How I simply and quickly transformed my bedroom

Thanks to the lovely people at Dylon Fabric Dye, I received a few sachets of their amazing fabric dye. After quite a bit of deliberation, I went with the shades  ‘Burlesque Red’ and ‘Pewter Grey’. Now the next challenge, was deciding what to do with it…
In the end I decided to liven up an old Primark white bedding set. I was really into minimalism at the time I bought it, and wanted EVERYTHING in my room white. However lately it’s been looking a bit tired, and desperately needed a new lease of life (Or putting in the bin!) So thanks to Dylon Fabric Dye, my bedding got a much needed freshen up!
Although it the packet says to do process by hand, with myself being the extremely lazy individual I am. I decided to speed the dying up by using the washing machine.
Here’s how:
1. Wash fabric thoroughly
2.  Measure out the required dye
3. Measure out the required salt (The packet explains how much you’ll need!)
3. Distribute the dye evenly throughout the washing machine
4. Wash on a hand-wash or 20 degrees setting
5. Wash again on a 30 degrees setting using washing powder
6. Hang your fabric to dry
7. Put your washing machine on a wash and spin to get rid of any excess dye
I mostly liked the outcome, although there are a few imperfections. Firstly for a deeper colour, I’d suggest using quite a few packets of the dye. As in my opinion, I’d say the bedding has turned into more of a lilac colour, rather than a plum shade that was illustrated on the website. There were also a few patches, but what can you really expect from home dying?
Overall I’d definitely say it’s given my bedroom a fresh lease of colour! The colours have turned out really pretty, and look cute in my room. Maybe next time I might be a bit more adventurous and  brave an old dress or a shirt!
Click here to view their full range of colours! Dylon Fabric Dye is available to purchase in most supermarkets and Wilkos. My throw and cushions are both available to purchase from Tesco.

Have you used fabric dye before? How did you find it? Let me know in the comments!

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