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Before I start this post, I want you guys to know I’m not really a big fan of powder highlighters. This is just because I feel like creamy formulas are much more pigmented and blend-able. A review to fave ever highlighter Benefit’s whatts up is here!  However I was feeling a bit brave one payday, and bought the Ultimate Glow Kit by ABH.  (Honestly beauty bay you will be the death of me!) As soon as I hit checkout, I definitely had mixed emotions after watching £44  worth of highlight leave my bank account. A full review is below!
All I have to say about this palette is OMG! The COLOURS, the PIGMENT, the SHIMMER! It’s like no other powder highlight I’ve ever got my hands on before. The palette just isn’t in the same league as anything you’ll find in a drugstore! I’m not really a highlighter fan really, I’m more of a bronzer/blusher kinda girl. But this palette will convert you in a highlight fanatic. I can’t even go to the gym without a glow now!
I’ve been mixing shades Amber Gold and Snow, to achieve a dark champagne shade.  A full swatch of the palette is below.

( L-R: Sunray, Amber Gold, Hot Sand, Golden Dawn, White Sand, Snow) 


Considering the other ABH glow palettes are £39 on beauty bay. I don’t think £44 for an extra 2 shades is that bad? Just after you wrap your head round the fact you’ve just paid nearly £50 for highlighter. But if you want to invest in a good highlighter palette, I’d reccomend just purchasing this one!

Are you a fan of the glow palettes? Do you recommend any other highlighters? Let me know in the comments!

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