Styling skirts for the winter: part two dressy

If you read my previous post, you’ll know I’m doing a feature on styling skirts for the winter weather (click here to view!) Like I explained in my previous post, the feature is divided into a casual, and then more of a dressy look. So today I’m finishing the feature with more of a dressy look.
When I walked into H&M last week, I did not expect to find a skirt for £16 (thank you double student discount!) Yet alone a dupe of a Topshop vinyl skirt that I’ve been eyeing up for ages. Although it’s styled with a jumper here, this skirt could also be dressed up further with a crop top, or sheer body for a night out look. The only negative of this skirt, is that it’s very very small sizing! H&M tend to have smaller sizing anyway compared to other high-street shops. So if you’re a regular H&M fan, you’ll be fine. If not, try not to cry in the changing rooms girls!
The vinyl skirts on the high-street are part of the 80’s trend…and if you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I’m more than a little bit obsessed with the trend! I feel like compared to the 70s revival last autumn/winter, this year’s trends are so much more wearable and long lasting! I’m not really wearing my bell sleeves and leather thigh boots this year. But I’ll definitely be bringing out this skirt year after year.
I styled the skirt with a sheer New Look polo neck. I paid around £9 for the jumper, as it was on offer with several other jumpers in the shop. The jumper is a little more dressy than the polo neck featured in my previous post, just because of the sheer material. Please note you can see your bra through the jumper. But if that doesn’t phase you, it’s definitely a good piece to be dressed up or down.
I added last years Topshop gillet to the outfit, just for an extra touch of colour. I have purchased a new gillet this season, (click here to view!). However, I felt the colours in the outfit worked better styled with my last season’s version.
This is a look I’d wear for a few cocktails, or maybe a shopping trip. What do you think of the way I’ve styled the skirt? Let me know in the comments!

photo credit: Katy Eyre. The images have been cropped and altered by myself.

(Click here to view her work)

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  1. I would have swapped out the jacket for something a little more punk – probably a heavily appliqued denim or leather jacket – but I love the overall styling and the sleek yet dark vibe it gives off!

    1. Thank you. The reason I didn’t style with a leather jacket, is because I featured a leather jacket in part 1 of the feature.

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