Black Friday: A Marketer's Biggest Con

Surely I can’t be the only person hating on the whole concept of black Friday? From a marketing perspective, it’s nothing but a sales target dream. It’s the one day of the year even the worst marketer out there will achieve their sales targets. But from a consumer point of you, you’re 100% getting ripped off! Read on to find out more…
Silence that phone! 
I don’t know about you, but I’m so sick to death of promotional texts, emails, and app notifications of so called ‘bargain’ after ‘bargain’. It’s meant to be called black Friday for a reason. Not vibration November, which is all my phones done for the last week!
A lot of shoppers only make purchases if they think they’ve grabbed themselves a bargain. But you’ve got to really think to yourself, do I actually need this? The majority of the time, marketers will exploit your wants, not your needs. Which is essentially what black Friday is all about! Yes black Friday is great time for the odd Christmas present purchase. But in terms of my own Christmas shopping, I’m a big advocate of the store voucher. Why buy someone a bit of discounted sale crap, when they can treat themselves to something they actually want?
Firtly, put that dress down…
I’m worked in fashion myself, so I’ll give you a little piece of advice…That discounted dress you’ve just purchased? Yeah well, that line hasn’t been selling that great! So even if you’ve just got 30% off, and think you’ve got your mitts on a bargain. Think to yourself,  not only is this going to be off trend by January. But it’ll be discounted even further in the boxing day sales! So if you want to get savy with your shopping, hold off till then.
Not to mention for the fashion conscious like myself, that ‘bargain’ dress will probably end up in a pile at the back of the wardrobe. Only then to be seen 6 months later when you decide to pop it on depop. With the regret you only ended wearing that dress you just had to have, only once.
Get savy with your November spends
As soon as it hits November, I try my best to avoid Topshop, and all the make-up counters in Debenhams. Unless it’s foundation, or you really need some new office clothes… you can wait till Christmas can’t you? Don’t let the marketers kid trick you into wanting it now! Because I hate to break it to you, you really don’t! So yet again, there’s another reason to avoid the ‘black Friday bargains’.
Spend your Christmas money instead.
And like I’ve already said, I guarantee you half the bargains you’re seeing now, will be discounted more in the boxing day sales! So don’t max the credit cards or hit the bottom of your overdraft now, just treat yourself with your Christmas money instead. You’ll feel so much less guilty too!
There’s bargains all year round you know!
I got myself a dress last week when Missguided were running the 50% off dress promotion. And that discount was so much better than what their competitor’s have got planned for black Friday! So if you’re sick of email headers such as ‘30% ends at midnight’. Just remember there’ll be a new, probably better discount on next week.
If you want to check out last year’s rant on black Friday, click here to view! What’s your opinion of black Friday? Let me know in the comments!

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