Styling coats: the proper winter one 

I love buying my ‘proper winter’ coat each year. I typically buy them out of Topshop or River Island. However this year they seemed soooo similar their previous seasons! (Topshop are actually still selling my grey one from 2 years ago!) And I like to get a completely different style coat each year…coats are expensive and I like to mix my style up! So this year I decided to purchase  this little Zara beauty instead.

This coat was an eye watering £89.99, the most I’ve ever paid for a coat! However, with this being the first year I’ve had a ‘proper job’, I decided I could justify it…sort of! The coat is in a lovely cream shade, with oversized with cocoon sleeves. It’s completely different from last year’s coat (click here to view!) It’s just the perfect coat for work, and for more fancier occasions than the other coat in the series. The only fault is the neck is quite deep. But for me, that’s just another excuse to buy a silly amount of scarfs within the next few months!
The boats are also from Zara at £90, and are two of this season’s biggest trends…satin and ruched. In my opinion, these are the most beautiful boots I’ve ever laid eyes on. And if you have my on Instagram, (check it out here!), you’ll know I’ve gram’d all I can out of them!
What style coats are you loving this year? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

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