Autumn/Winter necessities: choosing that perfect coat

Choosing your winter coat is probably one of the hardest decisions you’ll make all year! Not only is it one of your most expensive fashion purchases (if not the most!), but chances are you’ll be wearing it most days, so if you have to really really love it. But I think the main problem in coat shopping, is finding outerwear that both goes with the clothes you already own, but still is on trend for the season.


Previous years I’ve purchased a sheepskin coat due to the fur trend of 2014, and the formal over-sized boyfriend coat from last year. (It’s still all over Topshop this season!) So this season I wanted something a little bit more casual! This coat is from River Island at £100. However I purchased it when RI were doing an online offer, so I managed to get it for £80. I usually tend to purchase my coats from Topshop, however I think River Island have become so much more fashionable as a brand this season. So I was more than happy to make the switch!

When choosing a coat it can be hard buying online, as often coats won’t be true to size! I took a risk and only ordered in my usual size, instead of multiple sizes. This was because I really couldn’t justify that amount of money coming out of my bank account in one go! However, I’d say this coat fits well when wearing thin jumpers, but I will have to opp for a different coat when wearing chunky knits. It’s obviously annoying to do this. But it’s what you usually expect when opting for a fitted coat.

My favourite thing about the coat is, that despite the shearling and the cream suede, the leather detailing makes the coat so much more edgy. The coat is quite versatile too. As it looks good styled both casual with ripped jeans and trainers. And also more dressy with boots and tights.  The coat is fur lined as well, so it’s snug and warm to wear for the winter!

I styled the coat with a monochrome scarf from h&m at £15. I decided to go monochrome with my accessories, just because I struggled to pick a colour that both went well with the coat, but also still allowed the coat to stay the centre of attention.

Have you purchased your winter coat this season yet? What do you think of the coat trends this season? Let me know in the comments.


photo credit: Katy Eyre. The images have been cropped and altered by myself. 

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Autumn/Winter necessities: keeping it cosy and casual

I personally feel like it can be so hard to style jumpers casually, yet still look on trend! It’s so easy to just throw a pair of trainers on, but after a while I start to feel a bit scruffy and repetitive. Not to mention, trainers aren’t always practical come December! However I feel like this outfit is cosy and casual  enough for everyday wear, yet still on trend thanks to the ripped jeans and embroidered boots.



The jumper and jeans are both Topshop, with the jumper costing £34 and the jeans £45.

When I first saw this jumper, I fell a little bit in love with it! I’m so happy camel has made a return this season, ’cause it’s just one of my favourite colours to wear during autumn/winter. It just really sets off all the autumnal tones at the moment. Although I feel that Topshop knitwear can be slightly overpriced, it can be sometimes worth paying that little bit extra for the quality of your knit. I personally have Topshop knitwear I’ve worn year after year, so this jumper will definitely be falling into that category.

I’ve worn Topshop ripped jeans for a few seasons now. In the past, I’ve stuck to the ‘Leigh’ range. Just because I felt like they had that little bit of extra stretch compared to their other ranges. However after loosing weight, I’ve finally braved the ‘Jamie’ collection this season. And in my opinion, this range is soooo much better! They still have a little bit of stretch, but are so much better quality, and a lot thicker for the winter! Price-wise there about £5 more, but definitely worth it!

I’m a big fan of ankle boots during autumn/winter every year. However this pair from River Island at £45  are actually practical. Unlike so many other boots I own! I’ve spoke about the embroidery trend before (click here to view), so if you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I’m a big fan! The boots look so good styled a plain black jumper and black jeans, just to make really stand out! The boots are quite versatile too, as I’ve styled them with a few skirts and jumper dressers so far.

This is an outfit I’ll definitely be layering up in the next couple of months. However the jumper is definitely thick enough on it’s own for the next couple of weeks! What do you think about the way I’ve styled the outfit? What are you loving about this season’s basics? Let me know in the comments!


photo credit: Katy Eyre. The images have been cropped and altered by myself. 

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Introducing the holy grail of heavy coverage foundation…

I personally only use full coverage foundation out nights out or on special occasions. However,  I just wasn’t happy with the way my go-to full coverage foundation was performing. I’ve used Mac Studio Fix Fluid for years, but after wearing it for long periods of time , it’d just go orange and patchy. So I decided it was finally time to mix things up a bit, and find a new foundation i’d love both the quality of, and the price tag!


So after a swabs, I decided to purchase the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation in shade 4.0. The lady on the counter was extremely helpful, and found me a foundation that I could both wear with my natural skin colour, and also when I find the energy to fake tan. I tend to go for foundations with a yellowy undertone. Just because there tend to look really natural on my face, and also give my skin a much needed glow. However, the lady did explain that the shade does apply lighter, then warm up to your skin colour. So if you initially look like Casper the ghost, don’t be alarmed!

