Life as a graduate: one year on

Before you read on, I’ll warn you this is probably going to be the most ranty post I’ve ever written! It’s been almost a year since I graduated in Public Relations, and with two months left to complete my masters in Advertising and Marketing, I’m not feeling that positive I’m going to land my dream job (or any job!) anytime soon.
Being from a small industrial town in the north of England, there’s not too many jobs available anyway. But being an hour away from Leeds and Newcastle puts me in a relatively good commuter spot if I choose to stay at home. Or close enough not to feel too home sick if I move out. But with so many grads and so little jobs, I’m now beyond stressed/frustrated/angry.
My grad frustrations
I thought having a masters from a top business school would help me with my job search. Although my masters is getting me interviews, it’s not helping with the fact I’m being repeatedly told I look young. Yep, can’t really do anything about that…
I made the decision not to do a grad scheme, and now I’m really regretting it! I didn’t want to move to another city and meet new people all over again. At the time I wanted to go into an agency, or work for a relatively small business. But now I’m thinking maybe at least I might have had a grad job if I’d have bothered to apply…
It’s so frustrating the amount of entry level positions looking for grads with experience! I’ve done a few placements, but no where near enough to total up to a year which most positions are wanting. I’m sorry…but how on earth was I suppose to juggle a masters which I was timetabled in EVERY day/ a part time job, my university work, a social life, the gym, my hobbies, and then fit a few placements in? Please someone enlighten me.
The amount I was told I’d earn as a grad, and the amount I’ll probably earn are two different things. The fact I’m in about £60,000 worth of debt, yet I’m probably not going to be able to rent my own flat by the time I’m 25 is beyond depressing.
And it’s so frustrating that my friends who never went to university, are now on higher salaries that most entry level  jobs. I obviously want my friends to do well, but on the other hand it’s made me feel like I’ve wasted 4 years of my life at university.
However it frustrates me even more when I see old course-mates doing well too! Goes without saying I want everyone to succeed, but you can’t help but think why not me too?
If anyone has any advice or tips to stop me feeling constantly so frustrated, please let me know. Or if anyone is hiring in PR/ Social Media/ Marketing, there’s a very desperate grad over here!

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