Why you should be wary of Black Friday (and all my top picks!)

I think every blogger ever has done a feature on Black Friday deals, and all their hauls! However being a very very busy Advertising and Marketing masters student, I thought I’d show you my picks all ready for ‘Cyber Monday’. Please note this is not all my purchases, I just didn’t want my friend’s to find out their Christmas presents from my blog! Also some of these are my own Christmas presents, I am a student after all!
If like me your emails have done nothing but buzz with discounts and sales, you probably won’t know where to start! With online shopping, I always try and find the best deals anyway. However, with all these different deals available right now, I do really encourage you to SHOP AROUND. I will admit I did get my calculator at one point because some deals can be a bit misleading. For example ASOS were selling full priced trainers at 20% off. However when buying direct from Nike, the same item was reduced with free delivery, working out a pound cheaper. I know it’s only a pound, but that’s a pound towards your next coffee right?
My advice right now is if you’re a student, you won’t save that much money! Brands like urban decay have 10% off all year round with free delivery anyway. And if you’re into more drug store products, be wary!  Boots and Superdrug are providing ‘free gifts’ by spending a certain amount in store.However, from a marketing student perspective, the stores are basically enticing you to spend a certain amount on products you probably don’t need,  just to receive your  ‘free gift’ you probably will never use. (Come on that coral shade isn’t that great!) There’s a reason these products are being given away, they’re most likely their least selling items! I know it’s very easy to be enticed into these promotions, but unless you really need these items (I actually did!), don’t waste your money.
It also goes without saying, don’t buy items in bulk now that you probably don’t need! It was way too tempting to buy half of Missguided, but by some miracle I didn’t. And everyone knows most of their stuff will go straight in the boxing day sale anyway!
Right guys hope you take my advice on board, so happy shopping! All my purchases and deals I used are listed below:15205820_10208029783087831_1426138962_o

  1. Missguided heels at £30 (Discount purchased at 50%, currently at 25%)
  2. Mac lipstick in Mehr £15.50 (10% in House of Frazer, unfortunately not valid on Mac products)
  3. Iphone 7+ £720 (Vouchers available on selected Apple products)
  4. Boujours Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer (Free gift in Boots and Superdrug when spending £15 on Boujours products. Free products are pictured in top photo, bottom right)
  5. Rare London off the shoulder velvet dress £31.50 (30% off online)
  6. Rare London lace dress £33.60 (30% off online)
  7. Nike Trainers £62.99 (Direct from Nike website, still full price elsewhere!)
  8. Koko Couture bag from Topshop £15.30 (In the sale and student discount)

What do you think of my Black Friday deals? What deals did you manage to find? Let me know in the comments!

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