My social media isn’t real

So unless you’ve been living under a social media rock, you’ll know it was #nationalkindnessday today. And I think we all forget, social media isn’t real life. And mine definitely isn’t.

I find it so hard as a blogger, that due to images I put on Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat, people feel the need to judge me. The people that don’t even know me at all, and the people that only know of me. I’ve been told girls that haven’t even met, me hate me. I can’t even put it into words how hard I find it! What you probably don’t get, is how so incredibly insecure bloggers are. Hundreds of pictures are taken to finally get a image that I don’t think I look ugly in, or I don’t think my thighs look huge! How I even have storage left, is beyond me. So why do I put myself through that?
Well I started this blog as I was told it would stand out on my CV, and potentially get me a job. And you know what? It did! And I’m really proud that LIFE OF LUCE bagged me my dream job as digital marketer. So after getting the job, I was in two minds if I was going to keep my blog going or not. I love fashion, I love beauty, and I love writing. But I wouldn’t want to work in those industries! So my blog become a little space for myself to delve into those areas. And a ‘lil encouragement from my friends kept me going.
But now I’ll hold my hands up, and admit I have a social media addiction. I completely have a problem. I think social media, especially Instagram, brings you a level of reassurance like nothing else. Just because I’ve posted a gym selfie on Snapchat or Instagram, doesn’t mean I haven’t cried to my best friend because I just don’t feel good enough. But then booooom that 100 likes has made me feel better! And then I see some unflattering shoot photos of myself… and I’m back round on my endless cycle.
I’m getting to the point now that I think maybe it’s time for LIFE OF LUCE to go into retirement. I don’t know if I’m portraying a version of myself on the internet, that just isn’t real. A version that I don’t even know if I like. I’m in a real moral dilemma of what I’m going to do, and what’s going to make me happy.
Just because someone posts a new pair of ‘beaut boots, or gram’s their ‘dream holiday’, doesn’t mean they’re happy. They’re just wanting you to think their life is great. So maybe think about what I’ve just said, when your filtering your latest Starbuck’s Christmas cup?

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  1. This is something I’ve been thinking about and you articulated it so well! This really is a scary thing because all too often the stuff we post online are the only things people see of us, and worse, it’s what they want to see. They fill in the gaps themselves and form a narrative that is basically a judgement on us. These stories are sobering to hear because it makes us realize how our own “friends” hardly know us to begin with. You are very right – social media isn’t life. Unfortunately for some people, it is. Thank you for sharing.

      1. I have been seriously considering deactivating my social media, or at least taking some time away?? Think about it, we have days off from work, we take time away from projects and such, but we are on social media every single day. Perhaps some time off would do us all some good 😮

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