New season ruffles

I’ve hit that point in the year, where i’m so excited for the new season! With myself moving to a new city next week to my masters, I wanted to make sure my wardrobe was fully up to-date with the latest trends! If you read my latest fashion post, (click here to view) you’ll know I’m obsessed with colour blocking, metallics, velvet…basically anything that Autumn/Winter related really! But for now, lets talk ’bout ruffles.


Shirts have been present throughout the whole summer, especially shirts with cut-out shoulders. However, the start of Autumn/Winter 2016 has saw a emergence of Victorian ruffles across the high-street.

This shirt from Topshop came to £34. I know it’s a bit pricey for a shirt, but how versatile is it! Not only will this shirt look great with a jumper thrown over it, or worn with a leather jacket for a slightly edgier look. But the it’ll also be a great fashion forward choice for a interview! Overall I think it’s a great investment piece for this season than can be dressed up or down. If you’re not willing to pay the £34, Primark have apparently produced a copy cat version…so if I were you, I’d go out and grab while you can!


Staying on the ruffle trend, this is a very different look. The jumper dress is from Miss Selfridge at £28, and the gillet is from New Look at £25. This would be my ideal outfit to just shot on for uni without really thinking about it. Or i’ll maybe grab cocktails in it, by adding block heels. Although jumper dresses can be seen all over the high-street this time ever year, the ruffles and the cut out shoulder make the dress really unique.










With both the ruffle looks, I added these sock boots from River Island. However, there haven’t seemed to photograph very well…so click for the to view them!


What do you think of the ruffle trend? Let me know in the comments!


Does your underwear bring you confidence?

Although underwear is the first thing you put on in the morning, it’s not really the first thing you think about is it? I know my first thoughts are more along the lines of: SNOOZE BUTTON,  COFFEE, FOOD.

However I’ve teamed up with lingerie brand Adore Me,  (click here to view their AMAZING range) to talk about how much wearing that certain bra, can actually make a difference to your day.


I’ve always liked underwear myself. I remember being 16, and wearing bras that promised to double your cleavage. However, all that really happened was double that achy bra sensation. Lesson learnt, and I’ve realised you can actually buy bras that showcase what boobs you have, instead of what you wish you had. For myself, I can’t really beat a balconette for my boob size and build.

I went through a post-break up stage at the start of the year. And during this, I went and purchased the two ugliest, plainest, t-shirt bras I’ve ever seen in my life. It wasn’t like anyone was seeing my underwear anymore, and the comfort level was practically sports bra. However, it didn’t make me feel great. What’s the point of wearing nice clothes, if what’s underneath is ugly?

I don’t think nothing really compares to trying on a new matching bra and knicker set, that just fits soooo well.  Then thinking for a split second you’re the sexiest person in the world…New underwear definitely does that to a girl.

For myself, I think it’s important to have a go-to nude, white and black bra in your lingerie collection. And you can’t really forgot about the red infamous red bra! You know what they say, black makes you slimmer, red makes you sexier… I’m sure that’s a thing right?And make sure you really love your basic lingerie collection! Odds are you’re going to be wearing them 99% of the time, so you need to feel that confidence. I think this should be followed a range of strapless bras, that actually hold you up! And some lingerie for special occasions such as valentines day, birthdays ect.

The fact you’re meant to replace bras every six months, is just really justification for a lingerie obsession isn’t it? Does anyone even throw bras out, just because they hit the 6 month mark? I really don’t think I could do it!

However, although your underwear can give you confidence, wearing my faded hedgehog patterned knickers and a sports bra, can make me feel ten times better on a fat day…we all do it! It’s just all about balance isn’t it. Plus is it even safe to wear thongs forever?

What do you think is the ideal bra? Where do you do your lingerie shopping? Let me know in the comments!


Talking about false friends

As I’ve got older, I’ve discovered that a betrayal and a breakdown of a friendship, can hurt far worse than a breakdown of a relationship. So for myself, having the right people around me is so important as I’ve got older.

From a young age, I’ve had the saying ‘chick before dick’ drilled into my head (well not in so many words!) And this approach to friendship,  is something I feel is very important. For example, you won’t always have a boyfriend or girlfriend to ring every time you’re having a cry over a silly drama…but you will always have a friend to rant to.

