Moving to Leeds: my first impressions

So I’ve lived in Leeds for almost two weeks now, and its absolutely flown by! I’m really shocked and surprised at how easily I’ve settled in, and how much I love the city already. I’ve never really lived in a city before (100% Sunderland should not class as a city!), so this post is just really about how I’ve been adapting to city life.
I’ve been to Leeds a few times before I moved here, but I didn’t actually realise how big the city is! Navigating around the city centre is a bit of a struggle. However, the range of shops and bars is so good, I don’t really mind getting lost and discovering something new! I was really pleased with the shops in general. However, for a city centre shop, the Topshop isn’t great. However there is a Topshop in the White Rose shopping centre, a short drive from the city centre, so I’m hoping that’s a bit better!
I’m living in Headingley, about a 40 minute walk from the city centre,  in a massive 4 storey house. And without being bias, it’s the nicest student house I’ve ever seen! For a student house, it’s really homely and quite modern, which is rarity to find in a student house! The area also feels really safe, and I even have off-road parking from a private road for my car. With Otley Road also providing you with all the necessities, not to mention Pizza Express, Nandos, and countless pubs and bars, you’d never need to pop into the city centre unless you really wanted to!
Although the transport into the city centre and university is really cheap. With £1 buses running every few minutes. So  driving into the city centre and paying for parking, would really be completely pointless.
However, I’m still getting used to driving around the city. Drivers here are so aggressive, especially in rush hour! And with the amount of lane changes needed in the city centre, the first few times were definitely a bit daunting. However after a few weeks, I’ll probably  be channeling my inner road rage and beeping like crazy with everyone else.
However the one thing I was so shocked about Leeds, and not to lie slightly disappointed about, was when I realised how casual the nights out are! I bought a few dresses before I moved (click here to view the post), expecting Leeds to be similar to the likes of Newcastle, Manchester and Liverpool. However, it is very casual in comparison! But I doubt that’ll stop be from getting dressed up, ’cause who wants to blend into the crowd anyway?
But overall I’m so happy I moved to Leeds! My university campus is so pretty, the city has plenty to offer, and I know I’ll  find more opportunities here, than if I’d have stayed at my undergrad university city. So here’s to an exciting year, in an exciting new city!


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    1. Are you a student? 😊 I’m doing my masters, so I’m just sticking to going out on weekends now (I feel so old 😭) I know it’s so annoying, I love getting dressed up!

      1. yeah i’m a student, going into my final year! ah really – so you’ve moved cities to do a Masters? sounds good! haha, my year is going to be so full on that I’m going to need weekends to let off steam! 😁 There’s some really good nights in Leeds though, you’ll get to find the best ones!

        1. Awh okay 😊 Yeah, I really couldn’t do another year in Sunderland, Leeds is so much nicer! Yeah you will, third year is so stressful, but I wouldn’t say its as bad as everyone says. Yeah I hope so! 😊 loving the nights out so far!

  1. Hiiii, another Leeds blogger here! You might be disappointed by the Topshop at White Rose, it’s much smaller than the city centre one! There are some great nights out in Leeds though- you just need to find the ones that you think you’ll enjoy the most! Hope you enjoy living here, Headingley is great for students! 🙂 xx

    1. I actually went to white rose today! I know I realised, the Zara is soooo much better though! I know shame I work/doing a MA, so mostly I’ll be out on weekends. Thank you 😊 xx

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