Transitional checks

So my favourite trend so far this season is checks! I’ve already bought at least 5 things with check print…oops! But it’s just the perfect print to take your wardrobe from summer to autumn isn’t it?  This print reminds me of a few seasons ago when tartan was everything. But from seeing what’s new in on the high-street at the moment, I’m predicting this print is going to be just as huge!




The top was £30, skirt £25, and boots £50, all from ZARA. I usually like to combine pieces from different shops into my shoots. However, I just thought this outfit worked well together! As you can see the prints aren’t the exact same. But with a print like this, I think you’d really struggle to find a perfect match anyway. I think the pieces work well together. As well as separate, to tone down the trend.

The sock boots are my favourite boots I’ve bought in a long time! I’m not the biggest fan of my legs. But I think these boots are super flattering and comfy! I actually usually get all my boots from River Island or Topshop. However with so much love so these boots, I now really need to stop neglecting ZARA’s footwear range!


My second post in the series, will show how I’m styling checks further into the season. So keep your eyes pealed for that! What are your favourite trends for the upcoming season? Let me know in the comments!


So I designed some phone cases!

So I was super excited a few weeks ago when Case App approached me to design a range of phone cases! I’m one of them people that love to constantly change their phone cases. However, lately I’ve struggled to find any good quality designs, which don’t break the bank. So I couldn’t wait to get started!



The original designs I’d created were actually marble and rose gold. But after sending them to my friends, they weren’t too impressed! They said these prints have been done soooo many times before, why not create something original? So I tried to incorporate two of my favourite trends at the minute into the designs, chrome and check print. I’m absolutely loving check print at the minute, especially contrasted against red. And I haven’t seen anyone use check print in a phone case yet, so here you go. A Life of Luce original! My friend give me the idea of incorporating poka-dots into one of them designs. It’s not exactly the most original design, but making the poka-dots chrome definitely made the case instaworthy. It was bit of a basic choice to use SLAY in the design. But that’s just the aim of our selfies though isn’t it?

Using Case App is super quick and easy! You can upload any print or image you like, and make your own unique (and amazing quality!) phone case. There’s also loads of different fonts and clip arts you can use, to give your design a little extra something special! You can also design phone and mac skins, and so much more! So make sure to check them out! You can use my code ‘LUCE20’ to get 20% off any of the Case App products!

I’m doing a giveaway with the chance to win one of my designs. You’ll receive a code, not the phone case. So my design will definitely fit your phone no matter what phone you have! Click here to enter on twitter, and here to enter on Instagram. The winner will be chosen on the 8th September, good luck guys!

Have you use Case App before? What did you think of the site? Where do you buy your phone cases? Let me know in the comments

Knowing your own worth

I’ll be the first person to admit over the years I’ve got myself into some absolutely ridiculous situations, friendships, relationships…I could go on! Friend after friend would tell me to stop being silly, and to realise my own worth. But what actually is worth?  How would you even begin measure worth? And how do you begin to understand your own worth?


‘Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it”


I found the quote above on Instagram earlier today, and it really resonated with me. If you settle, you don’t know your worth. And what sort of life would you lead if you forever settled? I know my life would have been so much different if at times I’d just settled. So I’m glad in that respect I did finally did realise my own self-worth.

I think finding your self-worth, is finally realising your limits! With people, jobs, and anything else that has an impact on your happiness! And also knowing your attributes, and becoming aware of anything that makes you unique as a person. Everyone is unique and has their own strengths and weaknesses. And you need to remind yourself that!

I’ve found knowing my limits within that fact I would never dream of letting people treat my as they have done in the past. I don’t think going into detail about times I’ve been doormat or a mug is beneficial to the post. But knowing it happened, and allowing myself to become stronger as a person, has taught me the value of having the right people in my life! I’ll only have people around me that support me! Even at the moment if it’s just helping me with whatever crazy social media/blog related content I’m working on.

