Coping with life's little knocks 

With 4 years of university coming to an end, literally just quitting my job, and moving home whilst I sort my head out…I just completely feel lost! I sat across from my friend in costa yesterday, and she said, ‘You’ve just been knocked Luce, everything will fall back into place again, you’ll see!’

I’ve now completely took the attitude ‘It is what it is‘, and ‘Life goes on‘. Grudges have never got me anywhere, and sometimes it just feels so good to let go. Letting go of painful situations can do so much for your mental health and outlook on life.  Although you can’t control everything that happens to you in life, you can choose how you react to it.
I’ve learnt I need to surround myself with people who truly have my best interests at heart. The friends who’ll go for coffee at 2pm for heart to hearts. The friends who actually want me to succeed in a job, relationships and general life. They say your personality is a proration of the 4 people you spend the most time with. So why not be picky with who you’re investing your time in? Because you’re really just investing in yourself.
My coping methods:

  • Take a social media break. Stop comparing your life to people’s who you follow on instagram and twitter. Social media is all a big show, it’s not real life…
  • Make sure you’re surrounding yourself with people who truly have your best interests at heart. A lot of people are just trying to find the latest gossip, and unfortunately that could be you.
  • And make sure you really open up. I think there’s nothing worse than keeping things to yourself. I don’t know about you, but I literally explode!

And when life really knocks you, and as much as I hate to quote Annie, the sun will definitely come out tomorrow.

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