Styling skirts for the winter: part two dressy

If you read my previous post, you’ll know I’m doing a feature on styling skirts for the winter weather (click here to view!) Like I explained in my previous post, the feature is divided into a casual, and then more of a dressy look. So today I’m finishing the feature with more of a dressy look.


When I walked into H&M last week, I did not expect to find a skirt for £16 (thank you double student discount!) Yet alone a dupe of a Topshop vinyl skirt that I’ve been eyeing up for ages. Although it’s styled with a jumper here, this skirt could also be dressed up further with a crop top, or sheer body for a night out look. The only negative of this skirt, is that it’s very very small sizing! H&M tend to have smaller sizing anyway compared to other high-street shops. So if you’re a regular H&M fan, you’ll be fine. If not, try not to cry in the changing rooms girls!

The vinyl skirts on the high-street are part of the 80’s trend…and if you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I’m more than a little bit obsessed with the trend! I feel like compared to the 70s revival last autumn/winter, this year’s trends are so much more wearable and long lasting! I’m not really wearing my bell sleeves and leather thigh boots this year. But I’ll definitely be bringing out this skirt year after year.

I styled the skirt with a sheer New Look polo neck. I paid around £9 for the jumper, as it was on offer with several other jumpers in the shop. The jumper is a little more dressy than the polo neck featured in my previous post, just because of the sheer material. Please note you can see your bra through the jumper. But if that doesn’t phase you, it’s definitely a good piece to be dressed up or down.

I added last years Topshop gillet to the outfit, just for an extra touch of colour. I have purchased a new gillet this season, (click here to view!). However, I felt the colours in the outfit worked better styled with my last season’s version.

This is a look I’d wear for a few cocktails, or maybe a shopping trip. What do you think of the way I’ve styled the skirt? Let me know in the comments!

photo credit: Katy Eyre. The images have been cropped and altered by myself.

(Click here to view her work)


Styling skirts for winter: part one casual

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. The nights are darker, the air is cooler, and Starbucks finally bring back their pumpkin spice lates! And each year as soon as the leaves start to change, out comes the skirt and turtle neck collection. The combination has become my winter uniform for the past few years, and 2016 has proved no exception.


I’ve divided my Styling skirts for winter post into two categories, casual and dressy. Today I’ve started with the casual category.

This skirt was purchased from Topshop at £20, and is a stretchy material (although still quite thick!), with a zip up back. Although I usally avoid these style skirts as the material is normally poor quality, and tends not to be flattering, I feel like this skirt is definitely the exception! I was drawn to this skirt because of the unique 80’s pattern, and I knew how easy it would be to style with jumpers throughout the winter.

I added a black turtle neck because I think it’s such a classic, versatile jumper. And in this outfit, it just completely tones down the colour-pop skirt. However, the jumper still remains completely on trend, while also allowing you to be winter ready (Very important up North!)

I dressed the look down with a pair of Adidas Superstar trainers. I’m pretty obsessed with both the Superstar and Gazelle range from Adidas, and there have become my wardrobe staples. The styles are just so classic, and just allow your outfit to become effortlessly stylish.

I added the Zara mustard jacket to really emphasize the 80’s trend, and just to add a bit more colour to the outfit. I really love 80’s colour blocking trend, and if you read my blog you’ll know it’s a trend I’ve talked about before (click here to view).

This is a very casual look for myself, that I’d just be able to throw together for lectures without really thinking about it….What do you think of the way I’ve styled the skirt? Let me know in the comments!

photo credit: Katy Eyre. The images have been cropped and altered by myself.

(click here to view her work)

How to make florals and frills work on a night out

I’m trying to expand my going out section of my wardrobe quite a bit. If you read my blog, you’ll know I have so much love for bodycon dresses, and they’ve become my go to choice for nights out (read the post here!) However, Leeds isn’t really that dressy, so this outfit is just something a little bit different. The full outfit is from Miss Selfridge, and come to around £40. (This is only because of the student discount at the minute, and few other offers MS is currently running!) I’ve talked about winter florals and frills before, but I never imagined the trends would translate well into a night out look.

The mesh embroidered body is the right mix of pretty with a sexy edge. The embroidery is specifically placed to cover your nips. However I’m not really that brave, so I added a plain black bralet to the outfit to avoid any embarrassing accidents! This body would also look so good under a leather skirt or high waisted black skinnies. The bodycon skirt looks deceptively bad on the hanger. However once it’s on, it’s sooo flattering! (I swear it makes my legs look thinner!) The skirt is also very versatile. And would look great for cocktails, or dressed down with a jumper and ankle boots.

I felt a little self-conscious because it’s very different to anything I’d normally wear. But once I got over that feeling, I loved the look! But what do you think of the way I’ve styled this outfit? Let me know in the comments!

