Does your underwear bring you confidence?

Although underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning, it’s not really the first thing you think about is it? I know my first thoughts are more along the lines of: SNOOZE BUTTON,  COFFEE, FOOD.
However I’ve teamed up with lingerie brand Adore Me,  (click here to view their AMAZING range) to talk about how much wearing that certain bra, can actually make a difference to your day.
I’ve always liked underwear myself. I remember being 16, and wearing bras that promised to double your cleavage. However, all that really happened was double that achy bra sensation. Lesson learnt, and I’ve realised you can actually buy bras that showcase what boobs you have, instead of what you wish you had. For myself, I can’t really beat a balconette for my boob size and build.
I went through a post-break up stage at the start of the year. And during this, I went and purchased the two ugliest, plainest, t-shirt bras I’ve ever seen in my life. It wasn’t like anyone was seeing my underwear anymore, and the comfort level was practically sports bra. However, it didn’t make me feel great. What’s the point of wearing nice clothes, if what’s underneath is ugly?
I don’t think nothing really compares to trying on a new matching bra and knicker set, that just fits soooo well.  Then thinking for a split second you’re the sexiest person in the world…New underwear definitely does that to a girl.
For myself, I think it’s important to have a go-to nude, white and black bra in your lingerie collection. And you can’t really forgot about the red infamous red bra! You know what they say, black makes you slimmer, red makes you sexier… I’m sure that’s a thing right?And make sure you really love your basic lingerie collection! Odds are you’re going to be wearing them 99% of the time, so you need to feel that confidence. I think this should be followed a range of strapless bras, that actually hold you up! And some lingerie for special occasions such as valentines day, birthdays ect.
The fact you’re meant to replace bras every six months, is just really justification for a lingerie obsession isn’t it? Does anyone even throw bras out, just because they hit the 6 month mark? I really don’t think I could do it!
However, although your underwear can give you confidence, wearing my faded hedgehog patterned knickers and a sports bra, can make me feel ten times better on a fat day…we all do it! It’s just all about balance isn’t it. Plus is it even safe to wear thongs forever?
What do you think is the ideal bra? Where do you do your lingerie shopping? Let me know in the comments!

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