I’ve also been quite vocal on social media about how much I’m hating grad life. Which has actually led me to realising my attributes as a candidate. I need to remember that by having a relatively good knowledge of social media, writing my blog and creating new content, and building my knowledge of fashion, fitness, food and beauty…Does make me unique as a candidate! And when I’ve had knockbacks, I need to remember these attributes when I’m questioning my self-worth.

I think not realising your own self-worth will impact your life so much. So it’s finally time to give yourself a bit of self-loving and realise how much of an amazing and special person you really are!

What’s your take on self-worth? Please let me know in the comments!



A high-end quality foundation at a drug store price

So after my all time favourite day-time foundation changed their formula (looking at you Bourjois!), I decided to purchase the Infallible Total Cover by L’Oréal. I asked the blogging gals on twitter what day time foundation, I should try next. And I was mostly recommended the Infallible Total Cover, or True match (both by L’Oréal). I’ve tried the True match before, but I didn’t really know much about the Total Cover. So I thought what the heck, I’ll give this a whirl!





Most of the foundations I buy are buildable coverage. My all time favourite ‘night-out’ foundation is by Too Faced, which I absolutely swear by. However, I find it a bit too much for everyday use. And with myself being a recent grad on a never ending job hunt, I haven’t exactly got the cash to be regularly splashing out £30! However, the Infallible Total Cover by L’Oréal is definitely not buildable. As soon as you squirt it out the tube you can instantly see how thick it is! After I applied the foundation and concealer with an NYX sponge, my face did look a bit cakey and uneven. However, I then added my favourite MAC powder on top (click here to view) and make-up seemed to blend out much better! I applied my make-up around 11am, and at 10pm when I come home from a tough leg day, my foundation was still completely intact.

For myself it does feel like I’m wearing a lot of day time make-up. But at the same time, the foundation is allowing my concealer to blend much better, and not slide half way down my face by mid afternoon! I’ve seen quite a few bloggers blend Infallible Total Cover and True Match together. Which seems like a good idea for the days you don’t want this level of coverage.

Have you used the Infallible Total Cover before? What do you think of the formula? Let me know in the comments!


Cheese Postie: A Review

So I was super excited this week to receive a Cheese Postie through the door! If you’ve never heard of this brand, they basically send you a variety of cheese toasties straight to your door. Think Graze, but a little bit naughtier! The concept is pretty similar to Graze, with options for taste preference, how often you’d love to receive a Cheese Postie, and if you’d prefer a sweet or savoury Postie.  I decided I was tempted by the sweet options available. Note you don’t actually get to choose which Postie you’d like to try, it’s completely random in that category!




The Cheese Postie comes in a little cardboard box designed to fit through your letterbox… Cause no one really has time to pop down the Royal Mail sorting office do they? In the box you get the ingredients, a little instruction booklet, the toastie bag, a cartoon stamp, and a Cheese Postie collectors card. As you can see above, I received the salted caramel Cheese Postie.

The instruction book says there’s a few different ways you can toast the toastie. However, toasting in the toaster seemed by far the easiest! I spread the cream cheese and caramel on the bread, then sprinkled the salt over the top. If using the toaster, the instructions say to butter the outsides of the bread and then place in the toaster bag and squash. Luckily my toaster is quick big, so I didn’t need to squash my toastie too much!



This toastie is up there with one of the best desserts I’ve ever ate, at least in the top three! I love cream cheese on toast anyway, (spread with jam and it’s like a cheesecake!) but combined with the salted caramel and words can’t even describe how amazing it tastes. I ate the whole thing in less than a minute! Next time I feel a sweet treat coming my way, I’m definitely going to try more of the Cheese Postie sweet range!

If you want a quick treat and to try something different, I really recommend trying Cheese Postie! But not only does this brand send a range of sweet and savoury treats straight to your door, but Cheese Postie also sends full meal to a hungry child for each toastie you eat! Making each postie you devour completely guilt free…Despite what your diet says!

