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My daily go to mascara has become Too Faced’s Better than Sex. However unfortunately there’s no counter in Leeds, and I was desperately running out! With so many beauty counters available in Leeds it made sense to try a new product, as Iove to mix my products up every now and again. So last week…I finally purchased my first Charlotte Tilbury product!
My struggle when purchasing a Charlotte Tilbury mascara, was deciding between the Full Fat Lashes and the Legendary Lashes. Full Fat Lashes offers a thickening everyday look, with a promise of no smudges. Where as the Legendary Lashes formula contains of a range of oils, that promises to not only help you achieve a false lash effect. But will also highlight the shape and colour of your eyes. I personally prefer a false lash effect look, rather than a thickening look on my lashes. Therefore I decided to purchase the Legendary Lashes. 
However when I visited the Charlotte Tilbury Counter in Harvey Nichols, I was urged to purchase the Full Fat Lashes over the Legendary Lashes. I was told the product tends to bleed, and leaves smudges on your lids and undereyes. So obviously for an everyday use, it’s not really that ideal! However after explaining how much I love the effect of Too Faced’s Better than Sex, and also the fact I always use my favourite Rimmel mascara on my bottom lashes. The lady then informed me with a bit of fixing spray, I should be able to avoid any dreaded smudges!
After a few swipes of the mascara, I fell in love this product instantly! It reccomends you use 3 coats of the mascara to achieve the maximum effect. However for an everyday use, I’d recommend 1-2 coats is definitely enough! However for a night out look, I’ll definitely be taking the advantage of all 3 coats! So far with just using the product on my upper lashes, I’ve seen no smudges or clumping, which was what I was worried about. The product basically does exactly what it says on the packaging, helping you achieve long, doll-like false lashes!
This product is the most expensive mascara I’ve tried so far. Retailing at £25, against Better than Sex and Benefit’s They’re Real, which are both available to purchase at £18. So far I’d say for the effect, quality and packaging it’s defiantly the winning contender. However after getting 4 months use out of Better than Sex, it’ll be interesting to see if Legendary Lashes can match that length of time!
Have you used any of the mascaras mentioned here before? What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments!


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