It's all in the prime

Only in the past year or so I’ve realised how important priming your skin is. ‘Cause lets be honest, it completely changes how your make-up sits on your face! So I thought I’d do a little post to round up my fave priming products. Hope you enjoy the read!
I’ve literally only just purchased the pore fessional in the last week. I’ve reviewed the NYX HD ready primer (click to view)  and the New Look illumination primer (click it view)  before. Just because I wanted to shop around, before justifying paying £25 for a primer. However the pore fessional really is so much better than any primer I’ve tried in the past! I struggle so much keeping foundation on my nose all day. However with this primer, it stays put! Also unlike the other primers I’ve reviewed, this primer is considerably thicker with a nude tint. And it just leaves your skin feeling super smooth and silky all day. I bought the primer when ASOS were doing 20% student discount a few weeks ago. So top tip for students, buy benefit from ASOS for discount and free delivery!
I’ve used the NYX nude shadow primer for a while. However, I’m so glad I bought it in white too! White primer makes your eye-shadow much more true to shade compared to a nude primer. So I’m loving experimenting with my eye make-up at the minute. These little pots are only £6 and literally last forever! I’d had the nude shade since july, and there’s still 3/4’s left. The primer also comes in a pearl shade, so that’s definitely going to be my next beauty purchase.
I’ve used lip primers before, but never a tinted one like the NYX lip primer. This primer comes in a huge range of colours. However I decided to buy the lightest one in nude, just because I thought it would make my lip products more true to shade. This product does give my lips a lighter tint, however it’s not really the easiest product to apply with it basically just being a big pencil. Although I have just started using it, so hopefully i’ll start to get to grips with it a bit better soon!
Do you use any of these priming products? What are your favourite primers? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I looove the white nyx primer! It makes everything so crisp and bright. I followed you on IG btw 🙂 – bplrbeauty

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