can make the most out of your olfactory memory?



The smells of Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year for most people. Filled with smells of freshly cooked turkey, hot chocolates with cream, and burning wood from the log fire. And lets not forgot about chocolate…Because it’s only mid December and I’ve already eaten all the chocolate. But why not make your Christmas extra special this year and think about your future olfactory memory, with giving a special someone one of the Luxury Fragrance Gift Sets by Clive Christian?

Gone are the days of budget body sprays from my teenage years. With a spray, my olfactory memory brings back the days of the badly matched foundation and that hot boy from the year above.

But in my twenties, I’m now appreciating luxury perfumes. And loving them certain candles, from everyone’s favourite candle brand. So if anyone wants to get me a Christmas present this year, here’s your subtle hint!

The Clive Christian Adent Baubles

Fancy winning a luxury gift in time for Christmas? Yeah me too!

1. Every day, Clive Christian is hiding advent baubles on their website

2. Every day, a clue is posted on Instagram to help the user find it on the website

3. Once the user has found it, the user must take a screenshot and post it on their own account and tag @clivechristianperfume

4. Each day, one person will win the daily prize!



What smells remind you of Christmas? What are your favourite fragrances? Please let me know in the comments!

A ranking of all the Christmas coffees

This is probably going to sound really sad, but my favourite thing about Christmas is the Christmas coffees. Early November each year, I start getting busy practically buying shares in Costa and Starbucks. But now I’ve finally put my ‘hobby’ to good use and ranked each Christmas coffee for taste. Read on to see the full list below.


enlight568My definitive ranking of 2017’s Christmas coffees

10. Cafe Nero Roasted Hazelnut Latte

I’ve put this in the last place just because I don’t think it tastes much different to the standard hazelnut. And not to mention the normal hazelnut comes in sugar-free! Overall, I think this is a waste of Christmas calories.

9. Starbuck’s Gingerbread Latte

I’m a big fan of gingerbread syrup, BUT did you know that Costa do sugar-free gingerbread all year round? If you prefer Starbucks coffee over Costa, then I imagine you’d rank this latte a lot higher. But for myself, it’s just a bit meh compared to the other drinks in this list.

8. Costa’s Gingerbread and Cream

This is the Christmas version of my standard order from Costa. However, this version comes with cream and a super cute gingerbread biscuit. Therefore, beats the Starbuck’s version.

7. McDonald’s Toffee Latte

I love anything toffee flavoured. And this tastes super naughty! It might not come from ground beans like the other coffees on this list. But it’s still really good, so it definitely earns a place on my list!

6. Starbuck’s Toffee Nut Latte

This used to be my all-time favourite, but I personally don’t think it tastes as good as previous years. The syrup is a bit bland and adding hazelnuts was a really bad idea. And has anyone ever admitted to liking soggy nuts?

5. McDonald’s Spiced Cookie Latte

My favourite out of the McDonald’s range! It’s sweet, without tasting overly sugary. And a cookie flavoured coffee was a smashing idea Mcdonald’s, kudos!

4. Costa’s Billionaires Latte

Carmel syrup with layers of caramel sauce and crumbled biscuit…amazing! I really love the concept of creating a coffee like a biscuit (see above!). BUT this would rank soooo much higher if my drinks had been consistent! I’ve received a version that I couldn’t  even taste the caramel. And I also received a version that was cold with a ridiculous amount caramel sauce in. Honestly, Costa sort it out, because you’re onto a winner with this one!

3. Cafe Nero Salted Caramel Latte

This is a really nice drink, without being overly Christmassy. You can definitely taste the difference between the standard caramel and the salted caramel. And I do think Cafe Nero serve the best coffee compared to all their competitors. But you shouldn’t have to purchase cream as an extra!

2. Costa’s Honeycomb Latte

My favourite from Costa’s offering! This latte has a really nice flavouring and I think the crunchy honeycomb pieces make a great addition to the drink. The only problem is the fact the honeycomb pieces turn into a slight choking hazard if you don’t order cream. However, they do offer them in a little cup on the side. The only reason this isn’t top is that I don’t think Costa have topped their sticky toffee latte from 2015.

1. Starbuck’s Eggnog Latte

I only tried this for the first time at the weekend, and it is AMAZING. It’s so creamy and naughty. The combination of eggnog and coffee is perfection. But don’t be put off, or see this as a bland choice. Because if you haven’t tried it yet, you honestly don’t know what you’re missing! It’s now become my firm favourite Christmas coffee.


Do you agree with my list? What’s your favourite Christmas coffee? Let me know in the comments!

Smash this party season with my top tip

December is such a strug isn’t it? Not only does it have the usual monthly struggles, like paying rent and just generally surviving. But then you need to find the cash for buying gifts and getting boozey… and still looking hot while you’re doing it!



Jeans and a nice top

Us girls know that a certain UK high street brand is renowned for their black jeans turning grey, after literally 3 washes. And I can’t justify repurchasing buying a new pair every month!

But black skinnies are the definition of a wardrobe staple. And everyone knows that jeans and a nice top is the solution to all awkward office Christmas parties. And not to mention all them festive trips to the pub! So why not give a bit of life back into your favourite skinnies with Dylon fabric dye?

Using the dye couldnt’t be easier!

1. Pop the fabric or clothing into the washing machine, and put the washer on your usual wash setting.

2. Once the wash cycle has finished, add the dye to the barrel. And pop the washer on either a 30 or 40 degrees cycle. And be careful to not get dye on your hands! If you’re clumsy like me, make sure to pop rubber gloves on.

3. Once the cycle has finished, pop the washing machine on again. This is just to get all that excess dye from the fabric!

