My NYE make up looks

It’s Christmas so while everyone’s been busy relaxing…I’ve been very very busy with revision (sort of!), and gym, and work, and catching up with friends. So basically I haven’t stopped! So if you’re wondering why I haven’t updated my blog for a while, that’s why.

With it being New Years Eve tomorrow, I’ve created two very different make-up looks to give anyone a bit of inspiration for the big night.

Look one: Classic Red


On my face:

Foundation: Too Faced Born this Way
Concealer: Mac Pro Longwear
Brows: Dip Brow to define and Benefit Brow Zings powder to fill
Bronzer: Benefit Hoola
Highlighter: L’oreal

On my eyes:

Mascara: Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lasses
Shadow: Shades Blow, Instinct, Lethal, BlackJack from Urban Decay Ultimate Basics

On my lips:

Lipstick: Mac Lady Danger


Look two: Nudes


On my face:

Foundation: Too Faced Born this Way
Concealer: Mac Pro Longwear
Brows: Dip Brow to define and Benefit Brow Zings powder to fill
Bronzer: Benefit Hoola
Highlighter: Benefit Watts Up
Blusher: NYX blusher in Truth

On my eyes:

Mascara: Too Faced Better than Sex
Shadow: Pre Game from Urban Decay Ultimate Basics.Tempted, Whisky and Dirty Sweet from Urban Decay Smokey.
Liquid Liner: Boujois ultra black felt tip eyeliner
Pencil (on bottom lashes): Lord and Berry strobbing pencil

On my lips:

Lipstick: Mac Glam II
Liner: NYX Nude Suede Shoes


What do you think of these looks? What’s your favourite look out of the two?

I hope you enjoyed the post, and a very happy new year from me! xxx


Whats on my face for christmas

Unlike other bloggers, I haven’t been taking part in Blogmas. This is mainly because I’ve had deadlines from my Masters, and since then I’ve been having some much needed relaxation at home. Blogging takes up a lot of time you know! So here is my mini contribution to blogmas. Revealing exactly which products I’ll be using in the run up to (and on!) the big day. Hope you enjoy the read!


I’ve already reviewed some of these products, and I’ve got a fair few more to write (hello Too Faced foundation, looking at you!) So this post is more of an overview of what make-up I’m wearing right now on the run up to Christmas. I’ll post all the reviews I’ve already wrote at the bottom of the post!

1. Too faced Born This Way foundation in Vanilla

2. NYX primer in HD Primer Base

3. MAC Studio Conceal and Correct in NW20

4. MAC lipstick in Whirl

5. Bourjois Ultra Black Felt Tip eyeliner

6. NYX blush in Truth

7. Charlotte Tilbury  Legendary Lashes mascara

8. L’oreal highlighter in L’or Highlighter


Click below to read the reviews:

L’or highlighter                                   

 Legendary Lashes                                     

NYX primer

Do you use any of these products? Have you got any suggestions for a festive look? Let me know what products you’ll be relying on during the Christmas period in the comments!

My gratitudes and reflections 

It’s been a while since I’ve wrote a lifestyle post. And even longer since I’ve wrote about something quite personal to myself! If you’re close to me, you’ll probably know why I’m feeling a bit down today…Well I wouldn’t really call it down to be honest, I don’t think that’s the right word. Reflective is probably a better word for what I’m feeling. So because of this reflective attitude today, I wanted to write my first gratitude post. I hope you enjoy the read!

1. I’m grateful I graduated university this year, and moved to a brand new city to study my masters (which I’m loving!)

2. I’m grateful for everyone I’ve met since moving to Leeds! There’s been ups and downs in the last few months, but I’m really happy with the way things are right now.

3. I’m grateful a few toxic people have left my life…I’ll leave it at that, life’s too short!

4. I’m grateful that even though I had my first car crash this month, no one was hurt and I wasn’t too dramatic! (Very loud crying panic attack while in shock, was definitely not overreaction to a 10mph bump, I don’t care what anyone says!)

5. I’m grateful that I’ve finally forced myself to the gym since the summer, and I’m finally starting to love my body. I have the odd bout of self loathing in H&M changing rooms…but who doesn’t!

6. I’m grateful that I’ve finally learnt to not hold back, and say exactly what’s on my mind…hopefully it won’t get me into too much trouble! Lifes too short to tip toe.

7. I’m grateful I’ve got the opportunity to plan flats and holidays right now, which very very excited for!

8. I’m grateful that I’ve learnt that one persons attitude and opinion of you, doesn’t reflect everyone else’s.

9. I’m grateful that I’ve finally learnt I can have so much more fun with my friends, that I’ve ever had in any relationship.

10. And lastly, I’m grateful than I can start planning my career and what I want from it. 2007 is going to be a very exciting and scary year for myself. And I couldn’t be more terrified but excited for it!


After writing this list, I realised I’m more grateful for the friendships I’ve made this year, and also the way I’ve changed (and hopefully matured) as a person. A lot has changed in my life since this time last year. And a part of me hopes by this time next year, it’ll all have changed again.
What are you grateful for? How’ve you found 2016? Let me know below!