However, my problem is the fact I trust people way too easily. And that’s probably why I’ve experienced so many false friends. I think it’s hard not to trust people,until you find a reason otherwise. However at that point, the damage can already have been done. I definitely believe in the saying, treat people as you want to be treated, but unfortunately a lot people won’t do that.I’m not going to write a massive list about people that have done me wrong. However, I will give you a few signs to look out for to make you re-think your friendships.

A bit of an obvious one is a friend that thrives off talking shit about their other friends. I’ve hit an age where bitchiness is not a good trait in a person. And you can guarantee that person is calling all-sorts too. This is obviously a person you can’t trust, and you don’t need in your life. And what’s a friendship without trust really?

Another sign of a false friend, is someone that is very secretive around their phone with a tendency to lie. If you’ve got something to hide from a friend, it’s most likely nothing good is it? I’ve been in a situation where I needed to use a friends phone for internet. Next thing, messages from an ex popped up. The girl then proceeded to go into a different room to delete the messages, and believed this was  completely normal behavior. Needless to say, we don’t speak anymore. I did hate the fact I’ve lost a friendship over a lad. But with friendship there comes a level of respect, and the willingness to respect boundaries, and she obviously did not respect mine.

Something I find very important in a friendship, is the willingness to have each other’s backs. Things aren’t always plain sailing in life, and especially at uni, sometimes situations unfold and you need your friends to step in. However, when push comes to shove, some friends can be unwilling to do that for you. I think someone that sits on the fence, is someone that you don’t need in your life.

Lastly, I think another sign of a false friendship, is shown through the effort both friends put into it. If a friendship is not 50/50, it’s not really worth it, is it? I’ve hit a point in my life, where at 22, I’m not willing to chase anyone that won’t ring me or text me back.

Although I’ve found its so true about your circle getting smaller as you get older, especially now I’ve left my first university city. However I would rather have people who support me in life and I can rely on, and vice versa. Rather than deal with mediocre friends, who don’t have my best interests at heart.

Have you experienced false friendships? How did you deal with them? Let me know in the comments!

New season trends: Colour blocking and Velvet

This is my first ever fashion post that doesn’t involve a selfie! I know it doesn’t sound that impressive, but it is quite a big deal for me. Selfies allow you so much more control and to the chance to find ‘your angle’. So trying not to be so self-conscious was really hard!

The post is all about two of my favorite autumn/winter trends: colour blocking and velvet. And I also snuck a sneaky bit of metallic in there too!


 I think this is the perfect outfit grabbing a cocktail (or ten + shots!).

This whole outfit come in around £50. The colour block jumper is from River Island at £35. It does have a matching skirt which I’ll be purchasing at some point soon, although the the jumper and the skirt together, give too much of a wintery vibe for late August. However I thought it worked well with this New Look green leather mini for now. The skirt worked out around £15 with student discount. Please note I have bought this skirt in Petite as I’m only 5ft3! With metallics being all over the high-street, I decided to  accessorize with a metallic bag from Primark I’ve had a while. I love statement accessorizes, so the metallic trend is something I’m really excited about.


This a perfect casual outfit to wear to uni or have a wonder round the shops.

Nothing says Autumn/Winter like black skinnys and boots. So paring a coloured leather jacket with your favourite black jeans, is a very casual, subtle way of nailing the colour block trend. This jacket come in at £40 from Zara, and is available in a range of colours. I am wearing a white high neck zip top from Zara (click here to see it). However, it’s one of the tops you have to put on before doing your make-up as the neck isn’t very wide…so obviously being an idiot, I covered it in foundation right before this photo. Hence why the jackets zipped up! I paired it with an orange River Island bag, just to inject some more colour into the outfit.


I’m a bit obsessed with velvet at the minute, so I decided to treat myself to these velvet thigh high boots from River Island at £75. And the £50 velvet block heels, also from River Island. I honestly never usually spend this much money on shoes and boots, but I saw them as investment pieces as I know I’ll end up living in them this Autumn/Winter. Honestly the photos really do not do these boots justice! I normally swear by Public Desire boots, but you can definitely tell the difference in the quality. And when trying to justify the block heels… can you ever have enough heels though?

What are your favourite trends for the Autumn/Winter season? Let me know in the comments!

Talking about sexism…

This topic that really annoyed me today. And after a bit of a vent to my friends, I thought I’d carry on the rant further to you guys.