Have you tried Cheese Postie before? What do you think of the brand? Let me know in the comments!


Get your make-up on point, cruelty free!

As a beauty blogger, it can be hard when it comes drawing the line with animal cruelty. It’s common knowledge that brands such as MAC haven’t exactly got the best reputation in their product testing. But would that stop you buying your velvet teddy, or Ruby Woo? Probably not.

But with so many great alternative brands now offering cruelty free testing. Why not get your look on point, without any second thoughts on how the product was made?


Thanks to, you can now look for cruelty free products in your search criteria. I won’t lie to you, I didn’t really know which brands were and were not cruelty free before taking a look. But I was really shocked, and pleasantly surprised with what I found!

Popular cruelty free brands include:

Urban Decay
Anastasia Beverly Hills
Jeffree Star Cosmetics
L.A. Girl
Makeup Geek
Too Faced

All of your make-up needs can definitely be met with these brands! With some of these brands even producing vegan-friendly products for all you vegans out there.

I don’t know about you, but list pretty much sums up the brands that produce my favourite beauty products. And I especially loved the fact Morphe and Anastasia Beverley Hills make the list. With both brands becoming so popular in the beauty industry right now. But did I really need another excuse to purchase an a Morphe eye-shadow pallet or an ABH glow kit? Probaly not! But it does promote such a positive message on product testing to their competitors.

However, I did notice the absence of Benefit and Mac from the list. With both brands being so iconic in the beauty business. They definitely should up their game before losing some loyal customers.

Technology has developed enough to create cruelty-free make-up. So don’t you think that animal testing is completely unnecessary in 2017? If you want to help stop animal cruelty, support the brands that are against it!

What’s your opinion on animal testing? Would a way a brand test’s their products, make you think twice about purchasing? Let me know in the comments!

Behind the scenes of the blog

My last blog post was actually my 100th post on Life Of Luce! I know, where have these 2 and a half years gone right? So I just want to take the time to talk about how far I’ve come as a blogger. And also let you guys know about how much things have changed in that time!



My blog started as a result of my lecturer showing me the ins and outs of WordPress, in my first year of university. And in January 2015, I plucked up the courage to write my first blog post. Why not click here to cringe at my first ever flat lay?  My blog has come along way since the day my friend shot my first ever ‘outfit shoot’ in a Tesco toilet (big white walls!). Or even since this time last year, when another friend used my iPhone 6 for a photo shoot in my garden.

My love of blogging stemmed from a passion for writing, and a later obsessing for Instagram. I’m way too lazy to make up content, so that’s why I love to write about what I know. I’m not going lie, I’ve probably spent hundreds on my blog to get it to this point! Thinking about how many outfit shoots I’ve done, and how much make-up I’ve bought and reviewed, is a little bit soul destroying. But at the same time, my make-up collection and wardrobe is now huge… and you can never really have enough shoes or highlighter can you? I’ve used the blog to justify buying so much stuff I just didn’t need, but I think that’s probably a discussion for another day…

My blog has just started to branch out from beauty and fashion, and focus on more lifestyle pieces. As well as some food and fitness…watch this space! So far I’ve collab’d with Skinny tan, Structure hair products, Neil and Wolf, Cheese Poastie, Beefeater, and Mac Cosmetics. With some more collabs in talks too! I just feel so overwhelmed and proud of myself, that most of these collabs have been within the past month. I put a lot of time and effort into my blog, and obviously it’s finally starting to pay off!

I’m excited to see what is in store for the future of my blog! Things have changed so much in a year, and I can’t wait for the opportunities that another year of blogging may bring.





