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My last blog post was actually my 100th post on Life Of Luce! I know, where have these 2 and a half years gone right? So I just want to take the time to talk about how far I’ve come as a blogger. And also let you guys know about how much things have changed in that time!
My blog started as a result of my lecturer showing me the ins and outs of WordPress, in my first year of university. And in January 2015, I plucked up the courage to write my first blog post. Why not click here to cringe at my first ever flat lay?  My blog has come along way since the day my friend shot my first ever ‘outfit shoot’ in a Tesco toilet (big white walls!). Or even since this time last year, when another friend used my iPhone 6 for a photo shoot in my garden.
My love of blogging stemmed from a passion for writing, and a later obsessing for Instagram. I’m way too lazy to make up content, so that’s why I love to write about what I know. I’m not going lie, I’ve probably spent hundreds on my blog to get it to this point! Thinking about how many outfit shoots I’ve done, and how much make-up I’ve bought and reviewed, is a little bit soul destroying. But at the same time, my make-up collection and wardrobe is now huge… and you can never really have enough shoes or highlighter can you? I’ve used the blog to justify buying so much stuff I just didn’t need, but I think that’s probably a discussion for another day…
My blog has just started to branch out from beauty and fashion, and focus on more lifestyle pieces. As well as some food and fitness…watch this space! So far I’ve collab’d with Skinny tan, Structure hair products, Neil and Wolf, Cheese Poastie, Beefeater, and Mac Cosmetics. With some more collabs in talks too! I just feel so overwhelmed and proud of myself, that most of these collabs have been within the past month. I put a lot of time and effort into my blog, and obviously it’s finally starting to pay off!
I’m excited to see what is in store for the future of my blog! Things have changed so much in a year, and I can’t wait for the opportunities that another year of blogging may bring.

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  1. This is awesome! I am about to launch my blog but I keep over analyzing every little thing 🙁 any tips on how to get past the nervousness ??

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