How to budget your money (for when you barely have any) 

I haven’t done a lifestyle post in a while, so I thought I’d talk about a topic that affects a lot of people on a daily basis…budgeting. As an undergrad student I learnt about budgeting the hard way. As a first year in second semester, I found myself living off less than £30 a week. Living off the beans I’d raided from home, definitely give me a much needed kick up the bum to learn how to budget properly. Now as a post-grad student, thankfully I’m not making any of the rooky mistakes I made in my undergrad. So I’ve devised a few of my top tips that help me manage my money.
1. Don’t buy food out unless you really need to! I’ve spent so much money food out and about, when I’ve had perfectly good food in the fridge.
2. Same goes for coffee! I try to make my skinny latees a treat, instead of part of my everyday routine.
3. Buy the things you want/need weekly! For example if I want some foundation, a pair of jeans and a bag, I’ll buy each thing weekly. That way I’m not skint throughout the month, and it feels like I’m treating myself every week.
4. When you go food shopping, only buy food you’ll actually eat! I buy a lot of fresh food, so I make sure I’ll actually eat everything before the best before date.
5. PRE DRINK! Bit of an obvious one, ’cause who really can afford not to?
6. Look around for the best hairdressers and beautician prices. A lot of the time you are really just paying for the brand, and most places offer student discount now.
7. Buy your toiletries in shops like wilkos, savers, and discount UK. Unless the products are on offer in boots or in the supermarkets, you really are just throwing your money away!
8. WALK! I’ve started to avoid using my car and public transport unless I really have to! Not only is it good exercise, but it also wakes me up in the morning.
9. When it comes to buying clothes, I can’t stress enough…SHOP AROUND! I talk a lot on my blog about buying dupes, and using student discount and offers to my advantage. My friends even tell me I have a talent for it!
10. And lastly take full advantage of all the benefits of being a student (and graduate, ’cause there’s benefits for that too!) Buy an under 25 railcard, look around for the best bank rates, buy the student drinks, get student car insurance, and make sure you download student beans and unidays! I can’t stress enough how much money this has saved me.
I included a photograph in the post of Leeds designer quarter. ‘Cause if you follow my tips, you will be able to afford to shop here…just kidding I’m no Martin Lewis! However following all of these tips has definitely saved me some money over the years, purchase what I wanted in reason, and allowed me to learn how to budget. (Sort of!)
What did you think of my tips? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Some really good advice. When I was a student i premade all my meals and lived off homade soup. I lived on lentils, turkey and sardines are a great source of protein. I mainl shopped in charity shops.

    1. I try and eat a lot of tined tuna and soup. It’s not so bad now I’m doing my masters, but postgrad was a struggle at times!

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