It’s all in the prime

Only in the past year or so I’ve realised how important priming your skin is. ‘Cause lets be honest, it completely changes how your make-up sits on your face! So I thought I’d do a little post to round up my fave priming products. Hope you enjoy the read!



I’ve literally only just purchased the pore fessional in the last week. I’ve reviewed the NYX HD ready primer (click to view)  and the New Look illumination primer (click it view)  before. Just because I wanted to shop around, before justifying paying £25 for a primer. However the pore fessional really is so much better than any primer I’ve tried in the past! I struggle so much keeping foundation on my nose all day. However with this primer, it stays put! Also unlike the other primers I’ve reviewed, this primer is considerably thicker with a nude tint. And it just leaves your skin feeling super smooth and silky all day. I bought the primer when ASOS were doing 20% student discount a few weeks ago. So top tip for students, buy benefit from ASOS for discount and free delivery!

I’ve used the NYX nude shadow primer for a while. However, I’m so glad I bought it in white too! White primer makes your eye-shadow much more true to shade compared to a nude primer. So I’m loving experimenting with my eye make-up at the minute. These little pots are only £6 and literally last forever! I’d had the nude shade since july, and there’s still 3/4’s left. The primer also comes in a pearl shade, so that’s definitely going to be my next beauty purchase.

I’ve used lip primers before, but never a tinted one like the NYX lip primer. This primer comes in a huge range of colours. However I decided to buy the lightest one in nude, just because I thought it would make my lip products more true to shade. This product does give my lips a lighter tint, however it’s not really the easiest product to apply with it basically just being a big pencil. Although I have just started using it, so hopefully i’ll start to get to grips with it a bit better soon!


Do you use any of these priming products? What are your favourite primers? Let me know in the comments!


My £6.99 pout

I’ve been a fan of liquid lipsticks for such a long time now, but I haven’t really jumped on the whole Kylie Jenner lip kit trend. I’ve read so many bad reviews, and I’m way too lazy to wait for products to be shipped from America anyway.  However I was in BOOTS the other day, and saw some dupe versions by Barry M. If you don’t know what a lip kit is, it’s basically a matte liquid lipstick and lip liner. Which is used together to create fuller Kylie Jenner style lips. I’m going through a treat yo self stage at the minute , so a full review of the product is below!



There’s three limited edition shades of the matte me up lip kit currently on sale in Superdrug and Boots. There’s Runway, a bright pink shade. Go to, a light nude shade. And lastly Pose, which I purchased. In a pinky brown shade

Firstly I applied my NYX lip primer in nude, in order to soften my lips and allow a base colour. So I could achieve the best pigmentation from the lip kit. However, you can also use Vaseline to soften your lips, as matte products can be quite drying! I used the lip liner first, which is slightly darker than the actual lipstick, and then applied the liquid lipstick. The product takes about 2 minutes to fully appear matte. And needs two coats to achieve a good coverage and pigmentation.


I really liked the colour on, as I usually stick to similar nude and brown shades in my everyday make-up anyway. I think the product allows your lips to be a prominent feature, without looking too overpowering in everyday wear. I thought the lip pencil was good quality too, and glided on similar to my MAC pencils.

However, the liquid lipstick is quite drying. Although this is normally expected in matte products. Also unlike other liquid lipsticks, you need to reapply 2/3 times a day to achieve the best coverage. Which is quite annoying! And also the product is really really runny. Which shocked me, as I’ve never seen a lipstick or lip-gloss this runny before!


Overall I really liked the product considering it’s only £6.99! I probably won’t wear it as part of my going out make-up, just because I won’t want to reapply that much on a night out. But for everyday use, it makes a nice change from my usual lipsticks. Just don’t forget to prime, Vaseline, and reapply!

Have you used lip kits before? Have you used the Barry M lip kits? Let me know in the comments!



OOTD: Tulle and frills

So this shoot was not only for my blog, but also for my MA! I’m doing a social media module to show how several group members use social media. Being a blogger and Instagram lover, I’m obviously a prime example aren’t I! So not only are photographs being took at this shoot, it was also filmed  for the module!  If you have me on snap chat or Instagram you’ll have seen some behind the scenes footage. However unfortunately I can’t share the videos with you guys, but here are the photographs from the shoot!


17195247_10208922058114149_123749752_oThis outfit was inspired by my city break look-book, which I’m starting in roughly a month. I wanted an outfit that was both versatile, but also a bit edgy and on trend. I lately i’ve been dressing super girly, so I wanted to move away from constantly wearing white/nude shades.

