Whats the best app to get rid of your trash and quickly make cash?

Depop, Vinted, eBay, Amazon to name a few…but what really is the best platform to help you achieve that must needed sort out?

I’m an avid fan of having a massive ‘sort out’…whilst declaring I hate all my clothes, and then even stumbling across something with the tag still on it. I’ll hold my hand up and admit i’m one of them people that buy an item of clothing, live in it for about a month, and then never wear it again. So selling and buying clothes through apps such as depop, is a good way to recycle and update my wardrobe. You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that…

But what’s actually the best platform for selling your unwanted items. I personally use Depop, Vinted and eBay. Read my pros and cons below.



I’ve been using depop for around two years now, and I’ve racked up about 2000 followers. What I love about depop, is how quickly you can upload an item. It takes 30 seconds of your time, if that! However, you can only upload a square sized image unless you want a section of your item cut off. Although this can be easily solved by taking the image in a square photograph.

The thing is with depop, I don’t find it very interactive in comparison to it’s competitor of  Vinted. Users just seem to want to rack up followers, and despite myself having a generous amount of followers, I just don’t seem to make as many sales as other platforms. However, the app is simple to use in general. So if you struggle with technology, and want an easy to use App…this is the platform for you!



I’ve been using Vinted since I discovered it around two years ago. The items on vinted seem to be stuff you’d actually tend to buy…instead of someones crappy criest old t-shirt. It also provides really good support for both buying and selling. With all your purchases and sales being protected, as long as you provide proof of postage.

The App even shows you how many times your item has been viewed, notifys you when an item is favourited, and allows sellers and buyers to make offers.

However, what does annoy me with vinted is that it notifys you EVERY single time someone you follow uploads an item. It’s honestly so annoying, because I really don’t care! Plus it’s most likely not even going to be my size!



It’s the original…but is it the best?

Like vinted,  you can see how many times your item has been viewed, which I find very helpful in seeing how well (or not!) your item is performing. Ebay also allows sellers and buyers to make offers and counteroffers, similarly to Vinted. However, try not to be too offended by overly cheeky offers!

However I’ve found uploading an item can be pretty complicated, with so many options to choose from.  I also found the App happened to crash a lot, and be very slow at times. But despite this, obviously Ebay has a very large audience. And  with free fees offers on the reg, your items can sell pretty quickly and cheaply!


My personal favourite is Vinted, purely for the number of sales I’ve made through the App.

Do you use any of these Apps/websites…let me know what you think of them?


My struggle with nudes

I’ve always had a massive struggle when it comes to nude lips. I’m not sure if it’s my skin tone, or if I just don’t suit them in general…but it hasn’t really stopped me from trying them out anyway.

What I love about with nude lips is, there are so much more wearable on a daily basis, as oppose to dark lips or the classic red.


13840435_10207072953647693_1082309501_o Some of my nude lip collection which are all matte (L-R: Taupe mac, Honeylove mac, Velvet Teddy mac, Skinny Dipping rimmel provocalips, London NYXy , Myth mac)

What I’ve discovered, is that I seem to suit darker nude colours with a pinky undertone. Although I don’t really consider these shades to be true nudes, if that makes sense? With myself tending to wear a variety of brown eye shades, a nude pinky lip colour will allow my lips to pop, without them appearing overbearing. These shades are the Taupe, Velvet Teddy, London and MEHR by mac (not pictured due it being very pink in comparison to the other shades featured).

The lip colours in Skinny Dipping and Myth featured, I just do not suit at all. I bought them on a whim, but I just ended up hating them! I genuinely believe it looks like I’ve coated my lips in foundation…although that is probably just myself being paranoid.