I  really wanted my foundation to cover all my freckles and potentially spots. Although


Mental Health Awareness Day: talking about the stigmas 

The main problem with mental health is that so many people around you, won’t know you’re suffering. In a word of social media and selfies, no one wants to project an image of themself that is anything less than perfect. And that’s just part of the problem…

Society puts so much pressure on young girls to look, dress and act a certain way. I’m lucky that I grew up on the cusp of social media, and wasn’t really affected by the pressures that teenagers face today. And for the that, I’m so grateful! However I was still exposed to all the celebrities and models in the media, and the pressure to look like the prettier, skinnier girls in my year.With the weight and significance of other people’s opinions that young girls face, there is no wonder how easily mental illnesses can develop.

I briefly touched on this in my body image post, but when I was 15/16, I developed anorexica. After being quite a big child, I decided it wasn’t a way I wanted to be for the rest of my life. At first, it was just simply making healthy choices. However, my portions eventually become smaller and smaller, to ultimately I was barely eating and a tiny size 4. I had constant arguments with my family, and my friends were beginning to make comments. After my periods stopped for 4 months, I knew I just couldn’t carry on punishing my body like this. Luckily I managed to change my relationship with food on my own. However, I don’t think anorexia is something that ever fully goes away. And to this day, I still can’t weight myself.

Since then, I have become quite insecure as a person. My friends tell me it’s in my head, and how can I be a blogger and be as insecure as I am?  But toxic friendships, relationships and situations, then combined with a teenage eating disorder, really has had knock on effect on me as person. I’ll moan to my friends when I’ve had a drink, being like don’t you think blah blahs prettier than me, and don’t you think she’s got a nice figure? But that is just what I’m like to my friends, because to me, confidence is attractive and insecurity is weakness. So I’d rather present myself to the world in a way that I’m not…Or I don’t think I’d get anywhere in life.

But I do feel like blogging puts so much pressure on me as a person. I really really want the perfect body, like the one so many of the Instagram bloggers have. Which to be honest, probably isn’t healthy outlook considering everything what I’ve just spoke about. But I do feel sorry for my friends who’ve helped me work on my blog. My friend Beth pretty much proof reads every blog post, just so I feel like the content is good enough. And my friends Katy and Cathryn have had to take literally about a hundred photos of me. Just so I can find one with where I think the angle doesn’t make my head look too round, or my thighs look really fat. But when you’re putting yourself out there as a blogger, you do want the best photos and you do want the best content, and it’s hard.

But I have had a lot of friends who’ve suffered a distorted relationship with food and their body image too. With anorexia, bulimia or over eating, each one being as detrimental as the other. Through ignorance you can tell someone to eat a salad, or a few burgers, but it’s really just not helpful. If you don’t understand something, don’t let ignorance get the better of you. You’ll only do more damage then good. I’ve also got friends who’ve developed really bad distorted insecurities, just because someone has made them feel that way. Off the cuff comments can do more damage than you think, and if you care about someones opinion or approval, you will take what they say on board. So it’s not fair to make someone feel like they’re not good enough.

The last thing I want to talk about is panic and anxiety attacks. I started having them when I was 17, in a period where I was really upset and stressed. A few of my friends suffer with the attacks too, some even find them very distressing. However, after the first one where I got rushed to A&E ’cause I thought I was dying…they really don’t bother me anymore. I’ll be laid in bed watching telly, and I’ll just have one for no reason whatsoever. But as long as I can control my breathing, which 99% of the time I can, I’ll stay calm and wait for it to end. To me, it’s just part of life and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I think the best thing to do if you feel like me, is just to talk to your friends. My friends around me are so amazing, and they’ve got me through everything. And we’ve even come out laughing…eventually! I don’t think ‘mental health’ is anything abnormal. There’s no such thing as normal. Everyone’s coping methods and outlook on life is different. There shouldn’t be any stigmas.

Talking about my purchasing regrets

I tend to be quite positive when it comes to reviewing new products. And because of this, a few people have told me I need to take more of a critical approach in some of my posts, instead of just sitting on the fence! So instead of talking about a product I really love, instead here are my purchasing regrets.

Before I start, I want to say these products either do not flatter my skin colour, don’t fit into my makeup routine, or I simply just prefer other products. Also I just want to make clear, I still really love these brands, just not these particular products! 

