The only setting spray you'll ever need

Make-up junkies literally stop what you’re doing right now! This setting spray is the holy grail of all setting sprays. This setting spray will make you want to write a letter to Urban Decay to thank them for inventing this setting spray. This setting spray will make you want pick up all your other setting sprays and put them in the bin. You just really need to buy this setting spray…
The new range is available in normal, de-slick, cooling and travel. All available at £23.50.
If you have the old formula you will notice difference in the new version instantly. Not only by a whole revamp in the packaging, (doesn’t black look so good contrasted against the brand’s iconic lilac hue?) But the smell is so much different too…I think it sort of smells like vegetables. I’m not trying to put anyone off here! but disappointingly it’s  definitely not the same lovely fragrance as the previous version.
However, the performance of the new version is so much better! I’m definitely noticing a difference when I’m taking my make-up at night. This version actually makes foundation stay on your nose…Yeah I know, miracles can happen! And this version allows your base to stay on over night (oops!). I’m definitely going to purchase the cooling version too, just imagine how lush a spray will feel in 30 degree heat!
Don’t forget Urban Decay do student discount if you purchase directly from the website! What’s your favourite setting spray? Do you own this  UD version or the old version, let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. I have used both the old version and currently using the new one and I agree, there is a difference. But a good difference! I was obsessed with the old version before, but this new one just made it clearer that there is nothing else better.

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