The fake tan for when you have no time to tan!

Like a lot of girls out there, I’m a bit of a fake tan addict. I’m not talking popping to tesco so I need to be tanned level. But for a night out, I feel so much more confident with a natural looking glow. I’ve reviewed skinny tan products before, click here to view! And I was lucky enough to receive their new Express Mouse, along with a few other goodies. Hope you enjoy the review!
So I was lucky enough to receive an exfoliating dual mitt, (one side for exfoliating, the other for removing excess tan!) the dual tanning mitt, the pre-tan primer and the brand new express mousse.
So the first time I used the tan, I followed the instructions on the box and ran myself a bath, taking the exfoliating mitt and primer with me. I’m so bad when it comes to exfoliating my skin. A shower poofy thing and a bottle of radox is normally as far as I go! But afterwards the primer left my skin feeling soooo soft. And talking about softness…the tanning mitt is amazing. I’d never thought I could be obsessed with a tanning mitt, but it’s just so silky! Once you feel this, you’d never go back to them cheap ones of Boots/Superdrug!
I’ve actually never used mousse fake tan before, so didn’t really know what to expect! You can leave the express mousse on for an hour, two hours, or overnight. Depending on how deep you want the tan to look. Which is such a good idea, ’cause who really has the time to tan? I decided to leave it on overnight, go hard or go home right? As you can see below it goes on quite dark, making it so easy to achieve an even tan. Although it doesn’t have the amazing smell of some of their other products. Instead it just doesn’t really smell of anything, which I suppose is what you want from a fake tan.
This is the colour I was left with after a quick shower that morning. As you can see it’s really natural looking, (thinking two weeks in marbs colour) and not at all orange! Just for colour and application, this is my favourite product from the Skinny Tan range. So once I’ve used up the huge bottle, I’ll definitely be stocking up!
Have you used any skinny tan products? What are your favourite tanning products? Let me know in the comments!

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