Get your Halloween on with kryolan 

So I was lucky enough to be sent some Halloween goodies from face paint specialist, Kryolan. For Halloween I don’t tend to branch out from cat (drawing whiskers with eyeliner) or vampire (smokey eye)…so I couldn’t wait to give this kit a go!

In the pumpkin girl kit, I received 2 paint brushes, 3 paints, glitter, and instructions. The kit includes detailed step by step instructions, so it’s pretty easy to follow. Even paint face beginners like me could give it a whirl! All the products are super high quality too. You know, none of that stuff you get in the pound shop…sorry pound shop lovers!

The whole look took me about 20 minutes, and my housemates were really impressed. Like I said, it’s very different from my usual Halloween look. But it was definitely loads of fun creating a completely different look! 

If you want to get your Halloween on with professional quality paints, this pack retails at £26. And there’s other kits available too! So make sure to check them out on 

What do you think of my Halloween look? Let me know in the comments! 


Styling coats: all things fur!  

I think at this time of the year, coats and footwear either make or break your outfit! I’m not really loving the fashion at the minute…has it actually even changed since summer?!! So i’ve become much more invested in statement pieces that pull my outfit together.

This fur jacket is from Topshop petite. But I think they have regular and tall fits now too! I was eyeing it up towards the end of summer, and eventually caved in and bought it….Justifying it as a dissertation deadline treat. And I’m so glad I did, because I’ve literally not took it off! Being 5ft3, I struggle to find jackets and coats that sit at a flattering length. However, I feel like this sits on me just right. And it’s sooo soft! Although like 99% off fur jackets, the fit is oversized. So you probably need to bear this in mind, if you want to purchase something similar.

I decided to style it with my purple jumper from New Look, Primark pointed ankle boots, and Primark velvet bag. I feel like the colours work well together for achieving some Autumnal vibes. Plus i’m super obsessed with the mustard and purple hues that are trending at the minute! 

What do you think of my look? Are you loving fur and these colours too? Let me know in the comments!

The dark side of social media

So last week I received a very strange message on instagram. Long story short, this  random guy messaged me on instagram offering to buy my amazon wish list, pay my rent, and offered to buy me whatever make-up and clothes I wanted. I know, crazy right? I’ve heard of these sort of arrangements, but this is the first time I’ve had any sort of experience with them.


Me and my housemates we’re obviously finding the whole thing hilarious. It was certainly providing some Sunday evening entertainment! But then things took a turn, and it started to get a bit scary. This guy decided to tell me he lived near me in Sheffield! Which was only escalated by the fact I’ve posted photos of my house on instagram….And my house is quite distinctive. At this point I decided to block him. But this didn’t stop the guy from attempting to add me on snapchat a few days later.

I just didn’t think anything like this would happen! It really made me think twice about how I use social media. I’m always tagging my locations on snapchat and instagram. And by doing this, it means pretty much anyone can follow me IRL. It really wouldn’t take much for someone to find my work, my house and even my car! If I post ootd posts, someone would be able to easily spot me. I also have my tinder linked to my instagram too, which could mean literally half of yorkshire could be going through my instagram. It’s scary when you actually think about it!

Being a blogger you really put yourself out there on social media and the web. However, there’s some real dangers of doing this. I’m really particular about who I add on snapchat, as I’m genuinely friends with them IRL. But I’ll be thinking twice about sharing my locations on instagram now.

Has anyone had any similar experiences? Please let me know in the comments!


My feelings on moving to Sheffield

So anyone who really knows me, will know Sheffield was the last place I ever wanted to move! I don’t tend to put really personal things on my blog anymore, but I was so torn if this was the right decision for me. It’s fair to say you should never let anyone stop you from doing, what you want to do in life. And the only opinions that really matter, belong to the people who sometimes know you better than how you know yourself. And this was what was going through my head when I was moving to Sheffield. So as apprehensive as I was about moving to a new city, it was now time to put myself, and my career first.



I’m now adult enough to know not to put myself in situations which may potentially upset me. But after spending the summer so frustrated that my job search was going nowhere…I actually ended up bagging myself a job 2 hours after handing my masters dissertation in! So I’d be silly not to take it.

After spending my masters year living in Leeds, I just fell in love with the city! Minus the Hipsters…sorry but there’s far too many hipsters! But the nightlife, the shopping, and the huge range of takeaways on Just Eat…what’s not to love?! I was so determined to stay! However, employers had other ideas and I ended up in a city 30 minutes south. I bagged my first ‘proper’ job working in marketing/fashion at designer shop on Ecclesall Road. So I was pretty proud knowing that 4 years of university and 3 years of blogging  had finally paid off! I’m going to do a post on coping with your first 9-5, so keep your eyes peeled for that too.

Moving to a new city for a reason other than university is absolutely terrifying! But i’ve been pretty lucky with my house, housemates, and everyone else that has made me feel so welcome! But I have now realised how hard it is meeting people in a new place. If anyone has any tips, please feel free to leave them in the comments!

I do love Sheffield as a city, it was just somewhere I never expected to move to. I’ve fell in love with Meadowhall all over again (Sheffield’s answer to the Metro Centre)  And found myself obsessed with the range of drinks in West Street Live! However, I’m so determined to explore the city further than what shops and bars it has to offer…even if they are my favourite type of places!

I know this post is a little random, but it’s so hard to write a post about moving/finishing uni/and starting your first job! How did you cope during your first job after uni? Did you have to relocate? Let me know in the comments.