My Holy Grail Products

This post is about the products I go back to again and again. Although I like to mix it up and try new products, I always make sure I have these products stocked up in my make-up bag.


1. Bourjois healthy mix foundation
2. Bourjois perfect CC cream
3. Rimmel accelerator mascara
4. Collection 2000 waterproof eyeliner
5. Mac lipstick in Mehr
6. Collection 2000 eyes uncovered palettes
7. Hoola benefit bronzer
8. Benefit Watts up highlighter
9. Real Techniques blending sponge
10. Rimmel ‘Just Let it Go’ eye make-up remover
11. EOS lip balm
12. Urban Decay Naked 2

Bourjois healthy mix foundation comes heavily recommended by so many beauty bloggers, and once you try it, you can tell why! When paired with Bourjois perfect CC cream, your skin appears flawless, but still very natural as the foundation isn’t too matte. Although I tend to stick to MAC studio fix for a night-out out of habbit, Bourjois healthy mix very much rivals the product.

Rimmel accelerator mascara is a product I’ve raved about again and again. If you want natural looking longer lashes, this is definitely your product! I also tend you just use it on my lower lashes for night out looks, just because I don’t like my bottom lashes to be too clumpy.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been using Collection 2000 eyeliner since I was about 15. I’ve tried more expensive products, but for £2.99, if it’s not broke why fix it?

Mehr by Mac has become my go-to colour for about 2 and a half years now. For me it’s the perfect shade of nudey pink. I use the shade on most day and night out’s just a shame I’ve lost so many of them drunk!

The collection 2000 eyes uncovered palettes have shades that rival urban decay, and at £3.99 it’s worth investing in a few different palettes! All the shades are very pigmented, and I particular love the palette with the bronze gold and brown shades!

Hoola benefit bronzer and Benefit Watts up highlighter are more recent purchases of mine. I rave about these products to anyone that’ll listen! For more a detailed review, check out this post!

The Real Techniques blending sponge has left my foundation brush firmly in my brush pot! I use this sponge for literally everything…I have one for bronzer, and one for foundation and highlighter. I feel like the sponge allows your make-up to appear much more natural, in comparison to brushes. However the new diamond sponge is definitely on my make-up wish list (click here to view), just look how pretty it is!

The Rimmel ‘Just Let it Go’ eye make-up remover and EOS lip balm are necessities in my make-up bag. I originally bought the ‘Just Let it Go’ eye make-up remover to take off the Benefit they’re real mascara. If anyone has used that mascara, you’ll know it’s a nightmare to take off! However this eye make-up remover definitely does the job, and at a fraction of rival brands. The EOS lip balm is another product I can’t live without. I use it under my matte lipsticks, as they tend to dry my lips out. If you use this product a couple of times a day, it’ll do wonders for dry lips!

And lastly, the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 is a product I use everyday. I found every outfit either goes with the gold shimmery shades or the pinker hues. I really couldn’t survive without this palette!

What are your Holy Grail products? Let me know in the comments!

Moving to Leeds: my first impressions

So I’ve lived in Leeds for almost two weeks now, and its absolutely flown by! I’m really shocked and surprised at how easily I’ve settled in, and how much I love the city already. I’ve never really lived in a city before (100% Sunderland should not class as a city!), so this post is just really about how I’ve been adapting to city life.


I’ve been to Leeds a few times before I moved here, but I didn’t actually realise how big the city is! Navigating around the city centre is a bit of a struggle. However, the range of shops and bars is so good, I don’t really mind getting lost and discovering something new! I was really pleased with the shops in general. However, for a city centre shop, the Topshop isn’t great. However there is a Topshop in the White Rose shopping centre, a short drive from the city centre, so I’m hoping that’s a bit better!

I’m living in Headingley, about a 40 minute walk from the city centre,  in a massive 4 storey house. And without being bias, it’s the nicest student house I’ve ever seen! For a student house, it’s really homely and quite modern, which is rarity to find in a student house! The area also feels really safe, and I even have off-road parking from a private road for my car. With Otley Road also providing you with all the necessities, not to mention Pizza Express, Nandos, and countless pubs and bars, you’d never need to pop into the city centre unless you really wanted to!

Although the transport into the city centre and university is really cheap. With £1 buses running every few minutes. So  driving into the city centre and paying for parking, would really be completely pointless.

However, I’m still getting used to driving around the city. Drivers here are so aggressive, especially in rush hour! And with the amount of lane changes needed in the city centre, the first few times were definitely a bit daunting. However after a few weeks, I’ll probably  be channeling my inner road rage and beeping like crazy with everyone else.

