Get ready for a new type of bold lip

So we’ve had sheen, matte, gloss…so why not glitter? I was lucky enough to receive these goodies from Glitter Lips UK, in shade forbidden. I’m a sucker for a classic red lip, so I couldn’t wait to try a red lip with a ‘lil bit of extra sparkle!
So it’s really easy to use Glitter lips!
1. Make sure your lips are free of any lipstick of gloss
2. Apply the lipgloss (It’s basically glue FYI!)
3. This is where it gets a ‘lil messy! Using the applicator brush, apply the glitter to both your top and bottom lips. It took me a few coats to get a good coverage.
4. Voila…sparkly lips!
This look would be perfect for festivals, christmas, halloween, fancy dress…and maybe your standard night out if you’re feeling a bit brave…and prepared for some retouching! It definitely is a super fun look if you’re a big fan of glitter and everything sparkly. I removed it glitter in under two minutes with normal make-up removal wipes. So if you’re ready for an extra bold lip, why not give Glitter Lips a try?
Have you heard of glitter lips? Do you like using glitter in your make-up routine? Let me know in the comments!

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