My visit to a Beefeater with a vegetarian

I was lucky enough this week to be invited to Morton Park, a restaurant part of the Beefeater chain in Darlington, Country Durham. My friend is a vegetarian, and didn’t actually look at the menu online before we arrived. So we didn’t really know what to expect when we got there…



It’s been a while now since I’ve visited a Beefeater restaurant. However, upon arriving I noticed the range and quality of the menu was so much better than rival restaurant/pub chains. There was so much choice on the menu! However with it being a Beefeater, it was 90% meat. I was debating trying one of the steaks on offer (there was a lot!). But with not really eating steaks or knowing anything about them, I didn’t think it would be a fair review! However, we did notice there was limited choice for a veggies on the menu.

We decided on the garlic bread sharer for starters, paying the extra £1.99 for the range of dips. We really enjoyed the starter, but we did think the dips were a little bit random. Although I was a big fan of the spicy hummus! However maybe a garlic butter we have been a good addition to the range of dips?

For main, I got the chicken and ribs (which came with unlimited fries!!!) and my friend got the vegetable linguine. I’ve literally only ever had this meal before at a Weatherspoon’s, so obviously there was a bit of a difference in quality and taste. The highlight of the meal was definitely the ribs! There were so juicy, and barely any fat on them. I’m not a big meat eater myself, so fat on meat puts me straight off! The only thing that I could fault, was that no butter came with the corn on the cob.


For dessert, I got the Mississipi Mud Pie, and my friend got the Warm Chocolate Brownie. My dessert was so rich and chocolatey with brownie and biscuit mixed together, I just couldn’t finish it! The ice cream was so nice too! And it was needed to counteract how rich the Mud Pie was. My friend really enjoyed her brownie. However she did pick fault in the size of her dessert, compared to mine.

Our sever Hayleigh at Morton Park, was so lovely and friendly. As we ordered the bottomless soft drinks, she continued to bring them over without us even needing to ask. She also reminded me that my meal come with bottomless fries, and got extra fries to us pretty quick! I was also struggling to pick my choice of dessert, so she recommended her choice Mississippi Mud Pie which turned out to be AMAZING.

I really enjoyed my visit to Morton Park. And with the bill coming to £47 for a sharer starter, 2 mains, and 2 desserts, and 2 bottomless soft drinks… I didn’t think was bad at all! Have you visited a Beefeater restaurant? What did you think of your experience? Let me know in the comments!


Get hair that will stay straight no matter what

I have naturally pretty thick hair. So if I want my hair to stay straight, my tresses require a blow dry and a quick straighten the night before, then another going over with the GHDs the next morning. I know, so much effort right?! But this product might be a bit of a game changer…


20676688_10210176861523450_1168750371_oI’ve never heard of the structure brand before, but I was lucky enough to be allowed to choose a product from one of their ranges! With one of my recent posts talking about achieving extra volume in your hair (click here to view!) It only made sense the next post would talk about achieving extra silky smooth straight hair. Structure have a huge range of products achieving lots of different hair looks. However, the brand seem to be quite a bit bigger in America right now. I’m no hair product expert, but obviously I’d be able to point the top brands if I needed to! However, I was still really excited to see what final look this product would achieve.

The instructions say you can apply the product to either damp or dry hair. I decided to dry my hair first, applying my usual heat protection and oil products, and then apply smoothshock once dry. If you have me on snapchat or Instagram, you’ll know I was testing the product before my night out in Newcastle on Friday. With reviewing structure before a night out, I didn’t really want to ‘eff my hair up in case the product wasn’t that great. So sticking to my usual routine and applying to dry hair seemed the best option.

The instructions say apply a small amount to your hair, especially focusing on the ends of your hair. The product seemed to apply well, and wasn’t too sticky. Although I did apply a little bit extra to what is recommended on the bottle, with my own hair being quite long and thick. The final result is below…


So as you can see, structure transformed my thick and curly(ish) hair into smooth, silky, and frizz free locks! (Please go check on my Instagram to see the before picture!) My hair stayed straight throughout my night out, and even bypassed the dreaded hangover hair look! I’m now pretty excited to see what structure will achieve when applied to damp hair.

Have you heard of structure before? Have you used any of the structure range? Let me know in the comments!