Get hair that will stay straight no matter what

I have naturally pretty thick hair. So if I want my hair to stay straight, my tresses require a blow dry and a quick straighten the night before, then another going over with the GHDs the next morning. I know, so much effort right?! But this product might be a bit of a game changer…
20676688_10210176861523450_1168750371_oI’ve never heard of the structure brand before, but I was lucky enough to be allowed to choose a product from one of their ranges! With one of my recent posts talking about achieving extra volume in your hair (click here to view!) It only made sense the next post would talk about achieving extra silky smooth straight hair. Structure have a huge range of products achieving lots of different hair looks. However, the brand seem to be quite a bit bigger in America right now. I’m no hair product expert, but obviously I’d be able to point the top brands if I needed to! However, I was still really excited to see what final look this product would achieve.

The instructions say you can apply the product to either damp or dry hair. I decided to dry my hair first, applying my usual heat protection and oil products, and then apply smoothshock once dry. If you have me on snapchat or Instagram, you’ll know I was testing the product before my night out in Newcastle on Friday. With reviewing structure before a night out, I didn’t really want to ‘eff my hair up in case the product wasn’t that great. So sticking to my usual routine and applying to dry hair seemed the best option.

The instructions say apply a small amount to your hair, especially focusing on the ends of your hair. The product seemed to apply well, and wasn’t too sticky. Although I did apply a little bit extra to what is recommended on the bottle, with my own hair being quite long and thick. The final result is below…
So as you can see, structure transformed my thick and curly(ish) hair into smooth, silky, and frizz free locks! (Please go check on my Instagram to see the before picture!) My hair stayed straight throughout my night out, and even bypassed the dreaded hangover hair look! I’m now pretty excited to see what structure will achieve when applied to damp hair.

Have you heard of structure before? Have you used any of the structure range? Let me know in the comments!

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