Styling new Season denim: Dissertation V Date

Most people love the new florals that come with spring summer every year. However for me, I love the new denim that pops up around the same time.
Before I wrote this post, I had the idea of styling my new denim as a casual look, and as night time look. However, as I rooted around my wardrobe, I realised I had absolutely no idea of how to style a denim pinafore, to make it acceptable to be downing jager bombs in…or cocktails if you’re feeling a bit more classy. So I took my two items of new season denim, and decided to create a ‘dissertation look’, ie something you’d wear to library or a lecture. And a ‘date look’, ie something smart casual, that you couldn’t quite get away with on a night out…well probably in Sunderland you could.
Both the pinafore and the denim shirt are from Topshop. I tend to get all my denim from Topshop, as I like the quality and I think the price is quite reasonable.

Here is how I styled my new season denim:

Look 1: ‘Dissertation’                                        Look 2: ‘Date’
Seen as it’s officially spring, I decided to go bare legged in both looks. For the casual look I decided to keep it simple and comfy ,with gazelles and a plain white top. It’s a perfect library outfit, as I won’t get too hot and nothings tight. I’ll probably layer it up with a bomber jacket till it gets warmer.
For the ‘date’ look, I decided to style the denim with my new nude 70s style boots from ego. It’s my favorite look in this post, as it’s on trend, without being too other the top! Definitely going to be wearing this for all the celebrating the end of uni cocktails, I plan on having! Also, it’s hard to tell from the image, but the crinkle top underneath has the same colours running through it, as the boots. As I like to keep things coordinating most of the time.
Look 3: ‘Dissertation’                                           Look 4: ‘Date’
For my casual look, I couldn’t not style a denim shirt casually, without doing double denim! The boots give me a bit of needed height. As the shirt falls quite low down on me…resulting in my short legs looking even shorter than usual! I’ll probably shot this on for seminar, with a statement bag.
For my ‘date look’, I honestly struggled so much! It’s so hard to dress a denim shirt up! In the end as you can see, I just went with the shirt open, over a LBD. I decided to carry on wearing the boots, in contrast to the heels, I’d normally wear with a LBD. Just as I feel it makes the look slightly more casual.
So what do you think of the looks? Let me know in the comments!

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