My struggle with nudes

I’ve always had a massive struggle when it comes to nude lips. I’m not sure if it’s my skin tone, or if I just don’t suit them in general…but it hasn’t really stopped me from trying them out anyway.
What I love about with nude lips is, there are so much more wearable on a daily basis, as oppose to dark lips or the classic red.
13840435_10207072953647693_1082309501_o Some of my nude lip collection which are all matte (L-R: Taupe mac, Honeylove mac, Velvet Teddy mac, Skinny Dipping rimmel provocalips, London NYXy , Myth mac)
What I’ve discovered, is that I seem to suit darker nude colours with a pinky undertone. Although I don’t really consider these shades to be true nudes, if that makes sense? With myself tending to wear a variety of brown eye shades, a nude pinky lip colour will allow my lips to pop, without them appearing overbearing. These shades are the Taupe, Velvet Teddy, London and MEHR by mac (not pictured due it being very pink in comparison to the other shades featured).
The lip colours in Skinny Dipping and Myth featured, I just do not suit at all. I bought them on a whim, but I just ended up hating them! I genuinely believe it looks like I’ve coated my lips in foundation…although that is probably just myself being paranoid.
However, I do believe I’ve stumbled across the perfect nude. While in Barcelona a few months ago, I decided to buy another MEHR lipstick by Mac….It’s my favourite ever shade and I was very very low. Anyway, unfortunately that shade isn’t stocked in Spain, and I was offered the alternative of Honeylove. After being dubious at first, as in my eyes nothing is as good as MEHR, I was really pleasantly surprised! It was the perfect nude shade, and I manged to suit it, despite the lack of pinky undertones! And now I literally can’t get enough of it!
Does anyone else have this problem? What nude lip colours do you like? Let me know!

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    1. I know what you mean! If I go for a light nude, I just feel like I’m wearing too much make up, and I feel dirty!

  1. Mehr is my absolute favourite Mac Lipstick! I pretty much wear it on a daily basis! I have found that MUA Velvet Lip Lacquer in the colour Dash is a really good dupe for a more affordable price and another favourite nude is Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit! xx

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