However, I do believe I’ve stumbled across the perfect nude. While in Barcelona a few months ago, I decided to buy another MEHR lipstick by Mac….It’s my favourite ever shade and I was very very low. Anyway, unfortunately that shade isn’t stocked in Spain, and I was offered the alternative of Honeylove. After being dubious at first, as in my eyes nothing is as good as MEHR, I was really pleasantly surprised! It was the perfect nude shade, and I manged to suit it, despite the lack of pinky undertones! And now I literally can’t get enough of it!

Does anyone else have this problem? What nude lip colours do you like? Let me know!




Better than sex?

I have two go-to mascaras, one for my daily make-up routine, and the other night-out make-up.

For my daily make-up routine, I use Rimmel Lash Accelerator for long, natural looking eyelashes. This mascara I think gives an individual false lash affect, which I’ve used for around two years now. For my night-out make-up, I use the Benefit They’re Real! mascara. However, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. Sometimes my lashes look amazing, with the mascara providing both length and thickness. However other times, it is really clumpy, and very difficult to remove.

So after scouring the internet for mascara reviews, I decided to purchase the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.


What I liked about this mascara, was the size of the applicator, making it really easy to grip. I also liked the shape of the brush, which I won’t lie, did curl my lashes. However, after two coats, I thought my lashes looked quite natural to be honest, and lacked ‘dramatic volume’ of which it claims to achieve. The photo below shows the outcome of two coats of the mascara.



According to Too Faced, ‘3.1 out of 10 agree that this mascara is so good, it’s better than sex’. I personally, don’t think I can agree with that statement.

However, I have read the mascara is so much better after it drys out slightly. But until then, I think i’ll stick with benefit for the same price.





What do you think of this product? Let me know in the comments below!



NYX haul

So after a very long time, I’ve finally got my blogging head back on!

On Monday I had some very much needed Lucy time, by having a bit of retail therapy in the metro centre. Where I live, the shopping is okay, but it’s not fantastic. But with Newcastle an hour one way, and Leeds the other, I suppose it could be worse when it comes to getting my mitts on a decent range of make-up brands and clothes.

Although there is a NYX range in the Middlesbrough town center Boots store. Its very very limited, and nothing compared to the likes of Leeds and the Metro Centre.


Today I purchased the NYX finishing powder, the HD primer base, Eye shadow base primer, a soft matte lip cream in LONDON, and two eye shadows in OVER THE TAUPE and OWN THE NIGHT (the two darker matte colours pictured).

My first proper impression of the brand, was how cheap it is! Although I already own 4 eye shadows and  lip pencils from NYX, which were purchased last month (I just quickly just grabbed them at the time, as it was way too busy that particular day to have a proper look at the full range of products) I just thought considering the price of the range, the packaging of the products was pretty professional looking. With some of it’s products’ packaging, baring a resemblance to MAC products.

I took forever choosing the primer today. The NYX range of primers is huge, with my decision finally coming between the pore filler and the HD primer. The pore filler was very thick, in comparison to the HD primer. With the HD primer being a much lighter product, with a silky texture.  Although I will probably purchase the pore filler in the winter, I just didn’t think it’d be ideal on my skin to wear such a heavy product this time of the year.

I thought the range of eye shadow primers were pretty extensive too. The NYX eye shadow base I choose, comes in white, black and nude. I opted for the nude, as I thought it would look better the the eye colour I tend to wear most. After trying the product, I do really like it and have started to use it daily. It blends well with my NYX eyeshadows, and also my urban decay naked pallets, while keeping the colours in tact all day.

I bought the finishing powder after reading blogger reviews online. Although it does help blend your make-up, and allow it to appear more natural. However, be careful how much product you put on your brush! Too much product and it will make your concealer go cakey after a while. Which is definitely not a good look!

Lastly, I opted for the matte lip gloss with the aim to lay off my lipsticks for a while. Although the colour is a really nice dark nude, I had to use a lip liner to get a bit of needed definition.

Overall, I’d say I don’t regret trying more of the NYX products. And I currently have my eye on a few of the range’s brushes.What do you think of the NYX products? Let me Know!