NYX haul

So after a very long time, I’ve finally got my blogging head back on!
On Monday I had some very much needed Lucy time, by having a bit of retail therapy in the metro centre. Where I live, the shopping is okay, but it’s not fantastic. But with Newcastle an hour one way, and Leeds the other, I suppose it could be worse when it comes to getting my mitts on a decent range of make-up brands and clothes.
Although there is a NYX range in the Middlesbrough town center Boots store. Its very very limited, and nothing compared to the likes of Leeds and the Metro Centre.
Today I purchased the NYX finishing powder, the HD primer base, Eye shadow base primer, a soft matte lip cream in LONDON, and two eye shadows in OVER THE TAUPE and OWN THE NIGHT (the two darker matte colours pictured).
My first proper impression of the brand, was how cheap it is! Although I already own 4 eye shadows and  lip pencils from NYX, which were purchased last month (I just quickly just grabbed them at the time, as it was way too busy that particular day to have a proper look at the full range of products) I just thought considering the price of the range, the packaging of the products was pretty professional looking. With some of it’s products’ packaging, baring a resemblance to MAC products.
I took forever choosing the primer today. The NYX range of primers is huge, with my decision finally coming between the pore filler and the HD primer. The pore filler was very thick, in comparison to the HD primer. With the HD primer being a much lighter product, with a silky texture.  Although I will probably purchase the pore filler in the winter, I just didn’t think it’d be ideal on my skin to wear such a heavy product this time of the year.
I thought the range of eye shadow primers were pretty extensive too. The NYX eye shadow base I choose, comes in white, black and nude. I opted for the nude, as I thought it would look better the the eye colour I tend to wear most. After trying the product, I do really like it and have started to use it daily. It blends well with my NYX eyeshadows, and also my urban decay naked pallets, while keeping the colours in tact all day.
I bought the finishing powder after reading blogger reviews online. Although it does help blend your make-up, and allow it to appear more natural. However, be careful how much product you put on your brush! Too much product and it will make your concealer go cakey after a while. Which is definitely not a good look!
Lastly, I opted for the matte lip gloss with the aim to lay off my lipsticks for a while. Although the colour is a really nice dark nude, I had to use a lip liner to get a bit of needed definition.
Overall, I’d say I don’t regret trying more of the NYX products. And I currently have my eye on a few of the range’s brushes.What do you think of the NYX products? Let me Know!

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