So it’s week 3 of the feature, and I can’t believe how fast time is going lately! I’ve officially finished semester one of my masters, and I’m all excited for Christmas…well excited for the food, duvet days, and catching up on all the netflix I’ve been neglecting! This week’s look is a bit more preppy than my usual style. Hope you enjoy the post!



So this week’s look is a bell sleeved knit, combined with a wet look mini skirt (both Topshop), sounds odd but I think it kinda works!

I’m a big fan of bell sleeves, they give your average knit a bit more excitement. As i’d probably have avoided this jumper if it wasn’t for the sleeve detail. I was a big fan of bell sleeves last Autumn/Winter when the 70s trend was everywhere. So I’m really glad the style is still about this season!

I’ve been eying up wet look jeans for ages. However I just couldn’t find a style that I loved, so this skirt seemed like the next best thing! The wet look skirt is super comfy and stretchy, and I love how tiny it makes my waist look! The only downside is that it’s a bit short! (If I’m having this problem at 5ft3, I’ll let you make your mind up for yourself!) The skirt is definitely very versatile, and would look great thrown together with a body and thigh high boots for more of a dressy look. However styled with a knit like I have, definitely gives a much more casual vibe to the look!


What do you think of this weeks look? Let me know in the comments!

photo credit: Katy Eyre. The images have been cropped and altered by myself.

To view her Instagram click here

And for her Facebook page click here

Setting Sprays staying power

Setting sprays and primers play a very very important in my make-up routine. With long days at university, and working late shifts at work, I need my make-up to stay fresh and on fleek all day! With such a massive hype around Urban Decay all nighter setting spray, I decided to match it against a dupe. With the aim to find out if it really is worth the price tag.


The product I  decided to match against UD’s setting spray, was Barry M’s Flawless Mist & Fix at around £6. I choose Mist & Fix purely because it was the last one in Superdrug (must be good then huh?), and plus I didn’t know Barry M had started to produce setting sprays so I was a bit curious! (I think Barry M’s  range of setting sprays is a little bit bigger now, however I’m pretty sure this was the only one out at the time). As a brand, I really love Barry M. It’s my go-to for all the prettiest nail varnish shades and effects. And not to mention their budget eye shadow pallets and contouring products, definitely rivals the likes of Urban Decay and Benefit.

However I did think the packaging of Barry M’s Flawless Mist & Fix was very very basic, and a bit of a let down. I don’t think Barry M’s product packaging is that great in general. However I do think their other products are are a little bit prettier than this. Although the product is a good size and shape to fit into your hand, making it very easy to use!

I like the packaging of the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray. It’s very classic urban decay with the pretty purple colour, and I thought the font give it a bit of an edgier look. However on my shelf when next to my other sprays, it  looks very much like a heat protector or a little hair spray!

After testing both products over a few days, overall for a day time make-up look I’d recommend the Barry M spray. It does what it claims on the packaging, and it keeps my day time look fixed in place. I haven’t tried it with heavier eye make-up, but it definitely keeps my day time eye-shadow and contour in place! However for a heavier, full faced look, I’d definitely recommend Urban Decay. It manages to keep my eyeliner on in club temperatures, and my brows fixed for 2 days. However neither keeps my mascara fixed in place, which is a bit disappointing.

Have you used setting sprays? What’s your favourite? Let me know in the comments!




Winter Day to Night Style: Part 2

So it’s that time of the week for my Day to Night style feature! If you missed last week’s post, click here to catch up! Before I start, I have a very exciting development on my blog. So guys if you haven’t noticed, I finally own my domain! So Life of Luce is now a officially little part of the internet that’s all my own. Very exciting times for myself! So anyway here’s week two…hope you enjoy the read!



This week on my day to night style, I decided to stay on my leopard print theme, and purchase this mini from Topshop at £36.The print just looks amazing with the Autumnal colours this time of year. Just look at the leaves in the background. And this skirt, like my other my other Topshop skirts will be getting worn year after year! As I always find Topshop produce  quite classic prints, that never really seem to go out of fashion.  However I do think leopard is only a print you can really only get away with this time of year. Sorry who this offends, but I really  wouldn’t know where to start when trying to style this skirt for summer!

This skirt’s material is quite thick and sturdy, which is definitely a good thing for this time of year. However, you like a bit of give in your skirts, I’d recommend going a size up for comfort.

I added a wine lop sleeved crop to the outfit. Also from Topshop at £18. I think the crop is a really flattering length. As it’s short enough to reveal a tiny bit of skin, but still long enough for day time wear.I think the skirt would also style well with a black turtle neck, or a camel jumper.

For a night time look, I added my favourite velvet RI black heels to give my legs a bit of much needed length! At 5ft 3, every extra inch helps! However to give this outfit more of a casual vibe, I added my Topshop leather jacket and swapped the heels for my new velvet ankle boots. Click here to get a glimpse of the boots!15302493_10208054010293496_770153119_o

What do you think of week two’s look?  Do you prefer it to last weeks?  Let me know it the comments!

photo credit: Katy Eyre. The images have been cropped and altered by myself.

To view her Instagram click here

And for her Facebook page click here