Why you should be wary of Black Friday (and all my top picks!)

I think every blogger ever has done a feature on Black Friday deals, and all their hauls! However being a very very busy Advertising and Marketing masters student, I thought I’d show you my picks all ready for ‘Cyber Monday’. Please note this is not all my purchases, I just didn’t want my friend’s to find out their Christmas presents from my blog! Also some of these are my own Christmas presents, I am a student after all!


If like me your emails have done nothing but buzz with discounts and sales, you probably won’t know where to start! With online shopping, I always try and find the best deals anyway. However, with all these different deals available right now, I do really encourage you to SHOP AROUND. I will admit I did get my calculator at one point because some deals can be a bit misleading. For example ASOS were selling full priced trainers at 20% off. However when buying direct from Nike, the same item was reduced with free delivery, working out a pound cheaper. I know it’s only a pound, but that’s a pound towards your next coffee right?

My advice right now is if you’re a student, you won’t save that much money! Brands like urban decay have 10% off all year round with free delivery anyway. And if you’re into more drug store products, be wary!  Boots and Superdrug are providing ‘free gifts’ by spending a certain amount in store.However, from a marketing student perspective, the stores are basically enticing you to spend a certain amount on products you probably don’t need,  just to receive your  ‘free gift’ you probably will never use. (Come on that coral shade isn’t that great!) There’s a reason these products are being given away, they’re most likely their least selling items! I know it’s very easy to be enticed into these promotions, but unless you really need these items (I actually did!), don’t waste your money.

It also goes without saying, don’t buy items in bulk now that you probably don’t need! It was way too tempting to buy half of Missguided, but by some miracle I didn’t. And everyone knows most of their stuff will go straight in the boxing day sale anyway!

Right guys hope you take my advice on board, so happy shopping! All my purchases and deals I used are listed below:15205820_10208029783087831_1426138962_o


  1. Missguided heels at £30 (Discount purchased at 50%, currently at 25%)
  2. Mac lipstick in Mehr £15.50 (10% in House of Frazer, unfortunately not valid on Mac products)
  3. Iphone 7+ £720 (Vouchers available on selected Apple products)
  4. Boujours Healthy Mix Foundation and Concealer (Free gift in Boots and Superdrug when spending £15 on Boujours products. Free products are pictured in top photo, bottom right)
  5. Rare London off the shoulder velvet dress £31.50 (30% off online)
  6. Rare London lace dress £33.60 (30% off online)
  7. Nike Trainers £62.99 (Direct from Nike website, still full price elsewhere!)
  8. Koko Couture bag from Topshop £15.30 (In the sale and student discount)




What do you think of my Black Friday deals? What deals did you manage to find? Let me know in the comments!


Winter day to night style: part one

If you have me on instagram, you’ll know I’ve pretty much spammed my account from the latest shoot I did with my photographer friend Katy! (I’ll place all links to work below) But because I’m so obsessed with how talented my best friend is, I though each outfit deserved it’s own blog post. So for the next four weeks, i’m going to do a weekly feature on how I’d style my day-to-night winter outfits. Hope you enjoy the feature!


For week one,  I picked out this Topshop Petite dress at £45. Being 5ft3, it can be a struggle finding a going out dress that sits on me at a nice length, never mind a sensible length day dress! However this leopard dress sits on me mid-thigh, which at my height, is definitely a flattering cut. I wouldn’t really recommend this dress if you’re any taller than me. However I’m sure I’ve seen the dress in both the standard, and tall ranges from Topshop. So if you’re of normal height, you still get your hands on it! The dress features subtle ruffles along the chest, and sleeve cuffs. Giving this classic leopard print dress a nod to this seasons Victorian ruffle trend. (click here to read more about this season’s ruffle trend)

I don’t normally wear red lipstick. However with this classic print and cut of the dress, I thought it worked well with the look. I’ve kept the rest of my face quite natural, to avoid over doing it during the day. My lashes were achieved using my new Charlotte Tilbury mascara. Click here to read a review.


For a day-time look, I’ve styled the dress with a classic leather biker jacket, and velvet chunky ankle boots (see below). This jacket is about 5 years old from Topshop. However they haven’t really updated the jacket. So if you want something similar that will last years, you know where to go! My boots are also from Topshop, and are the perfect day-time boot. There super comfy, flattering, but still nail the velvet trend. However I’d definitely recommend adding a pair of tights to the look. Just with considering the length of the dress for daytime wear…and also this Autumn/Winter weather! This is my ideal shopping outfit. Or even maybe something I’d throw on when I know I’m heading to the union for a few.


