My brutally honest opinion of tinder

I think tinder is a bit like marmite, you’re either going to love it or hate it. If you want a quick one night stand, or some FWB situation…this app is probably for you. However, if you want to find marriage material or some knight in shinning armour, realistically you’re probably not going to find him (or her) on tinder.



I know so many people who really love tinder. It’s quick, easy, and like online shopping, easily accessible in your pyjamas with a glass of wine! Yes I know people who’ve had relationships with people they’ve met on tinder. But right now, I can only think of one which has actually lasted.

Swiping through the hordes of topless pouty gym selfies, drunk club photos, and scenic pictures from shooting ranges of lads in their country best (well maybe that’s a Yorkshire thing?)…I just sort of lose hope! I just find Tinder so false and forced, and basically just a game. I’ve only ever met my ex’s naturally in real life, and that’s how I hope to meet people in the future. However, right now I’m in a place where I have literally no interest in men. I’m currently having some selfish Lucy time, figuring out what I want to do in life. But if this was what I was up against, I’d choose cocktails with one of my girls over a date with one of these idiots any day!

The problem I have with tinder is that all I’m basically trying to do is find my paper. And I actually did once.  We went on a few dates and he actually seemed the most perfect guy I’ve ever met! But here’s a good life lesson: them attributes you think you really want in a person, aren’t always what you want or need IRL. But that’s the thing with tinder, it’s ALL about looks and how you present yourself online. Which in my opinion, isn’t the foundation of a successful relationship. Like where exactly do you draw the line from how you present yourself online, and who you actually are as a person? I’m not even going to lie, if I’d have saw some of my ex’s on tinder before meeting them, I’d have probably swiped left. Because tinder does that to you, it just gives you the opportunity to be super picky and judgemental.

The problem with 2017 is that technology has made every thing we do in life so easy. But can technology really simplify relationships and dating? Probably not. But can technology get you a quick hook up on a Friday night? Probably yes..

What are your thoughts on tinder? Let me know in the comments!



How I got super thick hair without extensions!

Last week I was really excited to receive a HUGE box full of  goodies from Neal & Wolf. The brand does a few different ranges depending on the look you’re wanting to achieve. However, I’m all about thick healthy hair! So if you’re like me, the AWAKEN range is for you.



I was lucky enough to receive shampoo, conditioner, mousse, hair oil, heat protection, hold and shine spray, and volumising hair mist! So last night I ran myself a nice hot bubble bath, so I could do a through review…I know, life’s hard for Luce!

I’m a fan of thickening products anyway, I and usually buy the L’oreal fibrology thickening shampoo and conditioner. However, the Neal & Wolf shampoo and conditioner definitely had a more floral aroma than my usual L’oreal go to. I felt like you needed quite a lot more product to cover my hair too, so I’d definitely need to repurchase more often than my favourite L’oreal . However, it did leave my hair feeling really soft though! I then towel dried my hair, and sprayed the volumising hair mist and heat protection from root to tip, and applied the hair oil to my ends. I don’t normally use a lot of hair products, so for myself, this did feel like I had far too much stuff in my hair! I then blow dried my hair straight, on a low heat using a barrel brush. If you have me on Instagram or Snapchat, you’ll have seen the result last night. And considering it was straight, my hair looked SOOOO thick!

This morning I applied the heat protection spray and used my GHDs to create loose curls. I then applied the hold and shine spray. The hold and shine spray was a bit strange though, the only way to describe it is like watery hairspray. I didn’t really trust it to set my hair! However, it’s been quite a few hours now and my curls have dropped….although if you’ve seen my boomerang, you’ll know I have been playing with my hair quite a bit.

The result

Super soft thick frizz free hair…I’m a little bit obsessed with the outcome! I’m not sure if I’d put this many products on my hair on a daily basis, but for the days when I can actually be bothered to do my hair properly, this will definitely be my new routine!

If you fancy changing your hair routine up a little bit, why not Click here to take a look at the Neal & Wolf range! 



Coping with life’s little knocks 

With 4 years of university coming to an end, literally just quitting my job, and moving home whilst I sort my head out…I just completely feel lost! I sat across from my friend in costa yesterday, and she said, ‘You’ve just been knocked Luce, everything will fall back into place again, you’ll see!’

I’ve now completely took the attitude ‘It is what it is‘, and ‘Life goes on‘. Grudges have never got me anywhere, and sometimes it just feels so good to let go. Letting go of painful situations can do so much for your mental health and outlook on life.  Although you can’t control everything that happens to you in life, you can choose how you react to it.

I’ve learnt I need to surround myself with people who truly have my best interests at heart. The friends who’ll go for coffee at 2pm for heart to hearts. The friends who actually want me to succeed in a job, relationships and general life. They say your personality is a proration of the 4 people you spend the most time with. So why not be picky with who you’re investing your time in? Because you’re really just investing in yourself.

My coping methods:

  • Take a social media break. Stop comparing your life to people’s who you follow on instagram and twitter. Social media is all a big show, it’s not real life…
  • Make sure you’re surrounding yourself with people who truly have your best interests at heart. A lot of people are just trying to find the latest gossip, and unfortunately that could be you.
  • And make sure you really open up. I think there’s nothing worse than keeping things to yourself. I don’t know about you, but I literally explode!

And when life really knocks you, and as much as I hate to quote Annie, the sun will definitely come out tomorrow.

The only setting spray you’ll ever need

Make-up junkies literally stop what you’re doing right now! This setting spray is the holy grail of all setting sprays. This setting spray will make you want to write a letter to Urban Decay to thank them for inventing this setting spray. This setting spray will make you want pick up all your other setting sprays and put them in the bin. You just really need to buy this setting spray…



The new range is available in normal, de-slick, cooling and travel. All available at £23.50.

If you have the old formula you will notice difference in the new version instantly. Not only by a whole revamp in the packaging, (doesn’t black look so good contrasted against the brand’s iconic lilac hue?) But the smell is so much different too…I think it sort of smells like vegetables. I’m not trying to put anyone off here! but disappointingly it’s  definitely not the same lovely fragrance as the previous version.

However, the performance of the new version is so much better! I’m definitely noticing a difference when I’m taking my make-up at night. This version actually makes foundation stay on your nose…Yeah I know, miracles can happen! And this version allows your base to stay on over night (oops!). I’m definitely going to purchase the cooling version too, just imagine how lush a spray will feel in 30 degree heat!

Don’t forget Urban Decay do student discount if you purchase directly from the website! What’s your favourite setting spray? Do you own this  UD version or the old version, let me know what you think in the comments!