The skirt is from Topshop petite at £25. Don’t worry taller girls, you can also buy it in the standard Topshop section! These frills are everywhere at the minute, and I’m loving the trend! I’ve never owned a red skirt before, and I can’t understand why. Because this skirt literally goes with everything. Even a plain white tee, and you’ll be on point in this! Its a got a raw edge which makes the skirt a little more modern, despite an obvious nod to the 80s. Considering I wanted a versatile outfit, I think this skirt definitely nails it.  It’s the perfect skirt to dress up and down!


This tulle overlay body is also from Topshop at £22. Tulle is big at the minute, however must of the tulle pieces I’ve seen have been super girly, mostly white, pinks, or nude blouses. So I like the fact this body is a little bit more edgy. The top has a plain black body underneath, with the tulle over the top it…which was actually easier to get on than what it looks! Topshop styled the piece with dark blue jeans, which personally I don’t really think looked right. However styling the body over a skirt, makes the outfit a lot more fun. I think the body would also will help you nail the perfect #allblackeverything when paired with black skinny jeans and ankle boots.

What do you think of my #ootd? Do you like the tulle and 80s frill trends? Let me know in the comments!


High quality make-up on the high street?

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t really payed much attention when UK high-street stores start selling their own branded make-up. As much as I love Topshop, I couldn’t tell you anything about their beauty range! However, when New Look brought out their range a few months ago, I just couldn’t get over the quality (AND THE PRICE!)


New Looks beauty range basically consists of everything you could possibly need! You can get your mitts on anything from nail varnish, to highlighters, to brushes, a huge perfume range, and even make-up storage options.  They even have a hair range which I’ve been raving about (click here to read my tips and review!)  After having a mini haul, I purchased 2 lip liners at £2.50, and the lip primer at £4.50. The illuminating primer and the glow stick, which I think were both £6 each. And also the blusher at £8.

The products that impressed me the most were the blusher, the lip primer and the glow stick. The glow stick is a good dupe for benefit watts up, which happens to be my all time favourite highlighter! It’s so pigmented, in a lovely champagne shade. And honestly so much better quality than what you’d expect from the price tag. The lip primer doesn’t necessarily make my lipstick last longer. However it has kept them so much smoother. Despite the previous dry damage caused by my love of matte lip. The blusher was really pigmented, and i’d describe the colour as a pinky bronze. However once the product was on, it was slightly lighter than what I expected. Which to be honest, I didn’t really have a problem with, as most of the blushes I  wear are typically more brown and bronzy shades. I think too much pink would have been a shock to my system! I’d recommend using the product as part of your going out make up look, as oppose to your everyday routine. Just because the colour could look a bit heavy for a casual look.

The New Look lip liners come in a good range of colours, and certainly do the job for £2.50. However I don’t think liners are particularity the most exciting items in your make-up bag. So thats pretty much all I have to say about them.  I bought the primer as I haven’t really found a primer than I love yet. However, I really don’t like this one! It’s basically just like putting glittering moisturiser on your skin. I wouldn’t say my make-up lasts longer at all. I think you’re probably better off investing a little more in a primer that actually does the job.

Overall for products such as blushes, highlighters and nail varnishes, I’d say mix things up and try out the New Look range. But when it comes to your everyday basics you rely on, stick to what you know and love!

Have you tried the New Look range? Have you tried any other high street store’s beauty range? Let me know in the comments!

The fake tan that ticks all the boxes!

I think it’s so hard to find a good fake tan! I’ve religiously used DOVE gradual summer glow for years. (I’m talking since I was 15, and I’m nearly 23!) However, because it applies like a moisturiser, its sooo easy to go patchy! I’ve branched out and experimented with several rimmel ones and St Tropez over the years. But after a recommendation off a friend, I discovered Skinny Tan…


Before I choose the 7-day tanner, I did a bit of research into the range to see what product would be best for me. Their range is pretty impressive, and do products ranging from ab defining fake tan. To your box standard instant. However, I decided to go with a product that promised a week long, gradual tan.

I think I paid around £18 for the 7-day tanner from Superdrug. It was on offer at the time, plus I get student discount in there. However, it was still a shock paying that much for fake tan!

The first thing I noticed about the fake tan was the AMAZING coconut smell. Honestly it’s amazing, it smells like a really nice moisturiser. The product glides on so smooth too. But make sure you used a mitt to avoid the dreaded orange hands!  I did two applications of the product all over my body. I recommend applying before bed (drys instantly!), then showering when you wake up. Just because after applying, it can get a bit patchy. But post shower, the product leaves you with an even, natural glow.  The results after one application are pictured before.


If you’re into fake tan, you really need to try this product. Smells amazing, no patches, and by some miracle doesn’t ruin white bed sheets!