Setting Sprays staying power

Setting sprays and primers play a very very important in my make-up routine. With long days at university, and working late shifts at work, I need my make-up to stay fresh and on fleek all day! With such a massive hype around Urban Decay all nighter setting spray, I decided to match it against a dupe. With the aim to find out if it really is worth the price tag.
The product I  decided to match against UD’s setting spray, was Barry M’s Flawless Mist & Fix at around £6. I choose Mist & Fix purely because it was the last one in Superdrug (must be good then huh?), and plus I didn’t know Barry M had started to produce setting sprays so I was a bit curious! (I think Barry M’s  range of setting sprays is a little bit bigger now, however I’m pretty sure this was the only one out at the time). As a brand, I really love Barry M. It’s my go-to for all the prettiest nail varnish shades and effects. And not to mention their budget eye shadow pallets and contouring products, definitely rivals the likes of Urban Decay and Benefit.
However I did think the packaging of Barry M’s Flawless Mist & Fix was very very basic, and a bit of a let down. I don’t think Barry M’s product packaging is that great in general. However I do think their other products are are a little bit prettier than this. Although the product is a good size and shape to fit into your hand, making it very easy to use!
I like the packaging of the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray. It’s very classic urban decay with the pretty purple colour, and I thought the font give it a bit of an edgier look. However on my shelf when next to my other sprays, it  looks very much like a heat protector or a little hair spray!
After testing both products over a few days, overall for a day time make-up look I’d recommend the Barry M spray. It does what it claims on the packaging, and it keeps my day time look fixed in place. I haven’t tried it with heavier eye make-up, but it definitely keeps my day time eye-shadow and contour in place! However for a heavier, full faced look, I’d definitely recommend Urban Decay. It manages to keep my eyeliner on in club temperatures, and my brows fixed for 2 days. However neither keeps my mascara fixed in place, which is a bit disappointing.
Have you used setting sprays? What’s your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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