 Rimmel ‘Insta Flawless: I bought this product before I went on holiday to Barcelona, planning to use it as an alternative to foundation. I don’t like wearing too much makeup on holiday. So with a sph 15 level, and claiming to give a natural tint and glow, this product sounded like it definitely deserved a place in my holiday makeup bag. However, this product offers nothing but a patchy coverage, and definitely did not offer any sort of glow. I wouldn’t even wear this under my foundation! For almost £7, I expected better from Rimmel. Their BB creams and foundations are consistently reliable, however unfortunately, Insta Flawless does not belong in that category.

 Mac Studio Scult Defining Powder: I purchased this product in medium (still a really light colour), and planned to use it as a highlighter. However it just doesn’t show up on my skin at all! It claims to be a ‘gel like formula’, but in my opinion, it’s just simply a powder. The one plus of this product, is that it comes with a mirrow. However for £23.50, that’s very expensive for a tiny mirror!

Benefit High Beam: I’ve spoke about this product before (click here to view!). I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the product itself, or the quality of the product. I just think benefit sell other highlighters that better suit my skin tone. 

Maybelline Brow Drama: My issue with this product is not the quality or colour, it’s just the shape of the brush. When I saw it in the shop, I thought it’d be interesting to see if a different shape brush would offer a better finish to my brows. However, when it comes to actually using the brush, I just found I perfered using a typical shaped brow brush. However, it’s a shame I don’t like this particular product, as I absolutely love the rest of the Maybelline brow range!

Mac lipstick in Whirl: Myself purchasing this product, is a typical example of why you shouldn’t buy makeup, just because it’s on trend. The shape is that reddy brown colour, that was being worn this Spring on the likes of Kylie Jenner and Chloe Ferry. With myself having dark hair and eyes, I do tend to wear a lot of brown and bronzey shades on my face. However, Whirl just drained the colour from my face! I do really love the shade, just not on me.

Mac lip liner in Mahogany: This product was bought to wear with the the lipstick above. However, I probably should have tried the lipstick on properly, before wasting more money by purchasing this lip liner. 

Revolution Pallet: The thing I dislike about these range of pallets, is that not all of the colours are wearable, and the ones that are very small and awkward in size. All the pigments aren’t bad in the shades. However, I do think there are better pallets available in the same price range. 

Rimmel Brow this Way: The only reason I regret purchasing this product, is that I’ve found I prefer to use my eyeshadow as a highlighter on my brows. For myself, it was just a bit of a pointless purchase. 

What do you think of these products yourself? What are your purchasing regrets? Let me know in the comments! 

How to budget your money (for when you barely have any) 

I haven’t done a lifestyle post in a while, so I thought I’d talk about a topic that affects a lot of people on a daily basis…budgeting. As an undergrad student I learnt about budgeting the hard way. As a first year in second semester, I found myself living off less than £30 a week. Living off the beans I’d raided from home, definitely give me a much needed kick up the bum to learn how to budget properly. Now as a post-grad student, thankfully I’m not making any of the rooky mistakes I made in my undergrad. So I’ve devised a few of my top tips that help me manage my money.


1. Don’t buy food out unless you really need to! I’ve spent so much money food out and about, when I’ve had perfectly good food in the fridge.

2. Same goes for coffee! I try to make my skinny latees a treat, instead of part of my everyday routine.

3. Buy the things you want/need weekly! For example if I want some foundation, a pair of jeans and a bag, I’ll buy each thing weekly. That way I’m not skint throughout the month, and it feels like I’m treating myself every week.

4. When you go food shopping, only buy food you’ll actually eat! I buy a lot of fresh food, so I make sure I’ll actually eat everything before the best before date.

5. PRE DRINK! Bit of an obvious one, ’cause who really can afford not to?

6. Look around for the best hairdressers and beautician prices. A lot of the time you are really just paying for the brand, and most places offer student discount now.

7. Buy your toiletries in shops like wilkos, savers, and discount UK. Unless the products are on offer in boots or in the supermarkets, you really are just throwing your money away!

8. WALK! I’ve started to avoid using my car and public transport unless I really have to! Not only is it good exercise, but it also wakes me up in the morning.

9. When it comes to buying clothes, I can’t stress enough…SHOP AROUND! I talk a lot on my blog about buying dupes, and using student discount and offers to my advantage. My friends even tell me I have a talent for it!

10. And lastly take full advantage of all the benefits of being a student (and graduate, ’cause there’s benefits for that too!) Buy an under 25 railcard, look around for the best bank rates, buy the student drinks, get student car insurance, and make sure you download student beans and unidays! I can’t stress enough how much money this has saved me.

I included a photograph in the post of Leeds designer quarter. ‘Cause if you follow my tips, you will be able to afford to shop here…just kidding I’m no Martin Lewis! However following all of these tips has definitely saved me some money over the years, purchase what I wanted in reason, and allowed me to learn how to budget. (Sort of!)

What did you think of my tips? Let me know in the comments!