For a night look, I’ve removed the leather jacket and added velvet chunk heels. The heels are from River Island at £50. Did I mention how much I’m obsessed with velvet shoes? This to me is an ideal date night look for cocktails or a nice meal. As although the dress is quite fitted and flattering, it still  boasts the long sleeves. Which I think makes it the perfect go to date outfit! I probably wouldn’t wear tights for a night-out look. However it was about 3 degrees when we were shooting, and I’m only human! If it was really cold, I would add a coat though. However, I am from Middlesbrough and we don’t really believe in coats on nights out!


What do you think of week one’s look? How would you style it? Let me know it the comments!

photo credit: Katy Eyre. The images have been cropped and altered by myself.

To view her Instagram click here

And for her Facebook page click here

Winter metallic picks

With the party season fast approaching, glittery dramatic make-up will be EVERYWHERE! However with so many new products available following the metallic trend, you can easily incorporate metallics into an everyday look. Read on to see my top picks!



(L-R: L’oreal colour riche gold obsession in Pink Gold, NYX liquid eyeshadow in Night Glow, NYX indvidual eyeshadow in Vixen, L’oreal highlighter in L’or Highlighter)

I’ve been seeing bloggers obsessing over the L’oreal colour riche gold obsession lipsticks for a while. With the gold shade being featured across Instagram the most. However after a few quick swatches in superdrug, I decided that although the shade is very very pretty, I just didn’t find it very wearable! Or I’d probably wear it once a twice, and it’ll end up in the pile of lipsticks that are gathering dust. However the pink gold shade I choose is very pretty for a daytime look! It still gives your lips a gold metallic hue, but just very subtly.   The shade will also be perfect for a night-out look, when you want a more dramatic look on your eyes.

I choose the shade Night Glow from the NYX liquid eyeshadow range, because of it’s deep bronze shade. I tend to wear a lot of brown shades within my daily make-up routine, so I thought this eye-shadow would fit in to my collection nicely! I’ll probably wear the shade just on my crease, because it does appear quite dark once applied. I also choose the shade Vixen, also by NYX, just because of how subtle the shade is! Not only does it tone the shade Night Glow down, but would also double as a cheap highlighter!

After I purchased these products, I thought that’s enough for one week Luce, time to go home now! However then I spotted L’or Highlighter…and just couldn’t part with it! It’s so soft and silky to touch. And extremely pigmented for a drugstore highlighter! This is definitely the best powdered highlighter I’ve ever come across. Although I normally prefer a champagne shade, this is definitely a great alternative when I’m feeling the need for a more dramatic highlight.The product was sold out in Boots, but I was lucky enough to get the last one in Superdrug (when you come across it, you’ll understand why!) I’ve applied the product to the tops of my cheek bones, as shown below.


What do you think of the metallic trend? Have you purchased any of these products? Let me know in the comments!

Read about the mascara I’m obsessing over

My daily go to mascara has become Too Faced’s Better than Sex. However unfortunately there’s no counter in Leeds, and I was desperately running out! With so many beauty counters available in Leeds it made sense to try a new product, as Iove to mix my products up every now and again. So last week…I finally purchased my first Charlotte Tilbury product!


My struggle when purchasing a Charlotte Tilbury mascara, was deciding between the Full Fat Lashes and the Legendary Lashes. Full Fat Lashes offers a thickening everyday look, with a promise of no smudges. Where as the Legendary Lashes formula contains of a range of oils, that promises to not only help you achieve a false lash effect. But will also highlight the shape and colour of your eyes. I personally prefer a false lash effect look, rather than a thickening look on my lashes. Therefore I decided to purchase the Legendary Lashes. 

However when I visited the Charlotte Tilbury Counter in Harvey Nichols, I was urged to purchase the Full Fat Lashes over the Legendary Lashes. I was told the product tends to bleed, and leaves smudges on your lids and undereyes. So obviously for an everyday use, it’s not really that ideal! However after explaining how much I love the effect of Too Faced’s Better than Sex, and also the fact I always use my favourite Rimmel mascara on my bottom lashes. The lady then informed me with a bit of fixing spray, I should be able to avoid any dreaded smudges!

After a few swipes of the mascara, I fell in love this product instantly! It reccomends you use 3 coats of the mascara to achieve the maximum effect. However for an everyday use, I’d recommend 1-2 coats is definitely enough! However for a night out look, I’ll definitely be taking the advantage of all 3 coats! So far with just using the product on my upper lashes, I’ve seen no smudges or clumping, which was what I was worried about. The product basically does exactly what it says on the packaging, helping you achieve long, doll-like false lashes!

This product is the most expensive mascara I’ve tried so far. Retailing at £25, against Better than Sex and Benefit’s They’re Real, which are both available to purchase at £18. So far I’d say for the effect, quality and packaging it’s defiantly the winning contender. However after getting 4 months use out of Better than Sex, it’ll be interesting to see if Legendary Lashes can match that length of time!

Have you used any of the mascaras mentioned here before? What are your favourites? Let me know in the comments!


