The dark side of social media

So last week I received a very strange message on instagram. Long story short, this  random guy messaged me on instagram offering to buy my amazon wish list, pay my rent, and offered to buy me whatever make-up and clothes I wanted. I know, crazy right? I’ve heard of these sort of arrangements, but this is the first time I’ve had any sort of experience with them.
Me and my housemates we’re obviously finding the whole thing hilarious. It was certainly providing some Sunday evening entertainment! But then things took a turn, and it started to get a bit scary. This guy decided to tell me he lived near me in Sheffield! Which was only escalated by the fact I’ve posted photos of my house on instagram….And my house is quite distinctive. At this point I decided to block him. But this didn’t stop the guy from attempting to add me on snapchat a few days later.
I just didn’t think anything like this would happen! It really made me think twice about how I use social media. I’m always tagging my locations on snapchat and instagram. And by doing this, it means pretty much anyone can follow me IRL. It really wouldn’t take much for someone to find my work, my house and even my car! If I post ootd posts, someone would be able to easily spot me. I also have my tinder linked to my instagram too, which could mean literally half of yorkshire could be going through my instagram. It’s scary when you actually think about it!
Being a blogger you really put yourself out there on social media and the web. However, there’s some real dangers of doing this. I’m really particular about who I add on snapchat, as I’m genuinely friends with them IRL. But I’ll be thinking twice about sharing my locations on instagram now.
Has anyone had any similar experiences? Please let me know in the comments!

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  1. So scary! A few months back, I had some guy DM me on Instagram, and when he got creepy and I blocked him, he made two more accounts and contacted me on them. He also mentioned places I visit often which really scared me. I never tag where I am on Instagram anymore!

  2. I’m sorry you’ve had this experience. I was very wary when I began blogging and didn’t put anything personal on there, but over recent months as I’ve gained a core of regular followers, more and more of my personal life has crept in. I never give my location in photos though and I have separate Instagram accounts for my blog and my friends and family, the latter is private. It is a shame that we can’t just be our open, friendly selves because of a few jerks like this. Keep safe 💜

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