4. Open the washing machine and TAH DAH…in my case, brand spanking new skinnies!


Have you used fabric dye before? If not, would you try it? Let me know in the comments!


CaseApp giveaway

So I thought I’d just do a quick post to explain my giveaway with! (Click here to view my first range!) So I’ve created some more designs which I’m absolutely loving. So in collaboration with Case App, I’m giving one lucky person the chance to get their mitts on one!



How to enter

So if you fancy winning the design above. Or even have a go at designing your own custom phone case, click this link!

Go get designing

Don’t you think custom phone cases make the perfect special Christmas present? Or why not TREAT YO SELF with your own custom designed accessory? Use code LIFE20 now to get 20% the entire Case App range!


Terms and Conditions

1. Entrants must have liked the Instagram image, and be following my Instagram account at the time of the draw.

2. An Entrant will be chosen by a random online generator.

3. The Giveaway will close and be announced on 24th December 2017.



Good luck guys! If you have any questions or want some more info on Case App, why not leave a comment below.

My Tips for entering the world of work

I only finished my masters in September, but I’ve learnt so much about the world of work already. Although I’m now tired about 90% of the time, recently having developed an even larger appreciation of Netflix, and take even longer to text my friends back…I like after getting off to a bumpy start, my career is now firmly on track!  Read on to find out my tips for entering the world of work.



The Snooze button is your friend

I can’t physically function till I’ve been awake for a little bit, even if it does take 10 snooze buttons to get me there! But I find eating a cereal bar, and reading the news on my phone really helps to wake me up.

Plan your outfits ahead

This is so crucial. Like I said, I’m super indecisive! Having a clear vision of each day’s outfit really speeds time up getting ready. Plus I’ll make sure I know where each item is. So I’m not panicking and frantically looking through my wardrobe.

Plan a daily make-up routine

And stick to it! 7:30 on a Wednesday morning isn’t the time for recreating that new eye trick, you learnt in last night’s youtube tutorial binge. I save so much time knowing exactly which products I’ll be using each day.

Create to-do lists

I find daily to do lists are super helpful in planning my day. That way I can allocate time for each task. Plus who doesn’t love writing in a pretty notebook?

Balance Your Time

I love completing tasks in one go. I tend to get a little bit stressed knowing I have a pile of half completed tasks to finish. Although now I know in marketing, you can’t always work purely on one project. Especially in a marketing agency. So now I’m trying to adapt my working habits so I can use my time for efficiently.

Know when to say no

Just because you’re the junior in the office, doesn’t mean you can be treated like you’re  nothing! I was speechless at how unprofessional people can be in the office. Luckily thats not the case in my current job. But never let anyone make you feel really small and stupid.

Know your rights

There’s laws in place for a reason. And they’re there to protect both the employer, and the employee! Always ask for a contract, a payslip, and make sure you either take your holidays, or are payed for them. This is coming from experience!

Don’t forget to fit in some ‘me’ time

I’m really lucky I get an hour of personal development time each day. This hour I usually spend either at the gym, or writing and scheduling blog posts. I’m currently on my PD time right now. I find it really helpful, as often when I get home I’m ready to pop my joggas on and watch I’m a celeb with my housemates. But if you don’t get personal development time in your job, make sure to schedule an hour of purely ‘me’ time in each day.



What are your tips for entering the world of work? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

Lager in a cocktail?

So this week I got the amazing opportunity to pop into the Botanist in Sheffield, to sample hoptails. But what actually is a hoptail? Well as you can probably guess, a hoptail is any cocktail containing lager. But as the world’s biggest strawberry daiquiri fan, anything containing larger would normally have me running for the hills. However, thanks to the guys from Budwsier (Budva), my drink horizons have been broadened to more than pink, slushy concoctions.




The Budwies Mule

This is the perfect cocktail for anyone with a love of czech beer. ‘The Budweis Mule’ is a riff on the classic Moscow Mule, swapping out the sweet ginger beer for fresh ginger, herbs, gin, Cointreau and the sweet-bitter taste of Budweiser Budvar Original.

But what does it taste like? Well this was the first time I’ve ever tried lager, and I was pleasantly surprised! I like my alcohol to taste sweet…and well not like alcohol. But the fresh ginger, gin, and sugar syrup took away the bitter taste of the lager. And by the end of the night, I actually found myself sipping away on a pint of Budweiser Budvar Original.

Cocktail Making

I’ve worked in a few bars throughout my time at uni, and hated every single job with a passion! In order to make a cocktail, there’s so much to remember! And that metal thing if you’ve got tap? Yeah well I can’t do that either.

However Jonah, the inventor of the cocktail, was so lovely and made the experience really fun! However if you have me on snapchat, you might have noticed that in the midst of pouring, I ending up getting sugar syrup everywhere, oops! So even though you want to, apparently you can’t always multitask!

About Budwieser

Budwieser Budva have been Budweiser Budvar Original for the past 150 years, from the town of Budweise in the Czhec Republic. But don’t confuse them with the American brand  Budweiser, as the two brands have had the longest ongoing lawsuit battle in history!

Budweiser only use finest ingredients, from first-class cones from locally grown Saaz hops, natural soft water from ice age lakes and carefully selected grains of a unique strain of the Moravian barley. Our 700-year long tradition of brewing Budějovice beer, means they take 102 days to brew and condition Budweiser Budvar. Which is about 7 times longer than most other beers!


Want to make your own Budweise Mule?

Click here to get the Recipe.

This cocktail is now available in Botanists throughout the country. Would you ever try a hoptail? Let me know in the comments!