I’m not going to talk about the glass ceiling, or any gender stereotypes in that sense. Because i’ll probably be here all day…plus I have a BA in Public Relations, trust me I’ve heard them all! I just want to talk about sexism when it comes to relationships and the opposite sex.


So it all started when I was enjoying a few drinks on Saturday night, and happened to bump into someone I considered an old friend. After a quick “Hi, how are you?” I headed back to where I was sat, and carried on with the night. Next thing, I received a few questionable messages over Facebook, and then politely told him I didn’t think of him like that. What come next was nasty messages… However,  I just let the whole thing fly over my head. I’d had a few drinks and at the end of the day, I didn’t want to let it spoil my night.

However, something similar happened today. I kept receiving a lot of Facebook messages/snapchats of someone I really didn’t see anything going any where with. I didn’t really know the person that well. And I can count him how many times I’ve met him on one hand, as I knew him through a friend. Also nothing at all had happened, not even holding hands! I just didn’t see him like that…When you know, you know right? So after subtly ghosting him for a while, I decided to just man up and tell him I didn’t see him as anything more than a friend. What happened next was nothing but ridiculous…

I basically received a lot of vile comments, and nasty insult after nasty insult. I just really don’t think this is acceptable behavior in 2016 at all!

Just because a male happens to like a female, does not mean the women happens to instantly fantasize about her engagement ring, kids names and the size of her future bloody kitchen! It’s not the 1950s! We should be allowed to say thank you, but no thank you, without receiving nasty unwanted comments.

I’m not saying all men are like this, far from it! I spoke to one of my good lad friends about all this, and his response was “Where do you even meet these losers?”. And I think he hit the nail on the head.

Because if you’re willing to speak to a female like this, you really are nothing but a ‘loser’.

Has anyone else experienced something like this? How did you handle it? Let me know in the comments!

Is the classic red still classic?

Last week, me and my friend Beth were pouring over the Mac lipstick stand in the metro centre (one of my favorite hobbies!) I just really wanted to invest in a new go-to red lipstick, and i’d thinking about it for a while. Everyone needs a classic red lippy right?

While covering the back of my hand in loads of different swatches, Beth turns to me and says, I’ve literally never seen you ever wear red lipstick before! And that got me thinking, has the classic red suddenly become not so classic?


In my opinion, red is such a hard shade to wear. I do love a bright red, or dark coral…but I  feel quite self conscience at the same time… as it can easily look like you’re wearing too much make-up! And come on, everyone’s made the bad mistake of too much smokey eye and red lippy! I just feel like nudes, browns and pinks are so much more wearable.

However, everyone needs to have at one least red lipstick in their make-up bag, it’s just feminine isn’t it? And is there anything sexier than a red dress/red lip combo? Below is a swatch of my red lipstick collection. 


(L-R: Rimmel Kate Moss in 110, Mac in Lady Danger, Rimmel Provocolips in Kiss Me You Fool, and Rimmel Kate Moss in 104(Appears plum, but is more on a burgundy red))

Rimmel Provocolips in Kiss Me You Fool used to be go-to red lipstick. It doesn’t fade or smudge. Which is a godsend with myself having full lips…as I have an embarrassing bad habit of getting lipstick ALL over my chin! However, I wanted to have an actual new go-to lipstick, rather than a liquid lipstick.

I’ve heard good things about Ruby Woo by Mac, but after swatching it, I just really didn’t like the colour. I found it way too pinky, and I wanted a much more pigmented red. After a few swatches, I discovered lady danger (the name is just brilliant isn’t it!), and instantly fell in love with the colour. It’s everything you’d want from a classic red shade!

(Pictured below)


13978158_10207186102036332_1914216622_o To allow my lips to be my stand out feature, I toned down the rest of my make-up, and kept my eyeliner to a minimum. I felt the gold tones on my eyes, worked well with the shade of my lips, and wasn’t too overpowering. I also used the Hoola bronzer, which I’m a bit obsessed with at the minute. It just give me a nice glow, so the red lips didn’t wash me out.

I felt the look was quite girly, and worked well with the white lace dress I was wearing. (click here to see it) This is definitely a night-time look, and wouldn’t be something i’d wear as part of my daytime make-up routine.





