Talking about sexism…

This topic that really annoyed me today. And after a bit of a vent to my friends, I thought I’d carry on the rant further to you guys.
I’m not going to talk about the glass ceiling, or any gender stereotypes in that sense. Because i’ll probably be here all day…plus I have a BA in Public Relations, trust me I’ve heard them all! I just want to talk about sexism when it comes to relationships and the opposite sex.
So it all started when I was enjoying a few drinks on Saturday night, and happened to bump into someone I considered an old friend. After a quick “Hi, how are you?” I headed back to where I was sat, and carried on with the night. Next thing, I received a few questionable messages over Facebook, and then politely told him I didn’t think of him like that. What come next was nasty messages… However,  I just let the whole thing fly over my head. I’d had a few drinks and at the end of the day, I didn’t want to let it spoil my night.
However, something similar happened today. I kept receiving a lot of Facebook messages/snapchats of someone I really didn’t see anything going any where with. I didn’t really know the person that well. And I can count him how many times I’ve met him on one hand, as I knew him through a friend. Also nothing at all had happened, not even holding hands! I just didn’t see him like that…When you know, you know right? So after subtly ghosting him for a while, I decided to just man up and tell him I didn’t see him as anything more than a friend. What happened next was nothing but ridiculous…
I basically received a lot of vile comments, and nasty insult after nasty insult. I just really don’t think this is acceptable behavior in 2016 at all!
Just because a male happens to like a female, does not mean the women happens to instantly fantasize about her engagement ring, kids names and the size of her future bloody kitchen! It’s not the 1950s! We should be allowed to say thank you, but no thank you, without receiving nasty unwanted comments.
I’m not saying all men are like this, far from it! I spoke to one of my good lad friends about all this, and his response was “Where do you even meet these losers?”. And I think he hit the nail on the head.
Because if you’re willing to speak to a female like this, you really are nothing but a ‘loser’.
Has anyone else experienced something like this? How did you handle it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I used to work in bars and be a bouncer and I’ve had comments from agro after refusing to let him buy me a drink and “who hired the stripper” when I was on the door, my opinion, men who react like this are self concious and worried about their own masculinity not an excuse at all in any way but in today’s world when men are told to man up and the constant pressure to look and be a certain way for men and women this may be an unfortunate and unwelcome by product – one girls opinion xx

    1. I completely agree with all that. I’ve worked in bars too, and did the promo side as well, and that was really bad for stuff like this! Xx

      1. Totally there is so much image and body pressure for people and I don’t think we really know how to handle it I mean if I worked hard to look good and got shot down I would wonder why? I don’t want to sound like I’m justifying behaviour like you said but I think there is a reason not an excuse x

        1. Yeah I’m completely agree with that, as everyone does their best to appear like that they have no insecurities, and act all confident when it comes to the opposite sex. But when people can’t handle rejection properly, it’ll only affect the other person badly too. Obviously I felt like a really bad person saying no, but I don’t deserve to be verbally attacked, and neither do other girls in similar situations X

          1. Completely agree I’ve had similar angry messages and there is no excuses we would have to fix society and body images in advertising to help this matter and that’s almost impossible

  2. I completely agree. Sexism has been going on for too long now and it is time for people to start viewing each other, not based on their differences, but based on their overwhelming similarities. Of course, everyone is different and that should be acknowledged as well, but right now we need to focus on the fact that men and women are not as different as some people want to let on. A women and a man can both be stoic or emotional or whatever other stereotype there may be. A woman can be strong, and man could be weak, or the other way around. It is terrible that we subject certain traits to 50% of the population and expect them to follow such expectations.
    I love this post!

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