What I did when my past come knocking

So this week I’ve had way too many discussions on situations from the past. Old friendships, old relationships, old jobs. But what do you do, when a part of your past is point blank staring you in the face? Well, apparently my curiosity got the better of me.
23232190_10210788562935603_333835466_nI’m renowned for getting myself in the most ridiculous situations. And at 23, being at the start of my marketing career. Getting myself in these situations aren’t really good life choices.
So i’ll cut to the chase. I use tinder like a game when I’m bored, and I’ve talked about this before. (Click here to view my opinion of tinder)  And on this particularly swiping session, one of my ex boyfriends appeared right in front of me. It wasn’t like I was looking at the screen thinking about how much i missed him… if thats what you’re thinking. He was someone who I should never have been with. And we’ll leave it at that. But curiosity got the better of myself, and I swiped right.
But like I said, I get myself into these situations don’t I? And ta dah, it’s a match. So being the stereotypical girl I am, everything got print screened and sent to all my friends. And we all had a good laugh and a good ‘ol roasting. I’ll spare him the embarrassment of the bizarre things he said to me, and what was wrote in his bio. But put it this way, we both have 2 very different expectations of what we want from tinder. But just seeing this just made me think about how far I’ve come in these two years. I graduated, got myself a masters, moved cities, and kick started my marketing career. I’m just so glad now that, that bad relationship with him has made me into the successful, secure, gym squatting, body confident and happy person I am today!
The whole experience was just a real eye opening to how he’s living his life since I was with him. And a reminder of how he was living his life, when I actually was with him.
Moral of the story: everything happens for a reason. And there’s a silver lining in every god awful situation!

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