Do you struggle to wear reds? Are there still part of you’re make-up bag? Let me know!

Talking about body image…

I want to try and write some more lifestyle posts and mix my content up little a bit, with this being a topic that affects me on a daily basis, I thought I’d talk today about body image. I’m writing this on the way back from a trip to Devon…So after indulging the past few days, that’s what’s really triggered the idea behind this post!


Throughout my life, especially my teenage years, I’ve been a variety of sizes. I was always bigger as a child, but once I discovered the knack for dieting aged 15, I’ve pretty much been on one ever since. I do hit a point where I’m happy, but unfortunately for me, it’s a size 6. I feel like I put so much pressure of myself to try and look perfect, and I honestly have no idea why! When I’m away, or on my treat days I’ll relax my diet, but apart from that, I’ve pretty strict with myself. And to be honest, deep down I’m probably going to be like this for the rest of my life.

But its not just weight. Me and my friends have a list as long as your arm, about things we’d change about ourselves if we could. Nose jobs, boobs jobs and lip fillers, you’d name it, it’s on our list! Hair extensions, make up, all the latest fashion trends are things that make me feel better as person. I know that’s wrong, and for example I should embrace my nose instead of contouring it. But it’s easier said than done! In life toxic friends, family, and ex relationships can affect the way you feel about yourself, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve found the key for myself to a successful body image is just confidence! No one will ever be able to tell you’re faking it, unless you tell them of course. So try to accept bad angles of you do exist, and try not to get too upset over bad photos, (Honestly i’ll sit and sulk for hours!). Because at the end of the day, you don’t look like that face you’re pulling all the time…So just make life easier for yourself, and delete and untag! And remember, everyone’s insecure about something.

So when it comes to body image, I think acceptance is easy, but not wanting to change yourself is the hard part. I’ve read so many times you feel more more comfortable as you get older, so here’s to hoping (AND PRAYING) that’s true!

How do you deal with body image? Let me know in the comments.

I have a bit of a confession…

…up until today, I really haven’t liked highlighters!

Every single one I’ve purchased either comes up too pinky on my skin (I like to look like a bronzed goddess and all that), or doesn’t show up at all! So to be completely honest, I’ve just skipped the highlighter stage 99% of the time. So much less effort to just bronze them cheek bones and go!



Some of the highlighters I own (L-R: Benefit Watts up, Sleek highlighter within the contour kid, Anastasia Beverly Hills in Fair,  ABH in Neutral, ABH in Banana, Mac Sculpting Powder in medium, Bourjois Paris highlighter within the Bronzing Powder + Highlighter Duo) Please note: I forgot to swatch the Benefit High Beam, so if you don’t know what it looks like…it’s very very pink and shimmery.

I’ve had the powdered highlighters pictured for around a year and half, and not really touched them. But like I said, I don’t really feel that they shown up on my skin once I’ve applied the rest of my make-up. So I decided while I was in America, I was going to stock up on both cream and liquid highlighters. So I ended up purchasing the Benefit High Beam, and also the highlighting creams within the ABH contour cream kit in light.

The Benefit High Beam was recommended to me in Sephora (PLEASE COME TO ENGLAND!), but I ended up really hating it. I feel like it’s way too pinky and shimmering for my complexion, and it’s really hard to blend. And when I feel like when I have actually managed to blend it…it takes half my foundation off! Does anyone else have this problem? However, when it come to using the highlighting creams within the ABH contour cream kit, I just realised I preferred using my MAC concealer. So that was the end of the that.

However, lately I’ve been scouring beauty blogs, reviews on make-up websites, twitter, cosmo (basically everything on the internet) for the answer to a highlighter I might actually not hate. So on a whim, and because I wanted to treat myself, I decided to purchase the Watts Up by Benefit.

(Pictured wearing below)




After using this product, I will honestly hold my hands up and admit i’m now a highlighter fan! The champagne shade suits my skin tone, so much better than anything I’ve ever tried before. It’s soooo natural looking as well, and very very easy to blend (I used my fingers and not the sponge at the end).

I’m really really glad I ended up purchasing this product instead of That Gleam by ABH, (Which was coming in close second choice)…but now I’ve got the highlighter bug, I can’t imagine it being long before I make the purchase!

Has anyone else found it difficult to find a highlighter they love? Let me in know in the comments!