How I simply and quickly transformed my bedroom

Thanks to the lovely people at Dylon Fabric Dye, I received a few sachets of their amazing fabric dye. After quite a bit of deliberation, I went with the shades  ‘Burlesque Red’ and ‘Pewter Grey’. Now the next challenge, was deciding what to do with it…


In the end I decided to liven up an old Primark white bedding set. I was really into minimalism at the time I bought it, and wanted EVERYTHING in my room white. However lately it’s been looking a bit tired, and desperately needed a new lease of life (Or putting in the bin!) So thanks to Dylon Fabric Dye, my bedding got a much needed freshen up!

Although it the packet says to do process by hand, with myself being the extremely lazy individual I am. I decided to speed the dying up by using the washing machine.

Here’s how:

1. Wash fabric thoroughly

2.  Measure out the required dye

3. Measure out the required salt (The packet explains how much you’ll need!)

3. Distribute the dye evenly throughout the washing machine

4. Wash on a hand-wash or 20 degrees setting

5. Wash again on a 30 degrees setting using washing powder

6. Hang your fabric to dry

7. Put your washing machine on a wash and spin to get rid of any excess dye


I mostly liked the outcome, although there are a few imperfections. Firstly for a deeper colour, I’d suggest using quite a few packets of the dye. As in my opinion, I’d say the bedding has turned into more of a lilac colour, rather than a plum shade that was illustrated on the website. There were also a few patches, but what can you really expect from home dying?

Overall I’d definitely say it’s given my bedroom a fresh lease of colour! The colours have turned out really pretty, and look cute in my room. Maybe next time I might be a bit more adventurous and  brave an old dress or a shirt!

Click here to view their full range of colours! Dylon Fabric Dye is available to purchase in most supermarkets and Wilkos. My throw and cushions are both available to purchase from Tesco.


Have you used fabric dye before? How did you find it? Let me know in the comments!


Why I love being single in my early 20s

The period after finishing your degree is such a weird stage in life. You hold on to the nostalgia of cheap mid week drinks, and all day Netflix binges. But at the same time, you begin to grow up and realise what you want from life. And from the way I feel at the moment, I guarantee no ones going to stop me from getting what I want!


Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I haven’t been in a relationship that benefit my life in the long term. I want someone that won’t hold me back, and will encourage me in my future career, hobbies, and life in general. However at this point in my life, I feel like just haven’t met that person. Negative relationships bring nothing but unwanted stress. And with juggling a masters, a part time job, a social life and my blog and other hobbies, I really don’t have time for that stress!

Relationships require you to work around each other schedules, think about someone other than yourself… and most likely put weight on! And these are just things I don’t want right now. Being single and new to a city has give me the push to go out and meet people, in a way that I probably wouldn’t have had if I was in a relationship. If forces you to not only push yourself, but also to rely solely on yourself. Which has probably caused me to grow up a bit!

I’ve been single for about 10 months now. And in that time I’ve graduated, moved cities, got into one of the top business schools in the country, improved my blog, toned my body, and most importantly met sooo people who I plan on staying in touch with for a very long time! My life and happiness is just constantly on the up, and I’m just not prepared to let someone come along and ruin it.

Putting myself first is something I’ve loved, and really needed after my last relationship ended. That relationship taught me what I wanted and what I needed from a relationship in the future. And till I meet the person that will make that happen, I’ll continue to stay single and enjoy living my life the way it is! Because to myself right now, that’s enough!


I asked some of my friends what they loved about single in their early 20s, here’s what they had to say:

“I like being able to do what I want, when I want. When you’re in a relationship you tend to spend your free time with that person, but when you’re single it’s nice to spend time alone or with friends and family”. – Annabel Harvey

“I can put myself first all the time I.e. I can’t be guilt-tripped or distracted from what I want to do. If I had a bf this year I would inevitably end up spending time with him when I should be working. I like not having to think about someone else when making decisions like where I want to live next year or simple things like getting a new haircut (which shouldn’t be an issue when you have a boyfriend but unfortunately can be!)” – Becky Williams

“Freedom. No one to listen to!” – Chantelle Wright

“No Commitments!” – Leanne Mackim

“You don’t have to take someone else into account. Might sound selfish, but I like having my own space and time!” – Grace McDonald


However I did ask some of my pals in relationships on their thoughts. Here’s their say:

“You have someone to share the fun times that you have during your ‘growing up’ period and they grow with you, whether you continue to grow together or end up apart, it’s sharing those times together. It’s quite nice to feel safe and be with someone because at this time in you in your life it can be quite lonely, and having someone you love there helps you through that too.” – Katy Eyre

“Spending quality time together, planning your future together, and knowing your happy.” – Cathryn Harnett


What do you think about relationships in your early 20s? What have your experiences taught you? Let me know in the comments!