The fake tan that ticks all the boxes!

I think it’s so hard to find a good fake tan! I’ve religiously used DOVE gradual summer glow for years. (I’m talking since I was 15, and I’m nearly 23!) However, because it applies like a moisturiser, its sooo easy to go patchy! I’ve branched out and experimented with several rimmel ones and St Tropez over the years. But after a recommendation off a friend, I discovered Skinny Tan…
Before I choose the 7-day tanner, I did a bit of research into the range to see what product would be best for me. Their range is pretty impressive, and do products ranging from ab defining fake tan. To your box standard instant. However, I decided to go with a product that promised a week long, gradual tan.
I think I paid around £18 for the 7-day tanner from Superdrug. It was on offer at the time, plus I get student discount in there. However, it was still a shock paying that much for fake tan!
The first thing I noticed about the fake tan was the AMAZING coconut smell. Honestly it’s amazing, it smells like a really nice moisturiser. The product glides on so smooth too. But make sure you used a mitt to avoid the dreaded orange hands!  I did two applications of the product all over my body. I recommend applying before bed (drys instantly!), then showering when you wake up. Just because after applying, it can get a bit patchy. But post shower, the product leaves you with an even, natural glow.  The results after one application are pictured before.
If you’re into fake tan, you really need to try this product. Smells amazing, no patches, and by some miracle doesn’t ruin white bed sheets!

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