However the one thing I was so shocked about Leeds, and not to lie slightly disappointed about, was when I realised how casual the nights out are! I bought a few dresses before I moved (click here to view the post), expecting Leeds to be similar to the likes of Newcastle, Manchester and Liverpool. However, it is very casual in comparison! But I doubt that’ll stop be from getting dressed up, ’cause who wants to blend into the crowd anyway?

But overall I’m so happy I moved to Leeds! My university campus is so pretty, the city has plenty to offer, and I know I’ll  find more opportunities here, than if I’d have stayed at my undergrad university city. So here’s to an exciting year, in an exciting new city!



My new go-to brand for going out dresses

At the minute, I’m so obsessed with Rare London dresses. So you can only imagine how happy I was when I was featured on the ‘style icons’ section of their website! (click here to view)

You know when you try a dress on, and you get that wow I never want to take this off ever again feeling? This is how this brand makes me feel!

I used to love the brand when I was around 16. At the time, Rare London had a a huge range of vintage style dresses of which I used to wear to sixth form. I’m talking full on florals, pleats, and peter pan collars! However, I think the brand is a bit more grown up now, and I especially love their huge collection of occasion and party dresses.

What I love about Rare London dresses, is that  I find them super flattering on my figure. At 5ft3, it can be hard to find dresses that are a good length and a good fit. However, I think Rare London just nails it! I really love body-con dresses, especially at a midi length, and this brand just has soooo many to choose from! Its embarrassing to admit how many I plan to purchase on payday!

The dresses are slightly more pricier than what I’d usually pay, but once you see the quality you can tell why. Plus so many of their dresses are in such classic styles, I doubt there’ll ever really go out of fashion! So far I think the dresses are true to size, which I feel is important when ordering online. (Just saves the hassle of returns doesn’t it!)  Also the dresses I’ve purchased so far  have proper boob support…so no embarrassing accidents!

Have you purchased any of their dresses? What do you think of the brand? Let me know in the comments!

ABH or Benefit: what’s best for them on fleek brows?

When I think brows, I now instantly  think of the cult Benefit products. Although I’ve tried the majority of the drug-store eyebrow products, but apart from the Maybelline Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil (sooo good!) I’ve found paying a few extra pounds for benefit products was definitely worth it.



My favourite eyebrow product is definitely Brow Zings by Benefit. It creates neater, fuller, natural looking brows. And between waxes, it tidies them stray hairs. Which is always good if you’re wanting to go longer between appointments! Application is pretty quick, so it’s definitely a product you can use as part of your everyday make-up routine.  I annoyingly bought my last product before they changed the packaging. But when this runs out (its lasting AGES), I’ll definitely be buying the product in the new prettier packaging.

However,  I need to talk about Dip Brow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills. The product comes heavily recommended by basically every beauty blogger out there. And for £15, I can see why. The product allows you to create thicker looking, neat brows. And if you get your exact shade, you can basically change the shape of your brows. The product also claims to stay in place all day, which so far I’ve found to be true. However, I don’t think application is as quick as the Benefit products. So it’s become a product I use as part of my going out make-up routine. One thing I would say, is that you definitely need to invest in a good eyebrow brush, or the application can go easily wrong. I use one from Sephora at the minute. However ABH do a range of brushes designed for their products, which I’ll be investing in at some point.

Overall I’d say for everyday use, Benefit is definitely my go-to for quick, natural looking brows. However if you prefer a more dramatic look,  I’d definitely recommend you opt for the Dip Brow.

What are your favourite brow products? Let me know in the comments!

Getting shirty this September

Shirts are the perfect September clothing item. Still too hot for jumpers, but need them long sleeves…problem solved with an on trend shirt!

I know I touched on shirts in my last fashion post (click here to view), but today’s looks are completely different.


I purchased this shirt for £18 from River Island. I wasn’t really sure of the pyjama shirt trend at first. However this top just touches on the trend, without being too OTT.  The shirt is available in a range of colours, so check out the metallic silver too!  The shirt works well with black ankle boots, or slightly more dressed down with my fave black gazelles. I’ll be wearing it further into the season, by throwing a leather jacket or a gillet over the top of it.


I know this isn’t strictly a shirt, but the pattern reminds me so much of them really nice silky pyjamas you can get, so I thought i’d feature the outfit in this post.

The top is from Missguided at £22, and I really can’t sum up how much I love it.Burgundy is all over the high-street at the minute, so another burgundy top in my wardrobe isn’t really going to hurt. The top just fits so well, and the photographs really don’t do it justice! I love the lace up detail, I think it really allows the top to be dressed up or down. Also I’m not sure if you can tell, but the shirt is also in a wrap over style, which I feel like has been on trend for ages. I don’t normally buy tops from Missguided, as I usually just stick to their going out style clothes…But i’m so glad I made this purchase!

What do you think of the pyjama trend? Let me know in the comments!