Whats the best app to get rid of your trash and quickly make cash?

Depop, Vinted, eBay, Amazon to name a few…but what really is the best platform to help you achieve that must needed sort out?
I’m an avid fan of having a massive ‘sort out’…whilst declaring I hate all my clothes, and then even stumbling across something with the tag still on it. I’ll hold my hand up and admit i’m one of them people that buy an item of clothing, live in it for about a month, and then never wear it again. So selling and buying clothes through apps such as depop, is a good way to recycle and update my wardrobe. You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that…
But what’s actually the best platform for selling your unwanted items. I personally use Depop, Vinted and eBay. Read my pros and cons below.

I’ve been using depop for around two years now, and I’ve racked up about 2000 followers. What I love about depop, is how quickly you can upload an item. It takes 30 seconds of your time, if that! However, you can only upload a square sized image unless you want a section of your item cut off. Although this can be easily solved by taking the image in a square photograph.
The thing is with depop, I don’t find it very interactive in comparison to it’s competitor of  Vinted. Users just seem to want to rack up followers, and despite myself having a generous amount of followers, I just don’t seem to make as many sales as other platforms. However, the app is simple to use in general. So if you struggle with technology, and want an easy to use App…this is the platform for you!
I’ve been using Vinted since I discovered it around two years ago. The items on vinted seem to be stuff you’d actually tend to buy…instead of someones crappy criest old t-shirt. It also provides really good support for both buying and selling. With all your purchases and sales being protected, as long as you provide proof of postage.
The App even shows you how many times your item has been viewed, notifys you when an item is favourited, and allows sellers and buyers to make offers.
However, what does annoy me with vinted is that it notifys you EVERY single time someone you follow uploads an item. It’s honestly so annoying, because I really don’t care! Plus it’s most likely not even going to be my size!
It’s the original…but is it the best?
Like vinted,  you can see how many times your item has been viewed, which I find very helpful in seeing how well (or not!) your item is performing. Ebay also allows sellers and buyers to make offers and counteroffers, similarly to Vinted. However, try not to be too offended by overly cheeky offers!
However I’ve found uploading an item can be pretty complicated, with so many options to choose from.  I also found the App happened to crash a lot, and be very slow at times. But despite this, obviously Ebay has a very large audience. And  with free fees offers on the reg, your items can sell pretty quickly and cheaply!
My personal favourite is Vinted, purely for the number of sales I’ve made through the App.
Do you use any of these Apps/websites…let me know what you think of them?

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