Is the classic red still classic?

Last week, me and my friend Beth were pouring over the Mac lipstick stand in the metro centre (one of my favorite hobbies!) I just really wanted to invest in a new go-to red lipstick, and i’d thinking about it for a while. Everyone needs a classic red lippy right?
While covering the back of my hand in loads of different swatches, Beth turns to me and says, I’ve literally never seen you ever wear red lipstick before! And that got me thinking, has the classic red suddenly become not so classic?
In my opinion, red is such a hard shade to wear. I do love a bright red, or dark coral…but I  feel quite self conscience at the same time… as it can easily look like you’re wearing too much make-up! And come on, everyone’s made the bad mistake of too much smokey eye and red lippy! I just feel like nudes, browns and pinks are so much more wearable.
However, everyone needs to have at one least red lipstick in their make-up bag, it’s just feminine isn’t it? And is there anything sexier than a red dress/red lip combo? Below is a swatch of my red lipstick collection. 
(L-R: Rimmel Kate Moss in 110, Mac in Lady Danger, Rimmel Provocolips in Kiss Me You Fool, and Rimmel Kate Moss in 104(Appears plum, but is more on a burgundy red))
Rimmel Provocolips in Kiss Me You Fool used to be go-to red lipstick. It doesn’t fade or smudge. Which is a godsend with myself having full lips…as I have an embarrassing bad habit of getting lipstick ALL over my chin! However, I wanted to have an actual new go-to lipstick, rather than a liquid lipstick.
I’ve heard good things about Ruby Woo by Mac, but after swatching it, I just really didn’t like the colour. I found it way too pinky, and I wanted a much more pigmented red. After a few swatches, I discovered lady danger (the name is just brilliant isn’t it!), and instantly fell in love with the colour. It’s everything you’d want from a classic red shade!
(Pictured below)
13978158_10207186102036332_1914216622_o To allow my lips to be my stand out feature, I toned down the rest of my make-up, and kept my eyeliner to a minimum. I felt the gold tones on my eyes, worked well with the shade of my lips, and wasn’t too overpowering. I also used the Hoola bronzer, which I’m a bit obsessed with at the minute. It just give me a nice glow, so the red lips didn’t wash me out.
I felt the look was quite girly, and worked well with the white lace dress I was wearing. (click here to see it) This is definitely a night-time look, and wouldn’t be something i’d wear as part of my daytime make-up routine.
Do you struggle to wear reds? Are there still part of you’re make-up bag? Let me know!

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    1. I read that Ruby woo was one of the best selling lipsticks, so I was expecting great things. I just wasn’t expecting it to be that pink. It is a lovely shade, but lady danger just completely stood out to me!
      I’ll definitely check that out, any excuse to look at Mac lipsticks! 🙂
      Of course, I’ll take a look now 🙂
      Luce xx

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