I have a bit of a confession…

…up until today, I really haven’t liked highlighters!
Every single one I’ve purchased either comes up too pinky on my skin (I like to look like a bronzed goddess and all that), or doesn’t show up at all! So to be completely honest, I’ve just skipped the highlighter stage 99% of the time. So much less effort to just bronze them cheek bones and go!
Some of the highlighters I own (L-R: Benefit Watts up, Sleek highlighter within the contour kid, Anastasia Beverly Hills in Fair,  ABH in Neutral, ABH in Banana, Mac Sculpting Powder in medium, Bourjois Paris highlighter within the Bronzing Powder + Highlighter Duo) Please note: I forgot to swatch the Benefit High Beam, so if you don’t know what it looks like…it’s very very pink and shimmery.
I’ve had the powdered highlighters pictured for around a year and half, and not really touched them. But like I said, I don’t really feel that they shown up on my skin once I’ve applied the rest of my make-up. So I decided while I was in America, I was going to stock up on both cream and liquid highlighters. So I ended up purchasing the Benefit High Beam, and also the highlighting creams within the ABH contour cream kit in light.
The Benefit High Beam was recommended to me in Sephora (PLEASE COME TO ENGLAND!), but I ended up really hating it. I feel like it’s way too pinky and shimmering for my complexion, and it’s really hard to blend. And when I feel like when I have actually managed to blend it…it takes half my foundation off! Does anyone else have this problem? However, when it come to using the highlighting creams within the ABH contour cream kit, I just realised I preferred using my MAC concealer. So that was the end of the that.
However, lately I’ve been scouring beauty blogs, reviews on make-up websites, twitter, cosmo (basically everything on the internet) for the answer to a highlighter I might actually not hate. So on a whim, and because I wanted to treat myself, I decided to purchase the Watts Up by Benefit.
(Pictured wearing below)
After using this product, I will honestly hold my hands up and admit i’m now a highlighter fan! The champagne shade suits my skin tone, so much better than anything I’ve ever tried before. It’s soooo natural looking as well, and very very easy to blend (I used my fingers and not the sponge at the end).
I’m really really glad I ended up purchasing this product instead of That Gleam by ABH, (Which was coming in close second choice)…but now I’ve got the highlighter bug, I can’t imagine it being long before I make the purchase!
Has anyone else found it difficult to find a highlighter they love? Let me in know in the comments!

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