Get your make-up on point, cruelty free!

As a beauty blogger, it can be hard when it comes drawing the line with animal cruelty. It’s common knowledge that brands such as MAC haven’t exactly got the best reputation in their product testing. But would that stop you buying your velvet teddy, or Ruby Woo? Probably not.
But with so many great alternative brands now offering cruelty free testing. Why not get your look on point, without any second thoughts on how the product was made?
Thanks to, you can now look for cruelty free products in your search criteria. I won’t lie to you, I didn’t really know which brands were and were not cruelty free before taking a look. But I was really shocked, and pleasantly surprised with what I found!
Popular cruelty free brands include:
Urban Decay
Anastasia Beverly Hills
Jeffree Star Cosmetics
L.A. Girl
Makeup Geek
Too Faced
All of your make-up needs can definitely be met with these brands! With some of these brands even producing vegan-friendly products for all you vegans out there.
I don’t know about you, but list pretty much sums up the brands that produce my favourite beauty products. And I especially loved the fact Morphe and Anastasia Beverley Hills make the list. With both brands becoming so popular in the beauty industry right now. But did I really need another excuse to purchase an a Morphe eye-shadow pallet or an ABH glow kit? Probaly not! But it does promote such a positive message on product testing to their competitors.
However, I did notice the absence of Benefit and Mac from the list. With both brands being so iconic in the beauty business. They definitely should up their game before losing some loyal customers.
Technology has developed enough to create cruelty-free make-up. So don’t you think that animal testing is completely unnecessary in 2017? If you want to help stop animal cruelty, support the brands that are against it!
What’s your opinion on animal testing? Would a way a brand test’s their products, make you think twice about purchasing? Let me know in the comments!

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