Life as a graduate: one year on

Before you read on, I’ll warn you this is probably going to be the most ranty post I’ve ever written! It’s been almost a year since I graduated in Public Relations, and with two months left to complete my masters in Advertising and Marketing, I’m not feeling that positive I’m going to land my dream job (or any job!) anytime soon.


Being from a small industrial town in the north of England, there’s not too many jobs available anyway. But being an hour away from Leeds and Newcastle puts me in a relatively good commuter spot if I choose to stay at home. Or close enough not to feel too home sick if I move out. But with so many grads and so little jobs, I’m now beyond stressed/frustrated/angry.


My grad frustrations

I thought having a masters from a top business school would help me with my job search. Although my masters is getting me interviews, it’s not helping with the fact I’m being repeatedly told I look young. Yep, can’t really do anything about that…

I made the decision not to do a grad scheme, and now I’m really regretting it! I didn’t want to move to another city and meet new people all over again. At the time I wanted to go into an agency, or work for a relatively small business. But now I’m thinking maybe at least I might have had a grad job if I’d have bothered to apply…

It’s so frustrating the amount of entry level positions looking for grads with experience! I’ve done a few placements, but no where near enough to total up to a year which most positions are wanting. I’m sorry…but how on earth was I suppose to juggle a masters which I was timetabled in EVERY day/ a part time job, my university work, a social life, the gym, my hobbies, and then fit a few placements in? Please someone enlighten me.

The amount I was told I’d earn as a grad, and the amount I’ll probably earn are two different things. The fact I’m in about £60,000 worth of debt, yet I’m probably not going to be able to rent my own flat by the time I’m 25 is beyond depressing.

And it’s so frustrating that my friends who never went to university, are now on higher salaries that most entry level  jobs. I obviously want my friends to do well, but on the other hand it’s made me feel like I’ve wasted 4 years of my life at university.

However it frustrates me even more when I see old course-mates doing well too! Goes without saying I want everyone to succeed, but you can’t help but think why not me too?


If anyone has any advice or tips to stop me feeling constantly so frustrated, please let me know. Or if anyone is hiring in PR/ Social Media/ Marketing, there’s a very desperate grad over here!




The Mac products I just had to have…

So if you haven’t caught my last blog post (click here to catch up!), you won’t know about the amazing time I had getting ready for my summer ball, courtesy of Mac Leeds. I just thought the final look was that amazing, I just HAD to go back and buy a few of the products…


I ended up purchasing Mac Longwear Concealer, the Dusty Rose eyeshadow palette, and studio fix powder.

I always buy Mac Longwear Concealer anyway. It’s a firm favourite for the coverage and the amount of shades available. I just happened to run out around the the time of my Mac appointment! Although, I did find out I’ve been wearing the wrong shade. My skin has a warm undertone, but I’ve been wearing concealer for cool undertones for the last year…oops! So girls it’s worth getting your concealer matched, as well as your foundation!

I never wear powder, it’s just a product I’ve never bothered using. Other than powder highlighting/contour products. However I loved the coverage that was achieved during my appointment! So I want that same level of courage for my night-out make-up all the time now. The face powder is a good consistency, and is just the right level of coverage if you apply a small amount with a good brush, or the sponge provided. However it goes without saying, powder being powder is obviously buildable! But I do still think powder and foundation is a bit too much for day time make. Especially during summer!

I just had to have the dusky rose palatte because my final eye make-up in the appointment was AMAZING. And I don’t think £22 was bad for this palettes at all. The shades are so different from any of the other palettes I own, and I especially love the taupe shade. So I can’t wait to experiment with some different eye looks.


Have you got any of these products? What’s your favourite Mac product at the moment? Let me know in the comments!

Getting ready for my ball with Mac Leeds

I’m going to divide this post into 2 separate parts, just because I have way too much to talk about! If you have me on instagram (click here to follow if you don’t already!), you’ll know I was lucky enough to be invited down to Mac Leeds in Harvey Nics to have my make-up done. Me being me, thought I’d take full advantage of this and get my make-up done for my course ball. So this post is all about my mac experience, and the second will be about all the products I HAD to go back and purchase!



After taking my friend Sarah along for moral supporting, I was greeted by Shaz who was the girl who was going to do my make-up. I haven’t actually had my make-up done professionally before, so I was pretty nervous and didn’t really know what to expect. However, Shaz was so lovely and make me feel really comfortable. As I was going to a ball and wearing a LBD, I wanted a classic red lip, minimal eyes with winged liner, defined brows and a heavy contour and highlight. I probably was a bit of a nightmare, ’cause I just wanted the look to be perfect for my event. I’m just a girl who knows what she wants!

I used to pretty much buy all my mac up from mac up until about 2 years, when I started branching out more with different brands. Apart from lipsticks, you really can’t beat a mac lipstick can you? I took my latest mac lip purchase along in Fashion Legacy from the liquid lipstick range. It’s just that amazing classic red shade that you’re always trying to get your hands on. And with it being a liquid lipstick, I didn’t have to worry about re-applying because it really doesn’t budge!

I couldn’t believe how much I loved the final look! I was worried about the make-up lasting the night. However, with plenty of primer and setting spray, I really had nothing to worry about! A full list of the products used on my face is below.19074537_10209679750215978_1508701170_o


I was so obsessed with some of the products used. So keep your eyes peeled for my next post to find out which products I just had to have! Have you ever had your make-up done professionally before? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments!

Summer brights

Right so after what actually seems forever, I’m finally back blogging! With so many masters deadlines it’s been impossible to hold down a job, a social life, the gym… and most importantly sleep. But I’ve finally got my blogging head back on, and looking forward to really investing some time into my blog!

To kick things back off again, I thought I’d start with a fashion post involving all things colour! ‘Cause who doesn’t love putting them black tights and jeans away, and making way for something a bit brighter!



I’ve seen so many bloggers put red and gingham together, but do you not think mustard pairs just as well? I have a thing for Zara jackets, especially mustard coloured ones! And after seeing the frills on this jacket, I knew I’d found my answer to summer layering.

I actually didn’t own anything gingham till I purchased these shorts (I know, I know, it’s a struggle to call myself a blogger after that statement, but I just couldn’t find anything I really loved!) But arent they just the perfect holiday ‘dressy’ shorts? And not to mention having a nod the embroidery trend that’s still going strong. The only thing I’d say before buying purchasing these shorts, is that the sizing is a bit off. They’re a bit too big for me in a size 6… and with my bum I’m definitely not a 4! So just take that into consideration before purchasing.

I’m very very self-conscious of my legs. Everyone has that thing they hate, and mine is my very short legs. I’m 5ft3, the struggle is real. Up until now it’s stopped me from buying barely there heels. I just feel like they make my legs look  so much shorter! But annoyingly they just go with everything! So I’ve forced myself to put my insecurities aside for the sake of fashion, and finally purchase a pair. These are a lovely satin material, so hopefully they’ll last a bit longer than leather or suede.


18838320_10209631816617668_794870033_oThe jacket is from Zara at £30, the shorts are from Topshop at £32, the heels are from Miss Selfridge at £39.99, and the shirred top is from Zara at £7.99. A huge thanks to Lily Faulkner for the photographs! I’ve put links on my instagram to her work, so make sure to give her a follow!

What do you think of my outfit? Do you like this seasons trends? Let me know in the comments!