Going traveling to find yourself?

As the last few weeks of university are approaching, the sheer real world panic is making me question everything.

As I boarded my plane to my first destination in America, I thought I had my life sorted… I’ve got an amazing house lined up for next year, with an offer in a masters subject I really want to do, at my current university.

However, after visiting some amazing places in America, meeting new people, and just generally having experiences I never thought i’d ever have a 21…why would I want to stay in quiet and mostly boring student city. Maybe it’s time for something new?

I turned to my friend and said, at our age dating, is that what being single is all about? He said no, it’s about finding yourself. I laughed at that point, it’s such a cliche isn’t it? But now I believe, experiencing new things and places, while being single at the same time. Really does lead to finding yourself. It gives you a selfish perspective on both what you’re capable of, and what you really want in life. And for me, it just made me rethink everything.

What I’ve got hopefully lined up,  isn’t really that amazing. The city doesn’t have the same buzz as London or New York, but it’s not Sunderland…and to me, that’s scary! Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to be really cliche and say I’ve met some amazing people at Universities. And had so many memories that I’ll look back and smile on forever! And obviously the pound drinks are going to be one of the hardest things to say bye to. But I guess it’s now time to find questionable ‘champagne’ and cheaper jager bombs somewhere else.


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