My £6.99 pout

I’ve been a fan of liquid lipsticks for such a long time now, but I haven’t really jumped on the whole Kylie Jenner lip kit trend. I’ve read so many bad reviews, and I’m way too lazy to wait for products to be shipped from America anyway.  However I was in BOOTS the other day, and saw some dupe versions by Barry M. If you don’t know what a lip kit is, it’s basically a matte liquid lipstick and lip liner. Which is used together to create fuller Kylie Jenner style lips. I’m going through a treat yo self stage at the minute , so a full review of the product is below!
There’s three limited edition shades of the matte me up lip kit currently on sale in Superdrug and Boots. There’s Runway, a bright pink shade. Go to, a light nude shade. And lastly Pose, which I purchased. In a pinky brown shade
Firstly I applied my NYX lip primer in nude, in order to soften my lips and allow a base colour. So I could achieve the best pigmentation from the lip kit. However, you can also use Vaseline to soften your lips, as matte products can be quite drying! I used the lip liner first, which is slightly darker than the actual lipstick, and then applied the liquid lipstick. The product takes about 2 minutes to fully appear matte. And needs two coats to achieve a good coverage and pigmentation.
I really liked the colour on, as I usually stick to similar nude and brown shades in my everyday make-up anyway. I think the product allows your lips to be a prominent feature, without looking too overpowering in everyday wear. I thought the lip pencil was good quality too, and glided on similar to my MAC pencils.
However, the liquid lipstick is quite drying. Although this is normally expected in matte products. Also unlike other liquid lipsticks, you need to reapply 2/3 times a day to achieve the best coverage. Which is quite annoying! And also the product is really really runny. Which shocked me, as I’ve never seen a lipstick or lip-gloss this runny before!
Overall I really liked the product considering it’s only £6.99! I probably won’t wear it as part of my going out make-up, just because I won’t want to reapply that much on a night out. But for everyday use, it makes a nice change from my usual lipsticks. Just don’t forget to prime, Vaseline, and reapply!
Have you used lip kits before? Have you used the Barry M lip kits? Let me know in the comments!

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