Cheese Postie: A Review

So I was super excited this week to receive a Cheese Postie through the door! If you’ve never heard of this brand, they basically send you a variety of cheese toasties straight to your door. Think Graze, but a little bit naughtier! The concept is pretty similar to Graze, with options for taste preference, how often you’d love to receive a Cheese Postie, and if you’d prefer a sweet or savoury Postie.  I decided I was tempted by the sweet options available. Note you don’t actually get to choose which Postie you’d like to try, it’s completely random in that category!
The Cheese Postie comes in a little cardboard box designed to fit through your letterbox… Cause no one really has time to pop down the Royal Mail sorting office do they? In the box you get the ingredients, a little instruction booklet, the toastie bag, a cartoon stamp, and a Cheese Postie collectors card. As you can see above, I received the salted caramel Cheese Postie.
The instruction book says there’s a few different ways you can toast the toastie. However, toasting in the toaster seemed by far the easiest! I spread the cream cheese and caramel on the bread, then sprinkled the salt over the top. If using the toaster, the instructions say to butter the outsides of the bread and then place in the toaster bag and squash. Luckily my toaster is quick big, so I didn’t need to squash my toastie too much!
This toastie is up there with one of the best desserts I’ve ever ate, at least in the top three! I love cream cheese on toast anyway, (spread with jam and it’s like a cheesecake!) but combined with the salted caramel and words can’t even describe how amazing it tastes. I ate the whole thing in less than a minute! Next time I feel a sweet treat coming my way, I’m definitely going to try more of the Cheese Postie sweet range!
If you want a quick treat and to try something different, I really recommend trying Cheese Postie! But not only does this brand send a range of sweet and savoury treats straight to your door, but Cheese Postie also sends full meal to a hungry child for each toastie you eat! Making each postie you devour completely guilt free…Despite what your diet says!
Have you tried Cheese Postie before? What do you think of the brand? Let me know in the comments!

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